Friday, 10 October 2008

Beam Me Up Scotty!

Doesn't it remind you of Star Trek?

Yaa don't give me a bloody flower! I'll buy one attached to a shoe and trot around town in it! In your face I have my own "Flower-Shoe" :/

Portable Garden?!

And that my friends is what I call a restrained shoe!

The phrase "I'll shove the heel up where the sun does not shine" is not applicable here!

On an other note my dress pulled a Marilyn on me a while ago.. while buying comfort food (ice cream and cookies) the ac was on full blast in the shop and all of the sudden the dress flew left and right then UPWARDS thankfully it didn't fly much above the knees! In an attempt to tame the dress and not fall off my heels I stuck to the counter and managed to smack my left thigh into the corner of the counter :/ Ouch!! Yes it hurts :( The manager saw my struggle and quickly came to my rescue and switched off the ac.. Yup that's what happens when you put FourMe in a dress :/


the stig said...

ham oo ana feeni il noom awal

PaLoMiNo said...

alaaaaaaaaaaaaaah cute shoes hehehehee 7abyt el flower-shoe :)

zain il manager 7as 3ala dama o switched off the AC ;p shdw3a chethe msh'3leena! il mfroth 7a6ena on Low or somethin ;p

ashwa gaaat salema o ma7d shaaf shy ;p

Anonymous said...

God i so hate you kether hal denya o akthaar !!!

God i so wish i can shover when of these shoes down ur throat and hope you choke and die !!

oh God dear God let my wish come true .. oh God dear God :(

the stig said...

Anomy walla 3indy kitoob english maloot grade 1

yah baba ur english izbala moofahim shay ......

+ min 9ibag libag
min 9adha 3asha i3yala

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i wear skirts alot

they do that to me wayed

esp when im driving with my window down and suddenlt my skirt flies in my face

its NOT pretty :(

eshda3wa said...

ma 3a6ach shy free ?

FourMe said...

dude give the girl a break :p

more like weird-ass shoes :/

maskeen if it wasn't for him I would of either stood their half naked of stumbled on my face in an attempt to keep decent :/ shdarani! agoolich it was like tornado mo ac!! hahaha ya a bit off leg never did any harm :p

Olaa Olaaaa shalakhtay elwalad!!

hahaha you should see how I sit in a skirt or a dress while driving :P somehow by magical force the knee length skirt/dress become mini skirt :/ but when in public I sit like a lady that I am :p

hahahha! mani rada 3alaich :P

S E 7 E N said...


1) nice shoesss

2) matchoofen shar for wat happened
it7a9il ib a7san il 3awayil

Ms. D said...

Aby the gold pair!! ABEH!!


Squirreliya said...

elsara7a no comment 3al shoeses w lool hatha jaza3 eli yalbiss tanoora eb yoom 3a9if :p

ahdeech songat leeih bet2a9ir tanooora :p

A Journal Entry said...

the shoes are scary!

off how i hate it when this happens.. it does happen alot, but i can't forget the time it happened to me in uni.. infront of shillat shabab oo i nearly flashed them my panty!

desertpalms said...

the black shoe is so stupidd...youre walking barefoot ya3ni wth is the point!!

looool @ dress incident...i bet you he took a long time onpurpose ;)

i wonder whether the loose hijabs were flying as well loool

ZaMaHReeR said...

not interested by the shoes :P
laish ma et9er ma3ay lama albes dishdasha???
bs wya il ghetra et9er waid :D

Oranjina fadidra said...

who can walk right in these skyrocket heels? srsly mnu?

FourMe said...

more like ugly shoes.. shar mayeek..

ms d:
Ushhhh wlaa kilma!! Wain hadeyty?!?

hehehhe wala nafnoofy mo g9eer it was under knees but couldnt control it cuz was wearing high heels :/
a7eb elghneya :p

big time! hahhahahahhahah sorry but I just had a mental picture of that :p

studpid dumb pointless its everything.. heheh la 7aram he came over fast cuz the place was crowded with ppl :/

cuz you dont have long slender legs like I do :P plus no one would want to see your hairy legs hehe..

Oran fad:
No clue! but you know what! I've seen it done, some women can walk a mile in such hideousness..

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooooooL !! at your incident i mean..