Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Much Appreciated..

Thank You ALL
I know I nagged, complained, and bitched so much while writing the thesis and you people have been so supportive and understanding and you put up with my spoiled ass attitude and for that I thank you my dears so much.. As well Thank You for all your best wishes and kind words that were very much needed :*

Thank You ANONY
My dear you are an adorable sweet girl that kept nagging me to do things and kept on wishing me luck in finishing the thesis.. I believe your best wishes truly helped me pass.. Thank you deary :**

Thank You SOUL
(aKa my blogging SoulMate)
My dear dear girl Thank you for putting up with my continuous bitching and freaking out moments in anticipating failure. I'm quiet sure I gave you multiple migraines with my endless bitching but honestly thank you so much for putting up with me.. Thank you dear :***

A Very Special Thank You!
Last but certainly not least a Thank you to a very selfless person. To you my dear I am eternally grateful, you have helped and motivated me to complete this thesis more than anyone has. You might think you haven't helped much but believe you me you have! You shall always be remembered as the person who motivated me (even though your cheer leading skills suck) to complete a long over due thesis. You are truly a guardian angel.. Thank you :)


the stig said...


Anonymous said...

ok from now on im gona pretend u never exsist and i cant see ur name, ur comment or whatever .. you have my complete ignorance :D

now FourMe walaaaaaaw ur most welcome :** wala you deserve more than what we did bs ma bel yad 7eela .. saweena el gedarna 3ali .. bs esara7a for a moment sij wagaftay galbna :P hehehe

wala testahleen akthar men chethy :D

stigy stigy said...

Anonymous i do not exist

even if i do NO 1 CAN SEE ME or hear me :)

but thats not a problem as long as my name is always first :)

S E 7 E N said...

sij ina ana mo weyahoom

bs tista'hleen

Hasan.B said...

Aish el kalam il6ayeb haza

shoosha said...

ahh ok chithy il salfa?

*itsheel gash-ha oo tamshi*

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

we wuv you too ;**

Âme said...


I wish you good luck and pray that your confidence will stay steely and shiny and that it gives you a feeling of self worth and positive life.

~ Soul

PaLoMiNo said...




testaahlain kil khair walla :*

Squirreliya said...


desertpalms said...

=* aww habeebti.stay happy forever and ever inshallah =D

Cooookies said...

testahlain kil khair !=)

ZaMaHReeR said...

its a really cool pen!!
where is it from? :|

and yeah ur welcome, but im more interested in the pen! :P

Big Pearls said...

wish you the best...always:)

aTooNa said...

MabRooK FourMe!

yaay now you'll go 'job-hunting' ;p

wish you all the best =)

Anonymous said...

mabroooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk;***** minha lila3la inshalla
may all ur dreams come ture;**

FourMe said...

Anonymous M.:
Alaaaaah ybarik feeech babe thank you :* ameeen inshalla... oh and stop disappearing so much girl!!

FourMe said...

atoooona :
Alah ybarik feech dear thank you :)

Soul said...

no need to thank us :) wallah u r more than a friend :** god bless ur heart.