Saturday, 18 October 2008

Ghadoor's Tag

I am beyond bored that I decided to steal a tag from Ghadoor.. and because its too long I shortened it.. Lets rockNroll baby..

-Can you multiply big numbers in your head?


-Have you ever gotten a zero on a test?
I got a U in my Information Technology Gcse :D

-What's better? Egg salad, tuna salad, or chicken salad?
A salad should only be of vegetables not poultry! Only Mix salads go down to my tummy..

-Were you a good kid or did you drive your parents crazy?
I was hell.. I was the worse child any parent would wish for :/

-What is your weirdest turn on?
Don't make a girl blush ;) A dude in grey jogging bottoms and a crisp white shirt with rolled sleeves and adidas taekwondo trainers.. Piss of that's how I like'em :p

-Would you ever go on a blind date?
Never.. wait wait I think I..... forget it :p

-What's better? Adding, subtraction, multiplying, or division?
Considering my fabulous record in mathematics I'll say Adding..

-Is it hard to please you?
Quite impossible yet a rose could do the trick..

-Do you cry if you see someone you love is crying?
No but my heart will be breaking into pieces..

-Do you believe that parents really love all of their children the same? Or do you think they pick favourites?
A real mother would love all her children equally yet there will always be the special one..

-Do you say you hate your life when you actually don't?
No I just say Life's a bitch..

-Are your nails always painted?

-Is it important to you if your friends like the person your dating?
Don't seek anyones approval as long as he's passed mine..

-Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas are dating. Isn't that strange?
And they are who exactly??

-Have you ever felt like you literally needed someone?

-Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?
Nop just makes me think when am I gona get (legally) laid..

-Elton John, thumbs up or thumbs down?

-If you were gay/lesbian would your parents accept it?
I would get beaten with an old zanooba (blue and green 150 fils flip flop)

-Have you seen Sweeny Todd?
Nop.. not a fan of modern musicals..

-Do you think afro's on white guys are cool?

-Who is your favourite character on That 70's Show?

-Is there someone that you could spend every single day with and never get sick of?
Yes many
A. My fav footballer
B. My team
C. Graff Ring
D. Bugatti
F. Ducati
G. . . . . .

-Are you good at dealing with things alone?
Best when alone..

-Is your hair past your shoulders?
yaa just by a tiny bit..

-Are you a rough or gentle person?
I'm as gentle as flower (haha) yet I can beat the living day lights out of you (true when I'm angry)..

-Have you ever actually thought that you were going to die?
Always.. and I think I will die young..

-Do you think the future will be good or bad?
I'm a pessimist, enough said..

I Tag every single one of you..


The Stig said...


Anonymous said...

okh i just did it too :P

Soul said...

u really do love elephants ;p

o shaklena ana wentay em6awleen 3la ma we get legally laid kkkkkkkkkkk

Ms. D said...

ur posts sayren millaq :@

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeee yaboola postaat awal :P lol


Squirreliya said...

oh 3ad newait asawe this tag gabel 2 days bs ta3aiyazt ..w shaklich lail7een myanena ur parents :p

Big Pearls said...

wanasa I am tagged:p

FourMe said...


copy cat :P
etmooten 3ala postat eltushy wushy.. makooo no more :P

I do I DOOO :D
Damn it :/

Ms D:
gabil cham you 7a6atlich post 3an shoes! shtabeen ba3aad :/

heheh up to 3 years ago yes but not anymore unfortunately I became an adult :(

You're iT!

Squirreliya said...

we 6ala3 ghair el tag eli eb bali ..ni6ray doorich with el tags :p

FourMe said...

elpostat nashfa hal youmain ma 3indy mani3 eshahar kila aswi tags :P

:::ShoSho::: said...

Interesting.. i was thinking about doing that tag too..

Anonymous said...

heeey i posted ut gablech :@ :P

at least tushys are fun :P

ana agool lets vote :P

desertpalms said...

that baby elephant is cuuuuuute heheheh allaaaahh i want one now!


*puts on cutie pie face*

whaddya say? buy me onee? =D

S E 7 E N said...

FM 88.8 : ur right 7adaaaaa mako shay to write about ..... unless we have to write about il bor9aa ... 3ashan an6aag ihnii hehehehe

Delicately Realistic said...

I just read everything i missed !! So I have lots to say!!

Awal shay i dont know how i didnt congratulate u on passing !!

Alf alf alf alf mabrook 7bebti u really deserved it cuz u put so much into it. Minha l'a3la insha Allah.

The cupid post! SO TRUE ! Ugh! Why we put ourselves in that postion madri...i think i should have 2nd thoughts on this crush business im having sa7?

O 7asafa i missed the who am i post!! Mali kholg asawi il7en ;P

I love leban too!! My fave is my granny's home made liban. Then i love Laban fe new Leban from KDD aparently its low fat.. wayid 7ilo !!

Vixen said...

The worst child????? : O

ee wallah menoo taylor oo jonas!

and what is that 70's show too : P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i love kelsoooooo! =D

Ghadoor said...

-Would you ever go on a blind date?
Never.. wait wait I think I..... forget it :p

hey girl .. stop hesitating and tell us the truth :p

plastic said...


crazed said...


*looks at tag*
*skips all the boring questions*

-Have you ever gotten a zero on a test?

On a test no, on a quiz yeah but I tend to put in funny jokes which in my opinion gives me an A in some spiritual way.

Take my last quiz for example:

" 8) What's an example of ...."

"Answer) computer... combuter"

(totally unrelated to question)

-What is your weirdest turn on?

UGGS! UGGGGGGGGGGGGSSSS! Uggs + straight hair = ow :(

-Would you ever go on a blind date?
nah not my style (then again, is dating my sort of thing?)

-Do you cry if you see someone you love is crying?

I don't know, I don't think I've seen that happen but there is this vague recollection of such a thing occurring. But no I'm certain I wouldn't cry, I'd just hug her and be her outlet, that's the job of a man.

-Have you ever felt like you literally needed someone?

Every day.

-Is there someone that you could spend every single day with and never get sick of?

Several people.

-Is it important to you if your friends like the person your dating?

-Is it hard to please you?

look like claire from heroes and nah I don't think it would be (I think she's right 4me)

I'd beat the shit out of them until they fall out of love with them lol.

OH... never mind I read that wrong

damn my testosterone infused jealousy

wow I did this tag as opposed to eating breakfast/watching my tv shows now I'm gonna be late for uni


I'd like to make a shoutout to anon who was kind enough to not let me into her blog ;(

crazed said...

oh and sorry to the couple who were in our seats last night at Max Payne's screening (then again, they were in our seats) and to the old guy whose feet I hit

(RAGE i tells ya)

a55 I smell good as usual

*sprays feet*