Sunday, 31 August 2008


  • I am extremely bored.. Even though most of the day is spent with mum, aunts, and people coming over yet I can't get over this boredom. Went to one of my girlfriends Graish (Pre-Ramadan get together/party) 2 days ago and the music was being blasted and the gals were goin nuts and I was still sitting there bored..
  • I still don't know how to manoeuvre an abbaya.. Went to Bait Ezakat today and held my abbaya from the left side as if I'm holding a Vera Wang dress :/
  • Haven't dyed my grays since end of April or so, can't even remember when.. Everyone sees me yells at me to dye them because they have reached a pathetic stage, about 4 or 5 cm of my roots are gray and they're every where :( I think I will colour them soon because I just look pathetic.. forgot to mention I'm used to dying them once a month and even that is a long period to leave them exposed..
  • I cannot handle traffic jams! I used to be able to stay in a jam for ages and not complain and today I was about to crash oh say about 5 or 6 times.. At one point I felt I was playing bumper cars not on an actual road! and that's when it hit me I have lost my patience with everything..
  • My depression is progressing to a miserable stage and its getting worse with pmdd.. I keep on snapping, snapping, and snapping.. I cannot tolerate nor handle my own self let alone others..
  • My bestfriend who is like a brother if not more was trying to convince me to get out of this state that I've put myself in and convince me that its "his" loss not mine. He said something which struck a cord "FourMe entay eth'haba bs mo 3arfa gadir nafsich" (in translation you're gold or one of a kind and you do not know what you are worth!! .. K.D. screw this I ain't gonna translate every arabic/english word I write, go learn the language man)..
  • I know you are here and this is what's making it worse.. I can't wait to leave the country again and be away from anywhere that you're in.. But you know what, what goes around comes around I just hope one day you end up with someone that has given her heart and soul to someone else and she will be with you yet her soul is with someone else.. That is the justice that I want and for the pain you have put me through I guarantee you it will happen.. and only when that day comes around I shall be truly happy..


Hasan.B said...

"FourMe entay eth'haba bs mo 3arfa gadir nafsich"

9a7 elsana

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

lel2asaf kuwait tends to have that effect on people :(

i hope you feel better soon honey...tra wallah its not worth it losing some perfectly good days over nothing :(

oo mbarak 3laich elshahr 7beeby :)

ZaMaHReeR said...

embarak 3alaich il shahar..
oo screw everything.. life doesnt worth it!

FourMe said...

thank you dear.. embarak 3alaik eshahar..

I know.. 3alaina w 3alaich 7abooba :*

3alaina w 3alaik out of all people know that is easy said but impossible to do..

Vixen said...

sweetheart,, hope you get what you asked for in the last paragraph.

traffic jams suck, no one likes them. don't be harsh on urself.

I second Hasan. B.

Delicately Realistic said...


Feel better

Feel better

Feel better

Feel better

Feel better

Feel better

Feel better


Anonymous said...

hehe ya5te 3ala D.R ;*

K.D said...

but i do understand arabic :( .. i swear i do.. well most of the time i do!
*looking at his broken finger*

all i can say that.. it takes a very strong person to bounce back.. and there are only few of those!

if you need any help.. of any kind.. by all means get it!
and whoever you feel can help.. ask for it!

what your friend said.. has been said before to a lot of people.. but then again only few passed that before it's too late!

FourMe said...

hope so.. No especially today it was hell 40 minutes to just pass a roundabout!

inshalla :**

You are comment number 7! shame on you!!

I know you but you need to learn the Arabic in English lang cuz this is exhausting and you're not nice enough to me!

I do not ask for help nor seek it.. I am a moron who believes she can fix herself by herself without the help of others.. Yes I am arrogant and the thought of showing people my weakness kills me.. No worries sooner or later I shall pass this stage just dunno how long its gona take.. Going on 10 months and I'm still standing.. might sound a bit weak but give me credit I am a tough cookie..

K.D said...

but you are nice to me :(
i'll survive don't worry! :D

yea!.. i noticed!!
that's why i said get help.. don't let my looks fool ya.. i'm smarter than i look.. trust me! :p

i really hope the best for you.. but you have to know.. that the only reason you are in this stage is because you think you don't need anybody..
and you will NOT pass it.. until you realize that you DO need some people in your life.. just like everybody else in this planet..

know it.. live it.. love it!!

:::ShoSho::: said...

I hope you feel better soon..

As for 3baya lol trust me mee too I don't know how to wear it i look like Iraniya in it looooool!

..::Amu::.. said...

aww its the effect of heat and ramadan ;p

ZaMaHReeR said...

i know, i know.. but sometimes its good to lie on ourselves to make us believe in these things, and by the way time doesn't heal :@
bs inshallah u feel better..
do u want to go for a brain wash with me, we choose a period in our lives that we want to erase, it may work :P

Âme said...

Sigh !

~ Soul

Silver said...

ur friend is smart:)
And Im praying exactly wat ur praying for! I wanna live to see the day where fourme has finally baridat galbha!


N. said...

* You should dye your hair Silver, that way grey or no grey it looks good =p

You know thats the real test; patience, and even more patience.. thats how you're going to be able to manage to get by around here, and el sara7a mako shay yeswa el wa7ed yez3al too much 3aleh, el za3al fine, depression is ok, but for too long? mako shay yeswa, give yourself a break and take life with a pinch of salt (i'm not sure if thats the right phrase..)

Big Pearls said...

I believe you got the Kuwait syndrome:p

Soul said...

ma chethab ur friend wallah! bas entay om raaas ma tesmi3een el 7achi.. 434

entay mal 3abayya!!! entay maaal mantoooo o ham mat3arfeen tamsheen hahahahahaha :*

Anonymous said...

LOOOL soul chenech khatheetay 3ala 434 :P loool

FourMe shasawe sakarteha 3alay men kel soob :P lazem ared 3ala my old ways :P o kinda sa3ba while ur private :P .. bs i'll manage

al7een ared 7ag sabeq majde :P

Eulalia said...

Fourme! Lay mita ya m3awda???? Bas 5alaaaa9! YOOOOZAAAY!! Yala ya mama! Fourme ili n3arifha stronger min chithi. Dont let it affect your life i7na ma nta7amal nshoofich chithi! anyway mbarak 3alaich il shahar. IFFFF madri laish mitnarfiza! zain chithi fourme?!