Monday, 13 October 2008

I Am Me!

Gather around my 52 chosen/hand-picked buggers I mean bloggers.

As you know by now sometimes I can become quite nosey and ask inappropriate questions like Here. Well If someone told you tell me about yourself; what would you reply with? Not as ethnicity, gender, and education but as you YOU the person. Now I ask you my dear 52 who are you?

A. All 52 MuST comment!
B. 1 word comments shall not be accepted.

C. "I don't know" comments shall not be accepted either.

D. All long ass comments and detailed comments are welcomed.


the stig said...


Anonymous said...

wait khal agra


the stig said...

yah yah read all u want AM NUMBER 1

boooooooyaaaa like always mistansa ams


FourMe said...

Its a TIE!

Both commented at 1:51AM !

p.s. now both of you stop bitching and COMMENT!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

and damn that was long :P

FourMe said...

Wow! Ok that was long but that was what I wanted to read.. lovely to know you Anony.. you are truly a wonderful girl :)

p.s. yes I know you are za3ooola w daloo3a no need to tell me :/

Anonymous said...

loool ba3ad that what makes me me ;p

Neseet la agol I'm controled by my heart I Eli eb galbe 3ala elsane


crazed said...

holy shit anony that was long and sara7an so girly/fake in my opinion

dear fourme, I cant help but wonder if our conversation amse (our steamy conversation I might add to nosy people) inspired this post : D

im in jam3a now, i finished the thing I asked u to help me with, instead of being 400 words its like 1000, ee ana fanan.

anyways for the sake of this post i shall answer last night's questions.

I'm technically a mix of english/american schools but I learned all that I know from TV, the internet and life itself. School taught me my alphabet and how to count, that's pretty much it.

And yeah.... I look like Tom or so I heard but I dont really believe it. I asked if u knew him because I wanted to know what u thought of him lol; /

crazed said...

also anony, what else can you tell us about yourself? Really I'm intrigued and I won't finish my work here until you reply!

f7ee7eely said...

I was gonna comment but ur friend anony didn't leave us any room for commenting...

f7ee7eely said...

I think u r the one who should do the profiling...

Ms. D said...

am a binger.. MASSIVE BINGER!!

binge eating was my life!!!

i stopped *thank god* this july... i still do a sugar rush day like fe my pms.. o bs ma akather.. y3ny i know shkither i should eat o bs ma azed

o a7eb makwat el3abd o chabdat elfaras ;)

but binge eating was a big aprt of me.. it still hurts to think ina i was able to harm myself this way :(

y3ny 3ade in one sitting mathalan sa3a aw aqal i consume 3000 calories 3adeeeeeeeee!

FourMe said...

crazed maniac:

Dear Crazed,
Don't give yourself credit for something that you don't have a hand in :D Steamy?!? have your hallucinations started up again?

You have not answered the question stated in the post.. Who is the real you the person? not this how do I say it useless background info you gave..

p.s. be nice to Anony or I'll kick your butt out of this blog.. Anony is the 2nd in command in this blog she gets to say who stays and who leaves, Got iT!

I simply love how yo wiggle your way out of answering questions! 3ala mama ya baba :P

Some people might find it intimidating.. so I keep my opinion to myself hence asking for your (the reader) opinion in yourself..
Now how about you answer the question like a good boy ;)

Ms D:
Ok that was in the past but who are you now?

I don't think an eating trait defines your personality I'm quite sure there is more to you and from previous comments I know there is more to you than eating..

Shoush said...

Currently, I am a woman who recently watched The Secret. It opened my eyes to a new way of living. A more positive one. I realized that I have been attracting some things into my life that i do NOT want by always saying "i don't want", and that i shud be saying "i want, i want" in order to attract it into my life. I realized that being a 'positive' person is the healthiest lifestyle. It has an immediate affect, inside out. Altho i dont consider myself a pessimist, i do hav my negativity. That shud come to an end.

So who am i today? I am a woman trying to adapt her mind to thinking more POSITIVELY. I know that this won't happen over night, but am trying and altho i do have my positive moments, and my negative moments, i am more conscious today of my thoughts than ever before.

Who am i? I am Shoush ma ba3d The Secret. The improved version.

FourMe said...

funny I just started watching the Secret today.. I wanna see what's all the hype about..

