Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Virgin + The Pill = Bullshit!

You know what this is crap, simply Crap! You freaking dumb ass scientists/doctors/pharmacists and all you dumb people who invent medicine you all are crap and I hate you all! This is not fair you can cure the worst of worst illnesses with weird ass medications and you can't come up with one decent Pmdd medication apart from CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS!! I hate you ALL and NO I'm not pmsing!!

So the lot of you know by now that I suffer from sever Pmdd which causes me to get screwed for 23 days out of the month. On any given day from those 23 days I suffer from any of the following and too many more to be listed:
-Joint pains
-Severe ANGER
-Mood Swings
-Horrifying stomach-aches
-Hot flashes
-Pain in legs from thighs to toes
-Loss or gain in appetite
-Short tempered
-Lower back pains
-2-3 Sizes expansion of the boobs
-Kidney pains
-Sleep deprivation
-Oh and some more ANGER ANGER ANGER..

So the only pissing (possible) cure is to go on the Pill, apart from getting married (i.e getting laid) and getting pregnant! I'm a freaking virgin who has to take contraceptive pills!! Yaay me!! Fuck this! The freaking mother fuckers study medicine, biology, chemistry and what ever the fuck it is required that they study so they just produce the same medication to prevent a woman from getting pregnant to cure her Pmdd!! Whatever!

So I finally gave in and took my first pill today :( I finally gave in after 2 + years of refusing to go on it because I can't handle the 23 day of the month torture :(( For God's sake even doctors when they hear how bad it is they feel sorry for me :( I've been refusing to go on the pill because of their horrible side effects like, hair loss, mood swings, anger, excessive weight gain, etc and what ever the fuck extra that your body decides to come up with.

Well I took the little bitch of a pill today and let me tell you something! The 3rd world war can start up next to me and I won't be able to lift a finger from how lethargic I feel as well I feel like I'm doped up. Even though I know it has horrible side effects but this is my only hope for a cure so lets hope the bitch cures what ever that is fucked up in my body!

And you thought FourMe was angry!
Wait till you meet FourMe with an extra dose of Hormones!!

Alf el7amdilaa 3ala kil 7al..


Anonymous said...

wesh tha :|

Anonymous said...

the side affects of the pill sounds better than what ur going thro now!

al7een ana mafahamt .. entay mo em3asba right? .. cause you sounded angry lol :P

enshallah you feel better ;*

getlech shelay ra7mech o eftakay :P

FourMe said...

hehe good observation :p
No I'm not angry but I'm pissed that I'm a 27 year old virgin that has to go on the pill!

etha shelta sha9akhim b3omry?? ag3ad a6ig e9bi3? la rayil w la gettin laid w ham mako ra7am w ham yo9al elweyh laih elsir mn eltja3eed!! la youba abi ra7my khaly malich shoghol fy abii entay shakoo :p

Anonymous said...

haw ma7lach you hate kids o you dont want any! ..

o ba3deen mino gal u cant get laid men ghair ra7em ? u cant sa7 ? ;p

hal 7al bs yenfa3 if u dont want kids :P

mafahamt shdakhal el taja3eed bel ra7am ? .. they're not related are they?

why do i sound stupid? :\

Delicately Realistic said...

Sorry 7bebti ;/
It sucks....i have to take OCPs for another reason...or just get married and it ticks me off that its the only solution.....uffffff im just gonna ignore it

ZaMaHReeR said...

oh dear estatha forume.. that sound really bad!! ashwa eni i was born a man :P
i will ask my friends to create u a medications, how does that sound?
feel better now?

FourMe said...

You need era7am mo bs 7ag el7amal.. elmara etha shala ra7maa wil za7ma ely mawjooda thak e9oob ey9eer mako hormonat eb jesimha which means ey3ayzeen w t7oshich shaykhokha mobakira.. unfortunatly 3ala kethir ma ena its painful w wayed atheya hal ra7am w mabayith 3ala ma kethir eho yfeed elmara w eho ely emqawy jsimha..

thats what I know w etha tabeen shar7 mo6awal 3indich darzan dcatra esmila 3alaihom ehny they can give u the scientific explanation...

Ohh I wasn't prescribed them only for Pmdd la laa 3indy khair ako other reason ba3ad.. screw it I ain't getting married just to put myself out of pain! yakhtich 3awar thahar wla 3awar galb rayal :/

Yes it is bad :/ e7mid rabik dude I swear you buggers have it easy!!
hehe plz do.. the female race will be eternally grateful to you and your buddies..

S E 7 E N said...

( SINGING ) ha ha ha ha we don't get this we don't get this .....

adree all you girls are gona hate me and hunt me down and kill me

wicked said...

sever !:\ severe..

I don't think you're PMSing for 23 days

I think you PMS for 7 days and the rest is your true character arising ..

so what i mean is.. yeah you're not an angry hormonal white woman, you're just an angry white woman

*runs for her life*

:::ShoSho::: said...

Yeah i have a friend who also has severe problems with her periods and she is also given those pills which aren't really doing her any good...

FourMe said...

*kicks se7en in the leg*

Assumption won't do good here.. No I Pmdd for 14 days and the other 9 I'm in other pain that is caused by the Pmdd!

Probably you meant this comment to have a hint of humour but I don't see it seeing I actually go through alot of pain during those 23 days..

I know they don't work in so many cases yet there is a minority that it works with them, I'm hoping I'm one of those :(

shoosha said...

walla ya FM gabel cham youm ib the doctors 7a6aw 7al for girls like u with severe pms mashakel...ya3ni ib tad3een rabbich edakhel the inventor il janna baas gimme a second to check something out..

*presses back to the front page of FM's blog*

umm i dont see a horse status..

sallem westelem... sawelee status wana agoolich il 7al

Um Mit3ib said...

sakenhom ib masakenhom ya rab ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


fourme 7abeebty....
this post was writtern AFTER you took the pill??

like this is calm lathargic you??

desertpalms said...

Allah yikoon b3onich..yeh my friend goes through the same craap (bas i think less than you)

i think youll slowly get used to the pills and the sideeffects will lessen..hopefully theyll do SOMEthing useful other than give you extra pain =/

..::Amu::.. said...

LOOOL its a sign for all of us to stay away from you :D

Oranjina fadidra said...

il9aber mftay ilfaraj..

Shoush said...



PaLoMiNo said...

7abeebti 3adi don't worry ana a3ref wa7da kant on the pill for 3 year gabel la tetzwaaaaj for the same reasons o bel 3axs ma 9aar feha shy min il side effects o wayed kant merta7aa, i think she used diane shy chethee, i will ask her to make sure... o el7een etzwjaat o 7amil o 3adiii mako mashkel il 7mdela:)

Eschew Obfuscation said...

"You freaking dumb ass scientists/doctors/pharmacists and all you dumb people who invent medicine you all are crap and I hate you all!" <--- Wow, wow! Lets not say things we'll later regret. You take that back!

Anonymous said...

I have tried about half a dozen pills before I found a brand that suited me, the process was long and rather shocking at times but the results are magnificent, less PMS, reduced chest swelling, lighter; less painful and let us not forget the punctuality.
Make sure your doctor talks you through the various types of pills out there.