Sunday, 14 September 2008

Umm Which Way?!

S0 which way is it gonna be?! I don't know and I have no idea.. all I know that life is very very unexpected and it has changed with the blink of an eye.. Would love to say it changed for the better but I still don't know but hoping so.. If there is ever a time where I shouldn't put my hopes up it should be now.. I don't want reality to smack me across the face yet again.. Been a bit occupied lately and will be for a while to come.. Will try to steal time away to pay attention to you my lovelies and wonder around in your territories.. I'm not away or anything no I'm around but won't be as active..

*Happy Birthday to you :** and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU :******** Forgive me for not being the 1st to wish you it but you'll forgive me when you know the reason :) I hope you have a fabulous FABULOUS day, year, and endless years to come and may all your wishes and dreams become a reality :* one for you :* and one for you :*

**Anonymous M. good to see you're back was getting worried about you :*

*** Live.. Love.. And let life take its course..

p.s. Everyone play nice with my little Anony while I'm busy and if I hear anyone one has pissed her off I'll hunt you down and rip you to pieces and shove my foot up where the sun does not shine!


Anonymous said...

shesalfa shene lema7t while ur busy :P

wait agra :P

Anonymous said...

haw shsayer shesalfaa :|

Thaaaank ;***** ba3aad 6ewayef ahali kilhom entay;*

eeee eee Kafkheehom kafkheeehom :P lol

P.S: et3arfeen eni maghasalt wayhe ? :P

falantan said...

Mbarak 3alaich ilbage min eshahar o thanks for the invite ^^

Silver said...

bismila! tawich sweet...faj2a glabtay 3alaina 3shan anony..!


i7na al7en bilshahr ilfatheeeel fa ana ra7 asam7ich..wila chan ha..marda'3tich!(?):P

o yalla dont tyt!


Anonymous said...

looool silver shino me7tara :P

ma7ad galech lo emgarge3a besmee chan al7een em7asla shay ;P lol

Ruby Woo said...


f7ee7eely said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaah it feels good to be home agaiiiiiiiiiiin:)

I would suggest taking a peak every now n then into reality so that you'd know whats going to hit you and prep yourself for it...

Soul said...

b3eeeed 3annak! 7ayaaaati 3azaaaaaaaaab ;pPp

Big Pearls said...

I am jelous!

Cooookies said...

happy birthday to "anon" ?! i think ;/

life would be much better in dream land ?! u think :p

Things happens for a reason .. changes r included i guess ..theyre a new start to something.. except them n deal with them in ur own way n DONT u ever let anything put u down.. lifes too short for that ;)

Hope things turn out to be GREAT;p