Monday, 6 October 2008

Shake Me.. Fluff Me.. Construct ME!

Its not a mood swing, its not pmsing/pmdding, its not depression, its simply time to start all over again and figure out who the fuck I am! Do you know how it is when you have a messy bed and you want to smooth the sheets out? You take the sheets that are tucked under the mattress out and give them a good shake/fluff and tuck them under the mattress again and smooth out all the messy edges. Well that is what I am planning to do with myself, shake myself to the core and smooth out every damn complication out of it!!!! This post could of easily been an essay length post while I explain every small detail but I must hit the sack now so maybe later I will bear all..

FourMe is Under Construction!

I suggest you step aside and anticipate FourMe's completion..

Good Bitching Night..


Squirreliya said...

good luck constructing urself

Hasan.B said...


The stig said...

The dark sideeeee

Ohhhh am loving it no 1 can see THE STIG work his magic at night

Btw which company did u hire for the construction ??

FourMe said...

thanx dear..


Yaaah baaaaaaby its pitch black DARK!

If I tell you I would have to kill you..

zwena said...

enzain mo gadra agra al 7ache ga3da agolib alaptop ymen yesar 3ashan ashof :/

ZaMaHReeR said...

etha sawitiha golily shlon?
u go girl, kick some asses.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

good luck :)

please dont do anything stupid like going to a spanish shrink or blog template as yours truly has done ;)

desertpalms said...

good luck with it babe...*steps aside*

A Journal Entry said...

oh goodie!
can't wait to see the results!