Sunday, 12 October 2008

I Miss My CoW

Ok its time to bitch and complain once again..
  • Been getting migraines for the past 3+ days.. Been chewing on panadol like its hard candy.. Didn't wanna start taking other medications cuz I didn't want to be knocked off my shoes just yet.. I'm having one right now.. Took medication and it ain't helping! I HATE YOU MIGRAINES!!
  • I gained 2 and half kilos in 2 weeks!! I couldn't be happier :) Lets hope I can keep it up and gain some more..
  • My wish finally came true and I don't think I'm liking it :/ I always hoped I'd be one of those people who eat when they are pissed or angry.. well for the past couple of days I've been shoving anything within reach down my throat.. Still not in HUGE portions but instead of having 2 small meals a day I'm resulting to 5 or 6 portions of nibblings.. Even though I had dinner earlier tonight I just ate again, its 2:30am .. Sat in the outside kitchen all by myself with a huge bowl of cornflakes (last time I had that was 5 years ago) and shoved it down my throat..
  • I am a leban addict I love it so much even though it gives me migraines :/ Who on earth would have pasta with leban?! Well I'll tell you who! FourMe!! Had spaghetti for lunch with 2 glasses of leban.. After the cornflakes incident headed back in then changed my mind and went and got me a glass of leban!! Seriously cornflakes/milk and a glass of leban after it!? Honestly what the fuck am I doing to my taste buds!?
  • This Blog should be called " The Rantings of a Mad Woman"!
  • My busy time is over.. now I'm all yours you lucky buggers ;)


Anonymous said...

wehyat hawanaa hawanaa hawanaa

Anonymous said...

we7yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat :P

Anonymous said...

okh khalas el busy time .. hmmmm o ba3den eli yabe yamten mayakel cornflakes! ..spaghetti o leban ma yenfa3! wayd may mayoo :\ . tsk tsk tsk ur taste is going down the ....

etsadgeen this is the 1st comment that's actually related to the post! lool

FourMe said...

the bowl of cornflakes was bigger than your head! I put quarter madri half a litre of milk in it!

Nooo I had spaghetti bolognese and the leban on the side :/ big time down!! hehehe I know..

ZaMaHReeR said...

Lucky Lucky us :D

U must tell me how can i gain some kilos.. im will be happy with 2 kilos a month!!
I cant eat when im sad!! how can i change that estatha fourme?! :(

Âme said...

Yeah, I eat Pasta with Laban and cannot live without it for lunch and dinner.

I thought I had a weird taste, but hey who knew, people of similar taste exist.

~ Soul

P.S: I eat yogurt like mad.

Glitter said...

Oh FOurMe..

Congrats on ur Graduation :-)

>>Better late than never<<

I don't even remember the last tiume I had cornflakes :-/

Big Pearls said...

I love your new blog's name!:p loool

Ms. D said...

mbrok 3ala ur weight gain..

o ba3den ya dubba! wenich u dont comment 3ndy!?! wala 3ala ghafla u think u became a big shot o bachy!?! laaaa ya 7abeebteeeeeeee!

desertpalms said...

u wanna gain? eat kebab ow liban...lotsaa lotsaaa kebab with 3aish (with loads of butter ontop)mmmmmmmm im craving kebab takbeer in hawalli..soo goood!

cornflakes is my mindnight nibbles food when i cant be botherd to make something..either cocopops or cheerios =p hehehe which cornflakes did u have?

FourMe said...


Ok I can't be arsed to comment again now to all of you..shall comment AGAIN tonight..

Âme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Âme said...

Always when writing LONG COMMENTS, which consume time, type on a NOTEPAD and then copy paste into comment box.

Reason: The session cookie expires after sometime.

~ Soul

P.S: Do a Google search please.

PaLoMiNo said...

umbeeeh me 2 i love leban!!!
wana i thought it's just me ;p

laah bas ana i love it over y3ni!!!

tkhylaay il awdem eyroo7on il dawaam il sb7 sheno yakhthoon weyahom???
coffee sa7?;p

ana sheno akheth?


laah wazedich min il sh3er bayt ;p amoot 3al tamir also hehehehe ;p

bel dawaam eysmoni el 7ajeeya PaLoMiNo ;p

ay lebaan t7been ?? :D

hehehe shfny staanst ;p

S E 7 E N said...

just 7i6a balich la tinfati7 il shahiya oo il 2 kilos i9iroon 20k

oo leban belail ??????? ba3ad matabeen tamer oo harda ????

f7ee7eely said...

welcome to the world of migraines -- I suffer from sever migraines as well in fact so sever that when they attack me whilst driving I'd pull over and call the drivers and have him pick me up and the other drive my car back home.....I'll teach few tricks to netter control your migrain and reduce its intensity...

pasta oo leban? LOOOOL
entyyyyyyy 100% ma3ennny ma7eb el leban

K.D said...

it's like i've never been gone!!

so you finally admit it!!
listen four.. me!
using the word cow won't really cover it..
try to say i miss you k.d
and we'll see if those migraines visit you again!!
it's the guilt my friend.. the guilt

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

yea i do the same thing ~Soul does hehe

me miss you!! am so glad youre back =D

FourMe said...

You lucky thing you ;)
Emm dunno you should know kick starts your body, as for mine its glass or 2 of milk a day, pastas couple time a week, and ice cream.. I guess just just keep munching, oh and nuts are quite good for gaining weight..

And I thought I was the only nutter around!

p.s. if it wasn't for migraines I'd live on yoghurt, still I munch on it quite often..

om Lam3a:
Ohh Glits..

Thanx dear, much appreciated :)

doesn't fit so much more than the current one?! :P

ms D:
cheers babe.. tadreeen ba3aad Estathaa I don't comment anymore :P
btw tara kila agalgis 3indich bs mat7acha..

I eat meat and chicken but in really small portions.. if it wasn't for the fact that I don't like veggies and fish I would of became a vegetarian long ago :/

I'm old-school I like Kellog's the original.. non of that modified coloured thingies..

FourMe said...

I know I usually copy the comment before commenting but I forgot this time..

On what?

heheh yaay a fellow leban lover ;)
OK you're a leban junkie whereas I'm just an addict! I don't like tamer :/ I only like it in tamreya apart from that I can't eat it..

Leban Mara3y baaaaaaby who else.. those damn sexy cows on the packaging just make me wild once I see them strauting their stuff on the leban bottle :P

hehehe 3adii..

10 more kilos and I'll be happy :P
Me no likey harda :/

honey I founded the damn world :/ tried everything nothing works except some meds that reduce the pain :/ been a migraine sufferer from the age of 13 so trust me I've tried it all.. el7amdila 3ala kil 7al..

Look who's back! K.d. is back!!
hahahaha damn it you're just way too good! You cracked the damned code :/

w0hooo a fellow freak :D

me miss you more pumpkin :*
thank you deary..

Âme said...

Make it a habit.. comment means notepad, unless it is 4 to 10 lines.

On.. session cookie.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Read about the cookies and all I understood was blah blaah blaaah.. do you not know by now that I don't understand such things?!

Âme said...

I dont know, probably you are not trying hard enough !

~ Soul

:::ShoSho::: said...

Salamtich ma tishoofeen shar..

and about eating when pissed off, I don't eat when i am sad or angry.. donno why..

and for leban lol well each one of us has his/her own weird thing..