Hasan.B said...

7son el mal3on yakil il sanson:D!

S E 7 E N said...

me ?????? hmmmmmm
thats hard cause i really don't know who i am

does any1 know him self ??? i don't think so

i think ppl can judge u and know who u r ...

all u can say about ur self is wat u like hate and things u like to do

but ur friends family can see how u act then can say yes u r this and that

like i said I DON'T KNOW MY OWN SELF ....

Cooookies said...

hmm shouldnt u answer the question first urself ?!

tadreen thats one of the hardest questions that u ask someone .. sadly many ppl dont know who they really are !

btw mashallah ur creative in ur own way =)

desertpalms said...

i am my memories, and i am the everyday happenings of life

i am my family and i am my friends

i am the people in the street that piss me off, and those that have an positive impact on me

i am my teachers, my lecturers and professors

i am my interests and hobbies

i am my dreams, aspirations and career

i am my country and my culture

i am my past, my present and my future

i am a by-product of my environment, the external and the personal internal environment.

i am all my thoughts and feelings

i am the person behind this body, heart, mind and soul

Cogito ergo sum- i think therefore i am

and finallyyyyy...i am trynaaa be smaarrtt and bullshitt this question cuz i have no frikin idea how to answer. =P

bas 6 words..

i am me..i am unique =)

desertpalms said...

ohh and I AMM.... frikin hungryy!!!!! *goes to find fooooooood*

PaLoMiNo said...
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Shoush said...

Palomino, 7abeebti.. U say inshala Allah yiridkom 7ag ba3ath, bs u never know if wat ur wishing for is good for u or not in the long-run, 9a7? "Wa3asa an to7ibo shay2an wahowa sharon lakom. Wa3asa an takraho shay2an wahowa 5airon lakom" (9adaq Allaho il3atheem).

I will say: INSHALA itha this person fee il5air wil9ali7 lich fa INSHALA Allah iyasra lich. Witha mafee il5air wil9ali7 lich fa Allah ya9rifa 3anich oo yihawin 3alaich oo helps u to move on. INSHALA.

Oo u don't have to apologize babe. Allah yisahil 3alaich inshala oo yarzigich 3ala gad niytich inshala. Oo continue to tad3een cuz there's no such thing as u made too many sins oo Allah mara7 ystjeeblich. :*

Big Pearls said...

A grown-up lady who was once filled with ambitions and dreams.

Sadly, this society & country killed them all!

by the way, the answer to your question is totally mood-related! You should conduct a study!:p

FourMe said...

Ew eww ewwwwww :p

ya I think some people do know themselves.. people can judge what they see but they can't judge what you feel.. Only you can know how you feel and that makes you the only person who can truly know yourself..

I was hoping I would go unnoticed :p yet no one asked me who am I.

Did you just turn the tables around and get yourself out of answering the question? Nicely done ;)
Thank you dear :)

Now if I haven't heard that on Capital FM I would of been so impressed with your answer :P don't you know better than to try and fool a fellow Londoner :P

But I have to agree, you are unique.. did you find something to eat?

Ohh dear :( Inshalla ala arzgich eb wild el7alaal ely ys3dich w inshala ykoon ely tabeena.. pray over and over and over and never stop praying cuz one day your prayer is bound to be heard.. Inshalla it will be :*

inshallaa I will let you know, ma 6lbtay ghaly..

many people around say the same thing! that this society kills all dreams, but correct me if I am wrong isn't a dream a concept that goes against all odds and should be difficult to achieve and not handed on a silver platter! Maybe we just give up easily, its nothing to do with society it is to do with us..

damn it I knew I should of majored in psychology :P So should I say all pms'ing ladies raise your hands hehehe..

ZaMaHReeR said...

im a moody person, tend to think with my heart most the time, id depend on the situation u know!!
if it is related to the heart its judged by heart, if it is scientific then i let my brain work and make the judgment :)
im kinda sensitive :P
i cant move on easily, i get hurts easily, bs i dont show it to the public, i let it gets me from the inside first until im all crushed they the ppl will notice that i got hurt one upon a time.
i put alot of plans but i dont do them, so that makes me a thinker not a doer!
that sums it all, it is zon!

desertpalms said...



i sweaaaaaaaar wallah i just made that uppp...CAPITAL FM! LLOL MNEEIN JIBTEEEHA HATHI CAPITAL FM !

and yes i did =p...i had a starbucks panini in my bag that hadnt been opened LOL so i ate it...jeez when im hungry i eat anything.

desertpalms said...

daaamn i shud copyright my dumb words huh?

