Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Extra.. Extra.. Read all about it..

Every London-visiting fashionista's dream has come true! The triage of London's shopping scene is all under one roof; from Oxford St, Bond/Sloane St, to High St. Kensington. Roughly every single shop located in one of these districts is located in the newly established heavenly creation of a shopping centre, Westfield is located in the heart of London.

Ok shame on me for not taking photos but I couldn't be bothered plus I was too busy checking the place out. So facts are it is THE biggest shopping centre in Europe, has over 4,000+ parking places, its accessible from Shepherds Bush tube station and within walking distance from the prestigious Holland Park. You could say Westfield is the equivalent of a Kuwaiti Avenues minus the freak show and last summers stocks. It is HUMONGOUS so freaking big that it took 10 years to build. There is an array of shops from affordable fashion, to high-end fashion, to home wear, sportswear, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, and a variety of jewellers ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!! What's even better is that its open from 9am-10 pm unlike the London shopping scene that closes between 6-8pm! As well it is divided into two sections, Westfield where all the high st shops are, and the second section is called The Village where the high-end brands are ranging from Dior, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, Tiffany & Co, Mulberry, an Art Gallery and many more.

Restaurants there are amazing with outdoor seating areas and opening times till 12am. Resto's range from Wagamama, GBK, Pizza Express, Yo Sushi,Fire &Stone (Pizza place tried and was quite good!) and many more. Not mentioning Starbux and the must have coffee shops in every corner of the world.

I suggest the next time you are in London you pass by and give it couple of hours of your time. Its definitely worth the visit!! I know I'll be walking back and forth to it on a daily basis ;)


Anonymous said...


the stig said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan TISSSSS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan TISSSSS

Soul said...

mo zain aroo7la wana met7a6ma nafseyan looool ra7 aga33ed el waled 3al 7adeeda.

Âme said...

Its simply fantastic.

~ Soul

Cooookies said...

*sigh* my heart just skipped a beat ;s

S E 7 E N said...

FourMe : Extra.. Extra.. Read all about it .. ???

mashalla 3alich it3arfeen ... what you used to do this ayam THE GREAT DEPRESSION

aTooNa said...

wanasa, 3ayal 7adda 9ak 3alla 'Trafford Centre' mal manchester!
*definitely gonna visit inshallah!

FourMe said...


say what?

hahhaha babe you'll bankrupt daddy to the boneeeee! depression and Westfield 7ada yabeelich mezaneyat dawla mo bs elbaba :p

*nodding head in agreement*

hehe mine skipped two hours of beating while I was there..

se7en nine eight:
did you not know that I'm miss know it all?! ahh the good olden days where journalism actually meant something.. ok I'm sleepy..

9ak 3ala everything in Europe mo bs Manchester.. its very well set up and fabulously designed down to the pavement! and trust me I checkout the flooring, ceilings and pavements surrounding the place :D

PaLoMiNo said...


umbeeeh ana almost every other month eb london o et9dgeen ma kint adry they were buliding this place!!! LOOOOOOOOOOL

Wayn mukana bel thab6? what is it next to?

khalaa9 bamoot lazim aro7 laaah!!! hehehe

Glitter said...


Will put on my flat boots and go check it out when I visit next month.

Thanks for the tip :-*

Amethyst said...

A couple of hours?! More like a full day!

Squirreliya said...

ana brooo7i mayta abi aroo7 london w entay 7a6atli hal mall ;x aaaakh ya galbyyyyyyyyyy

FourMe said...

it just opened 2 weeks ago.. You tell any cab driver Westfield centre he'll take you or via underground its on the hammersmith line and the central line and get off on the Shepherds bush stop.

as for the area its in Shepherds bush. you know off marble arch when you go down the long road of bayswater.. you continue that road till the end you'll reach holland park.. and turns to the right and voila shepherds bush..

No probs hun.. and yes 7adaaa flats.. oh but bear in mind half of the high-end fashion ily in Th Village are still closed. but opening soon. but the rest is all open.

heheh spot on..

ops :/ heheh sorry bs I thought its valuable info that must be shared..

Squirreliya said...

IT IS IT IS ;* a reason to a7en 3al ahal again :p

ZaMaHReeR said...

why are you afraid of saying what team you support!! dont worry no one will say you have the bad team, cuz they both sucks.. all the english teams sucks :P

and yeah, money money.. spend all the money.. who cares, have fun ;)

desertpalms said...

IVE BEEN WANTING TO GO FROM DAY ONE WHEN THEY OPENED IT..BAS stupidd craapppyy shit got in the way!!


A Journal Entry said...

i'm sooo in a shopping mood!

eshda3wa said...

a couple of hours!

try a couple of days
yalah etla7geen u finish all of it!!

ooh now im excited abe aroo7

:::ShoSho::: said...

Oh I want to see that!!