Monday, 3 November 2008

Come Out.. Come Out ..Where Ever You Are!!

See the pic above? See the dude who got the hell beaten out of him!
Guess who it is??
Yes you guessed it!
Its Hasan.B!!


THE STIG said...

.................. ??

PaLoMiNo said...

hehehehe maskeeen ;p

K.D said...

ok!.. sounds cool

have you done some clips on it!.. come on... we want action!.. we wanna see blood.. smell blood.. not only a picture!
this's not 1993!

i want clips!!
you are a disgrace to all YouTube fans out there! :D
shame on you four... me!

Anonymous said...

i should've been 1st o 2nd o 3rd o 4th o o 5th o lil abad eb hal post ..


ee wala come out .. 7ada mayeg hal walad :\!

Cooookies said...

ma sewat 3alaih :p

desertpalms said...


ouchh, that musta hurt!=P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

7asan is back?
wla you 6eg him while he was away? ;)

Soul said...

**cherbaaaaaaaaaakh** <-- testing the whip..

hmmmmmm.. jayyed!

ya wailek wailaaaaaah hasaaan :p

Zabo0o6a said...

Yeezah o aqal men yezzah :P

Anonymous said...

i want to participate in his torture ;D

eshda3wa said...

zain etsaween feeeh

tie him up 3ashan ana ba3ad baye akoofna

Hasan.B said...

6ab lai jeda bes;s

Anonymous said...

okh hasan!