Thursday, 16 October 2008

2 in 1 ;)

Ba3ad ba3aad 7inaw akthar! Anyhows who am I? Well My answer was the title! I am ME!
I am myself, a bunch of things come together to make me, ME. Hmm bear in mind I myself contradict my own self..

-I am a religious person, yet I'm not met7ajba.
-I am a realist.
-I am a respectful person, towards myself and the rest of the human race, yet when you get on my bad side I can make you feel that you're not worth a penny.
-I am a pessimist in the first degree, yet there are somethings in life that I will continue hoping and wishing for.
-I am a carer. My family comes in the first place even ahead of myself, their problems and worries are my own.
-I am a wild child tamed, you name it I've probably done it.. BUT no crossing certain boundaries.
-When I love, I love with all my heart, whether its football or soulmate.
-I can't forgive and I can't forget, I will always always remember and carry it to the grave.
-I abide by the rules of society out of respect for it.
-I am one of the nicest, sweetest, and most helpful people you'll come across in your life yet if you cross me I become the mother of all bitches.
-Racism, child abuse, cruelty of any form, and discrimination makes me sick to my stomach and brings me to tears.
-I have a heart of gold yet there are few who appreciate such thing.
-I under estimate myself at times and end up shocking myself with the ends result.
-I respect ALL.. Again Respect is a major MAJOR thing in my life.
-I am a closed book.. Only I carry my burdens.. I cannot open to anyone even my own mother.. ironically I opened this blog where I bear all.
-I have a filthy tongue (in English, with one or two words in Arabic) :/
-I am a very very bad tempered person that I have no control over.
-I am toO stubborn and stick to my beliefs even if it kills me.
-I am very perceptive, yet I tend to forget alot.
-Falling in love with the soulmate has ruined me and broke me to pieces, yet I cannot live without him.
-My mother is my world, even though we have our differences and argue alOT yet I try to get her to forgive me, I kiss her from her head, cheeks, and hands every night before I go to sleep.
-I am a woman, I am feminine but with a twist :P
-I am ME and I am no one else. I am so many more things that I lack the patience to list.

p.s. Cooookies, are you satisfied now? Your turn!
p.p.s. The rest of the 52 who did not answer better answer this TIME!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


FourMe said...


hason elmal3on:
I've answered enough questions in this blog.. wait for a Q&A post and I'll answer you :p

Anonymous said...

okh hatha shakla ra7 ekoon khosh post ... yala meeta :P men zeman u didnt post ashya'a ...... u know what i mean :P

Hasan.B said...

Anonymous ente mo il mafroth nayma!?

Anonymous said...

haw la hawant :P bs entaw allah yahdekom masra3 falaitaw chena masadagatw khabar :

FourMe said...

Why do you think I've put a playground for you?!?! 3ashan etsolfeen ehni wila ehnaak haa?

Anonymous said...

bs ma7ad ysolef weyaay menaak :(

Hasan.B said...

I was lying in bed but could not sleep. My comment was way out of line. I do apologize. Please accept my apology.

S E 7 E N said...


nice personality ..... weird and strange ???

but overall nice .... and ur soulmate shakla 7imar sorry...

Squirreliya said...

sweet personality ..Allah ykhaleelich your mother

:::ShoSho::: said...

Well, alot of the things you said I gathered them through your posts before.. I like the fact that you are you in the blog..

ZaMaHReeR said...

you didn't add anything new.. since the first day i read ur blog till the day before u post all of that i figured it all without u mention it in one post :P

ya7lely im cool :D

shoosha said...

you are a woman?

9ij? i didnt know that ;p

f7ee7eely said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL as I read along I swear I could literally hear Alanis Morissete's song in the background hehehehehehe

no pun intended babyyyy:*

FourMe said...

no apology needed.. etmoon hason elmal3oon :p

heeey be nice! no one gets to insult the soulmate except I..

Alah ysalmich dear..

Ain't putting a show for no one what you read is what you get :)

heheh cool dude 7adik :p
that's why I didnt answer the question myself cuz I assumed most would know me by now and didn't need to list a details description on myself..

there are many females who lack the essences of being a woman..

hehhe loving the fact that you can associate every other post I write with a song! you're so my own personal dj from now on ;)


Meticulous said...

-Falling in love with the soulmate has ruined me and broke me to pieces, yet I cannot live without him.

Yes you can.

S E 7 E N said...

FM .... am sorry ...... but he is a dumb ass all the things u wrote about him ... oo ohwa mo imqader

btw is ihe a FOOTBALL player by any chance ???

ZaMaHReeR said...

its only me fourme.. because i have special powers!!
u cant compare everyone else with me.. its not fair to them.. ra7 yt7b6oon chethe! :|

PaLoMiNo said...

Cutaaaa :***

Oranjina fadidra said...

its like omg :O this post is like my twin except the pessimist part.. place optimism!!

on another note, "I am a woman, I am feminine but with a twist" haha explain ya3ni who said you were a BOY!!?

Âme said...


~ Soul

desertpalms said...

=D FourMe...unique and incomparable

FourMe said...

Unfortunately No I can't..

Yes he is a dumb ass but only I get to call him that!

ya his name is Freddie Ljungberg..

hahah special powers! I dont know why I have an image of Powerpuff Girls in my head :P true true the ZON is special ;)


Oran Fad:
sup twiny ;) I'll explain some other time in some other post..

and a (: to you to..

aww am blushin :*

Cooookies said...

hehe very interesting indeed ..allah ewafgech wetamim 3alaich u deserve the best;*

Soul said...

I can't forget eaither, and the fucking soulmate fucked up my fucking world..

p.s I love u o 7almana feech!!

I'll tell u later.