Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Stuff iT!

Ok this is getting out of hand and must stop! The latest thing I found in my bra was an Atm card :/ Yes people I'm a 'Stuffer' if there is such a term. When ever at home I usually wear things without pockets either pj's or jogging bottoms, for some weird reason I never have pockets. I never carry things in my hand because I tend to place them anywhere and forget sO what does FourMe result to? I stuff it in my bra and as if there is enough space to stuff things! What ever it is I'll stuff it :/ Mobiles, rings, money, tissues, coins, tv remotes, msba7 (rosemary), keys, shaba9at (hair clips), medicine, and the latest atm card. You name it and at one point it has been in my bra. Ohh but of course being a hygienic freak anything I stuff in there I wrap it with a tissue. Mother keeps on screaming at me for putting my phone in the bra says la sma7 alah it will cause cancer one day. I think watching all those black and white Egyptian movies has influenced the stuffing.

Once I've stuffed a semi-precious stone ring in the bra and forgot about it all day till I was about to shower, when taking off the bra the ring fell down the drain :/ So you see I stuff it for safe keeping and end up forgetting about them and losing them. I've been doing it for years and years but after the atm incident today I think enough is enough No More STUFFING!

Say NO to stuffing! Emm by the way are any of you gals stuffers or is it just me?!


Hasan.B said...


Anonymous said...

heheeh latkhaaf it was by choice mo sha6ara menek :P

after all you need to prove ur manhood lool

e7em asfa .. bs eb galbi had to say it :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i believe if you happen to visit egypt youll find lots of people who stuff things in their bra
ofcorse theyre usually raga9at and its usually money being stuffed, but still, youll have company ;Pp

zwena said...

yummmaaaaaaaaa may3wer ??

o b3deen mafe mokaan ya3ni flos 3ade tet3afas bs ring ? dwa ?

FourMe said...

kilaaa minik now an0ny is angry at me!

I swear I didn't tell him! he beat you fair and square :/

hahhaha yes I know its a ragasa thing but that's why I said it is the fault of all those movies I've watched :/

emmm no.. see there is a technique to it :p usually you pick one side I prefer left and scoot the boob to the side and stuff what ever it is in the bottom left of the bra and voilà a pocket has been created :D

usually panadols or vitamins, trust me I've found many weird things stuffed in there :/

Eschew Obfuscation said...


First, I hope that isnt a pic of your actual bra with a phone, an atm card, and a hersheys chocolate bar!

Second, WHAT THE HELL!! ... I can understand women stuffing their bras with tissues (tissue-mediated breast augmentation), money, papers..etc. Anything flat or practically not solid. But a TV REMOTE?!?! I cant even imagine that! And thats actually bad!

Dont get me started on the rings, coins, and mobiles :r ...

Why in the world would you have an atm card in there? Wouldn't be embarrassing when you want to pay for something and have to pull it out of your bra? (Im trying SO hard to avoid the words cleavage, and boobies!)

ZaMaHReeR said...

well, i have to say it.. estatha fourme .. u are a one of a kind :P


FourMe said...

LOL no that's not my bra! and to clarify things I only stuff when I'm at home. I wanted to give my aunt the atm card so I stuffed it and couple of hours later remembered it was there and gave it to her :/

I dunnooo I'd be switchin channels and decide I want something from the kitchen so I go to the kitchen with the remote in my hand and not having a place to put the remote I stuff it you know I wouldn't wana make trips back and forth to the kitchen!

heheh I dunnoooooo! I'm FourMe I'm weird :/

Soul said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL ok I stuff floooos o papers BAS!!! ma we9alt lel rings wel ATMs!

o in high school I used to hide my mobile bel bra.. bas ;p

Hasan.B said...

Inzain bala il mobile was on vibrating mode? Wont the boobs shake in front of people?!

Silver said...

loooool aham shay maku space:P ana i cud fit an entire baby in my bra:P waaay lama 6a7 the ring ma 6a7 galbich wiya?? law ana mukanich chan i cried for days:/

Um Mit3ib said...

wela ya6ree 3alaaayyyyyyy a7e6 shay ehnak !

desertpalms said...


i wana know how does the atm card not slip down and fall ya3ni?

i yourself trousers with pockets, woman!=P

FourMe said...

woman an hour after writing this post I found tissues in there :/ mako fayda bo 6bai3 mayghayr 6ab3a..

you men are so predictable! I so knew one of the dudes would ask this question.. 1. I don't stuff in front of people I don't know, just aunties. 2. it just tickles it doesn't jiggle..

loooooool are we talking about double alphabets here :p eslfa mo chethy esalfa ena matroosa mako mokaan :p Ehhh what to do I just stood there screaming at it to come back! hehe I really did :/

hmMmm I didn't get that :/

lol you secure it in :p hehehe not my fault that they create jogging bottoms and pj's with no pockets!

Eulalia said...

I dont have the cleavage to stuff anything :/ the biggest thing i can stuff are tissues to...oh you know why!!!

Delicately Realistic said...

LOL my cousin is hehehehehe

jesterat314 said...

Now i completely understand the 'going private' thing!!``

Meticulous said...

lool i do it too!! bes only when i go jogging!! :P

sourire said...

e7m...tissues....cotton balls......................yes yes:$

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

3endena o 3endech khair ..

note paper ;p

once i found 20 kd .. i was like wanasa men wain yaw hathol ;p
and about the egyptian movies .. totally agree ;p

eshda3wa said...


i cant stuff anything in my braa

a7es madre!

bes intay STOP

shoosha said...

i dont actually place stuff there bas some seem to fall there like banak/7ab/popcorn ;p

baaas allah ehadaach kilshay ib 9oob oo il remote! WAIN EKAFI!

FourMe said...

hehe no I carry tissues because I always spill things :/

yaay a fellow stuffer..
confess Dr you're the stuffer :p

hahaha no that's not the reason.. I've posted worse stuff than this..

lol okay..

hehehhehehe cotton balls!!

lol true true I tend to find money there too :p

yakhtich 3ogob el atm I think I should stop this habit :/

I go insane when food falls in ewww.. it fits it fits no worries :p well half of it fits..

Cooookies said...


plastic said...

me too lol

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooooL you are one weird lady, yet interesting!

A Journal Entry said...

ok i can understand the stuffing money.. but how can u stuff a remote control?! it too huge to be stuffed there!

Ruby Woo said...

lol I stuff things when I go out jogging and they're Mostly money, mobile, keys (which hurt by the way) and before I had that iPod arm holder thingy, I used to stuff it in there too.

crazed said...

When I go jogging in my pocket-less basketball shorts, the need to stuff my ipod, mobile, wallet, and car keys down my boxers arises but never happens (yet).

Though it would be nice to have portable pockets which are ever so useful as you pointed out.


FourMe said...


I knew it lol! welcome to the Stuffers club..

Emmm hehe adri :p

nothing too huge all fits and if it doesn't fit I'll make it fit..

yaaaaay a fellow stuffer.. I've stuffed an ipod once wasn't mine though :p

lol give it a try next time you're out jogging..

Ms. D said...


Amethyst said...

I do not stuff!