Cooookies said...
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Cooookies said...

Palo ..

walla 3awrtay galbe..
Goolay kheera oo blv in it.. u never know what life has for u .. have faith gurl.. rabech a3lam ib whats best for u .. fa blv in him, i know to u it may sound like crap, bas trust me right now its hard for u to see what im saying cuz ur in the middle of it ..bas 3a6e nafsech time n ull understand .. We tend to grow up ad learn =)

lifez like a long trip on a train.. sometimes its fast ..some times its slow.. and other times it stopping at different stations to pickup new passengers.. while others decide to leave ..some leave forever and some u know ull meet in other trips but u just dot know when .. oo mo ma3qola 3ala kil stop ur gonna pretend the trip is over , aight? deep down u .. u knw its not, the train will evetually continue moving n so will u.. =)

nshallah mako ila kil khair ..
Emwafega nshallah =)

Cooookies said...

Fourme ..

Well u might be right , hehe and we still didnt see ur answer .. i guess u should answer ur own question first to put the 52erz in an honest mood =)

jesterat314 said...

I'm someone who has to study for 78 hours straight just to pass an exam.. i promise, i've got a much better answer.. later
And the Capital FM comment, hehe, funny as hell.

PaLoMiNo said...

Ya galby mashkoora o ma ga9rtay :* khlytay il wa7d eyfathfeth shwya o yerta7 :) ajm3eeen o alla ysma3 minch ya rab :)
esm7eely ared 3ala Shoush & Cooookies in ur comment section ;p

7abeebti entay wallla, I got ur point o walla adry ur right, bas tadreen ana il habla shagol lama ad3i? ;p ya raby etha fih khair wela ma feeh khair 7agy yserli yaah o jm3ni ma3ah ;X
I wish the same to u wala ;*
7ayati ma ga9rtay :***

wala i'm trying hard to believe, 3arftay ele everytime i want to believe, i get there o y9eer shay that sets u back? nafs il dawmaa, it weird ;X
I loved the way u explained how life is like a train! sa7 it is! wala ewtha7t le shwyat omoor et9dgeen...
Thank You :****

shoosha said...

i love horses :D

shoosha said...

palomino: *hug* heey we're all here for u if want anything...

Âme said...

Life is difficult, some one said.
I believe it.

Qualities which I have developed over time.
and Being responsible to myself.

I am usually calm.
If someone bets that they will catch me angry, will lose the bet.

I am focused to such an extent that I forget the surroundings.

I consult my family on major decisions of my life which i make.

I value my spiritual growth over my family, and my family over my integrety, and my intergrety over my career.

I read about almost everything i come across.

I give my best to whatever i do.
I am either 1 or 0 type of guy.
People are quite taken back by that attitude of mine.
I dont play halves.

I wish to go around the world.
I wish to write a book about my life experiences.
I wish to bring the metaphyical dimension to the common experience mode.
I wish to live a good meaningful life.
I wish to create a secret society.
I wish to have 2 babies of my genetic pool.
I wish to bring remarkable difference in thought, in a better way, of the society i live in.

I can write more, but i have to go for my bowling now.
Yeah i bowl and its my habit.

I dont smoke nor drink.
Yeah, i am a little different.

Âme said...

And yes, one more thing, I am vegetarian.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

awww how adorable *grabs zon from the cheeks and squeezes them*

Oh I share the 'can't move on easily' thing :/

hehehhehehehe have you not heard Capital fm on 95.8!!!? And you call yourself a Londoner! Shame on you girl! Anyhows its the ad they play over and over for T-mobile or Virgin or something like that.. a dude with a deep voice comes on and starts saying I am so and so etc..

hahaha you should go into advertising gimmicks..

I tend to go blind and angry when I'm hungry :/

If I answer will you answer?

My stomach turns the mintue I hear the word study! alah y3eenik w ywafgik.. shall await your answer..

hehehe 7athreen :p

Anytime dear.. I'm the queen of bitching, all similar complaining and bitchings are welcomed here :*

ekhthay ra7tich..

