Monday, 20 October 2008

I Want A Divorce!

Who said only marriages should be celebrated!? Well Divorces are THE occasion to be celebrated. With a marriage you're celebrating the fact that you don't know if that marriage would be 'happily ever after' or 'Oh better luck with the next one' its an uncertain occasion YET with a divorce you are celebrating a fact and a solid future that you're going to be a divorcee who just got rid of that 'cheating bastered' or that 'gold digging bitch'! Its an occasion that calls for throwing the bash of the year with the cake of the century to top it off!

Raises her coke,
To Happy Divorces


the stig said...


desertpalms said...

ahahaha these are funny...2nd one is my fav =P

Big Pearls said...


funny cakes

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

the cakes are AMAZING!!!

I think im getting one for my wedding...just to scare mr. dandooon oo a3alma el2adab =D

PaLoMiNo said...

wala they look yummmy ;p

7ada i think people should celebrate divorces coz jaaaad ako naas fraghom 3eeed ;p

wicked said...

The end of love should be a big event.
It should involve the hiring of a hall.
Why the hell not? It happens to us all.
why should it pass without acknowledgement?

sophie hannah
The End of Love..

K.D said...

that's what she said!

no wait.. that's what the single lady said!!!

get a husband.. will ya!!! :p

falantan said...

denial denial denial...

denial doesn't impress me honestly :)

Some work-friends of my wife did that. a few of them got recently divorced and each one celebrated the next day with a festive breakfast buffet at work. while only a few days earlier the one about to get divorced would be getting advice from the "already divorced for a while now", telling her that she's about to do a big mistake and that she should try harder to make it work and kiss and make-up.

and how come each and every comment here is avoiding the meat of the post and goes for the funny cakes? yes the cakes are funny, but divorce isn't funny. infact the cakes themselves are "wedding cakes". they're not "divorce cakes". coz divorces are sad and painful as simple as that.

There's nothing funny about divorce. the hard fact is that divorces mean failure. and it's hard as hell to live with, for years and years to come.

I know a couple of close friends who even after being remarried still look back at their long long past divorces as badges of shame. even when they were completely "in the right". and the less serious the reason for divorce is, the harder it is to live with later.

And the common reaction I see many divorcees have is to act like they're "happy" about it.

BULL SHIT. is my response to these people.


I mean seriously, how useful is it to hide pain?? completely useless! so why not simply accept it and say il7emdella?

K.D said...

heeeey i didn't get away from the meat of the post you hungry dude!!

what meat?!.. by the way!

but you are right in a way!!
i agree with most of what you say.. and the rest of it.. it's just really points of veiws

so yea it's true.. and i may even add it's hard on both!!
and sometimes even harder on the dude..

who's this dude?!
was he on the 53 or 52 chosen ones.. i don't rememeber him in standing in that crappy long line!!

anyway.. people get into the meat please!!!
don't avoid it!

FourMe said...

you can say that again.. I bet Anony would love to do the 3rd cake to you :P

hehe noo 3rd one is the BEST! its all about decapitating the bastered!

I thought so too..

hehhehehe nafs elmathal chopping of the cats head lailat edokhlaa.. 7ad omi 3fast elmathal bs cant remember it :/


and I thought I was the only bitter one around here! I see I'm not alone..

damn it waiting for you to propose! seems like you ain't gettin it! I knew it your skull is too thick to get it through your head that YOU are the chose one!

As for him yes he is one of the chosen ones and het got the same special treatment that you got (i.e. cutting in line)!

FourMe said...

Doesn't impress me either but who's denying what?

No one said divorce is funny and its not easy plus its frowned upon by our religion. The "meat" of this post was the funny cakes not divorce itself.

You are right they are wedding cakes with a 'divorce' statement upon them therefore without marriage divorce would not occur! Wouldn't be as 'funny' if they had a slab of chocolate pudding with a groom and a bride killing each other on it, it loses its fundamental point of getting married and getting divorced.

Divorce is one of the hardest decisions any couple would have to make. Yet at times like I've mentioned if its involving a golddigger or a cheating spouse then its not that difficult and I believe it should be celebrated.

Celebrating your failure is the first sign of 'moving on' it means one is putting an end to the sham or fiasco that they have lived in and should embrace the new life with a smile on, what a better way to do it then with a gathering of your closest friends and family that were there to support you during your time of need.

Yet I do not say every single divorce should be celebrated because some are the result of unforeseen circumstances. I think those who would want to celebrate divorce should do it only in the cases that I have mentioned, where one makes a statement that leaving his/her deceiving spouse is a blessing not a failure on his/her behalf.

Hasan.B said...

I think we should all accept the opinion of those who have experienced it in real life! I would honestly say I have never felt happier than now! My divorce was by far the best thing that happened to me in the past few years! I, maybe, did not acknowledge that on the short term, but definitely did on the long term! Never thought of the cake thing though;P!

Um Mit3ib said...

in7ayey il mo6alaqat:P

Âme said...

I wouldnt put it the way FourMe put it about divorces.

They are the ultimate last resort, under really special circumstances.

If there were 10000 couples going through misery, then 1 may have that special circumstances.

Others just cannot deal with it.
They themselves are too messed up for the institution of marriage.

Why do such people marry without knowing the implications of their self dug graves ?

Marriage is definitely an acid test for all the qualities you have gained, good or bad.

My humble suggestion for all those who are getting misled by this post of being happy by a divorce... there is always a way to work things out. Giving up is easy.

I aint advocating marriage, however, i am not supporting divorce though.

Definitely in some cases, it is unavoidable, cannot ignore the probability of that.

Good wishes to everyone..

~ Soul

Âme said...

Ofcourse, i agree with FourMe, in the last two paras of her reply to Falantan.

~ Soul

Shoush said...

Leish iltasha2om? R u planning ur divorce party already? :P

:::ShoSho::: said...

looooool wallah it makes sense..

falantan said...

celebrating a mistake is totally different from learning from it.

if I make a mistake, I'll be ashamed of it. say it was an investment I made in some stock and the stock went bust, would I celebrate that and tell it to everyone I meet and say that I'm happy about it? the best I CAN do is to warn others from making a similar mistake, nothing more.
Even if my spouse cheated on me, I'd be devastated and humiliated. that's a VERY common reaction from sooo many divorcees. unless you'd like me to prove that with some statistics?

I'm not saying divorce is ALWAYS a bad idea. if it was then Allah wouldn't have allowed it. in some cases it is necessary.

What I am saying is that even when it IS absolutely necessary, I'd be doing it with my face between my hands in shame. NOT sending cards of invitation with the D.J. blaring.

Ya 7elwe wana obo 3yal o tawni m6alleg for whatever reason (5yaana wella murti nesra wella whatever), o mebtesem o ath7ak o fate7 baite 7aflat 6arab :P

yaaalal fashla walla.

denial in this case is denying pain. how can you be happy and festive when your chest is aching with pain??? wedde afham. an injured player needs time to heal, they don't do the healing by playing another game the next day.

You yourself are not a stranger to this, did you feel like partying soon after your breakup? sure you needed support and consolation from friends and family 3asalla y5aleehom lech. All divorcees need that. But could you really imagine being "happy" about being rid of him? and imagine if the reason for the breakup was that your "soulmate" turned out to have been talking to another girl behind your back (hypothetical question, mo sej, la t3asbeen). Wouldn't your breakup have been much more devastating?? agool bs 7emde rabbech inna he wasn't such an a-hole. o inna yat 3ala 7ad chethe.

ZaMaHReeR said...

I LOVE the way you think.. i like to think about unusual stuff.. w akon 3aks il awadim.. good job FOURME

ZaMaHReeR said...

Yeah and i raise tissue box "im sick :P'

Squirreliya said...

lol 3ajibeen elsowaR

S E 7 E N said...

makoo cake feeh SAYARA mad3ooma ??

Glitter said...

No comment!

Ghadoor said...

LOL liked them all ;p

FourMe said...

Next divorce the cake on me :P
ok ok that was mean just kiddin hason elmal3on :p

but seriously glad that it worked out for you..

hehehe 3alaich ga6at mo 6abe3eya!

I believe many marry because they believe it is the norm and it is expected of them to do so. Regardless that many are immature and are not ready for the responsibilities that come with marriage.

7athy :/ ma swat 3alay 3ala hal post! I just like the cakes people..

hehehe ;)

7athreen ;) yes yes my brain is located in my knees that is why my dear I see things from a different angel :P

Salamat mate matshoof shar!


la hathy special order!


I liked 3rd and last one..

FourMe said...

If YOU made a mistake then yes you'll be ashamed BUT if you were wronged by a cheating spouse and you did nothing to encourage it then why should you be ashamed? You did nothing wrong! Why walk with your tail between your legs when you're the wronged one who should walk around with your head held up high.

Alah rayly eykhony w ana aftshil?! laish etha eho emkaram esami3 chalb o ma3arf yagthib nafsa why should I be ashamed? That just proves that the spouse in question gave into temptation meaning he does not have the will nor the respect for himself and his wife, making him the lowest of low of human beings.

Please tell me you did not just compare marriage to the stock market! hehehe Ok a stock does not come with emotional and social bonds and it certainly does not sleep next to you at the end of the night. I know your using it as an example but it does not serve the purpose to prove your point.

Why why whyyyyy be ashamed if the failure of the marriage is not on your hands? If you were wronged without you causing it. You should not be ashamed.

Fair enough, a wealthy man marries a woman and thinks she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. One day "stock market" takes a steep plunge and man becomes penniless, woman leaves man for a wealthier man. Is the man required to walk around ashamed because his bride was a golddigger?? Should he walk around with his tail between his legs? Fine he made a bad choice but that does not mean that he should be ashamed!

Some people fargahom 3eed, for example abusive men who beat their wives constantly for no reason. Should a woman be ashamed that her husband beats her and she asked for a divorce in order to save her life?

It is the fault of society that has taught us divorced people are shun and looked down upon. So what got a divorce and the husband or the wife were trash, why shouldn't I be happy? At least I wouldn't have to spend the rest of my life with a cheater or a beater! That by itself is reason to celebrate because the spouse in question had the courage enough to say I will not stay in a marriage just because of fears of society and walking around in shame and have the Divorcee badge stamped on them for life!

Do you honestly think if the 'soulmate' cheated on me I would sit and bitch here for 10 months or would be devastated?! Of course it would hurt but it would be my fault for believing such a scum but still I would of went out and got me the next man in line! I would not sit and complain and go through heartache over a cheater! I would say el7amdila I got rid of him.

p.s: if the above makes no sense its because its 5:30 am and I still haven't slept :/

Âme said...

I agree with you FourMe.

~ Soul