So freaking obvious you and ms D are buddies! Wa7da et7ib elakil w wa7da et7ib horses!!

p.s. aint buying you one :P

Not only difficult but complicated and unjust..

Interesting character you are..

desertpalms said...

loool eee 6ab3an i know cap fm...*95 point 8...capitaaal effff emmmmmmmmmm* bas i was jus like =S why the hell wud it have thaaat on a music station??

nyhoo i take your word for itt that im a sucker for subliminal advertising messages...i guess they musta got into my subconscious and brainwashed meee =P

and yeh i 2nd coooooooo(is this word gonna ever end?) have to answer too! dont think ur gettin awaay that easilyyyy *chases you with the na3aal*

shoosha said...

ma ashoof a relationship between food and horses ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

no fair!
this is too hard
will come back later when im not sleep deprived and fully functional

ps: YOU didnt answer!

PaLoMiNo said...

7ayaty intay ;***

yalla u answer el7en :)


A Journal Entry said...

i'm a really sweet personm a bit shy.. oo it takes me a LONG time to get used to someone and show the real me.. i'm very sensitive but i NEVER show.. hmmm .. thats's all that i can think of!

Soul said...

at this moment bel ta7deeeed, I am a person who's waiting for an apology + a Fucking red flower.

Squirreliya said...

shal so2al, khalich 3al height and weight much better :p

am a different person each day with some similar characteristics..

Squirreliya said...

fithait shway w qarart ma atfalsaf

- hadya
- ma3aref a3a9ib wala a3aber 3an eli dakhli
- ghayooooora
- 3aneeda
- determined
- passionate
- i have my own world!
- waqi3eya 7addi
- extremely barda bs a7terem el maw3eed
- madri what else to say :p bs akeed fe more

ma3teqed that says who am I! those were only 9ifat feeni ;p

..::Amu::.. said...

I am all what you all are not :P I am a naughty little monster. I am usually calm but if I wake up its the end. I dont like problems I like life to be easy going. I dont like your posts where all 52 have to comment cuz I have to comment then ;p I am all that I am and what you all are not but hey I am not a female. I am chicken eat dont fancy vegetables. I am I am I am a biker I am someone ex. I am a heart broken and heart breaker. I am kelshy and more you dont wana know :)

Ghadoor said...

la7tha .. am i one of the 52 or what ? :p

Ms. D said...

shoosha tara fourme me7tarra mina why wer simple ppl while shes a mo3aqada nerdy lookin teach!!! who doesnt need all the ka-ching they dump on her akher elshahar.. hal flos a7san law she buys me a new shoes closet kil season o u a horse weya stable boy ;D shar6 waseeeeem o yrakith weyah syoof o 3nda raabi3 wayed 7ilweeeen :)

FourMe said...

You're gona wait a very veeeeery long time for the apology and the rose to come!

Um Mit3ib said...

i am um mit3ib and

i am stubborn
i am aware
i am a pessimist
i am obsessive
i am attached
i am food oriented
i am not fat;p

:::ShoSho::: said...

Who am I? Hmm, well I think I am lost at the moment.. I am at this point in my life where I NEVER thought I would be.. Hopefully it will pass as it's taking too long!

I am a knitter now looool!

O ba3ad shino? madri.. I am a mum who is tooooo toooooo tooooooooo TIRED!!!

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooL at Hasan..

About what pearls said.. Well you know I used to care about the society but not anymore! They will talk and try to kill you whether you do something or not..

So, I don't care about them.. but for me the problem is i am too scared to do some of the things I want to do. it's not about what people think or do to me...

zwena said...

yummaa khal akteb la an6ag :P

i'm a twin and loving it
i think or know that i have a heart of gold :P
can be maleqa :P

falantan said...

I apologize I missed this post. so here I am commenting as requested:

I'm a selfish egotistic bastard. I think I'm right and everyone else is stupid. I hate that about myself and have low self-esteem because of it.

I want to be a good person like irrasool PBUH. but I suspect of myself that it's just an act to fool myself and others. ya3ne a5af inni monafeq.

I put too much stock in my own intellect. and I constantly fight myself to put Allah's wisdom 1st.

this is becoming like a fierce therapy session :P

Amethyst said...