Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Pissy Mood

Ukhh I hate myself when I'm annoyed and angry.. I don't hate the situation or hate anyone I just hate myself because I'm annoyed! I hate the feeling of being upset. But I just can't take it out, I don't want to scream or yell or do anything, I just feel like holding anything and smashing it to million pieces.. I don't know how to express my anger any more. A while back when I get angry I yell, yell, and yell and scream like there is no tomorrow till I feel better but now I can't even do that..

By the way who ever said talking problems out is a dumb moron! Best way to solve problems is by letting your anger out and then calming the fuck down.. Screw being rational, to hell with having a brain, and what fucking ever..


Anonymous said...


zwena said...

i agree fe hathe

what fucking ever

Anonymous said...

la elaha ela allah

allahoma 6awelek ya rooo7

Hasan.B said...

Any updates on your grade?

falantan said...

*wears his kevlar armor*
I respectfully disagree.
*prepares for impact*

I found out the hard way that I should catch myself as I'm getting angry and forcefully STOP myself from getting angry. how? by trying to look at the matter from different angles and put myself in the other person's shoes.. and so on. empathy.

I don't always succeed, but, when I fail and I do get angry and injure someone's feelings, and I start empathizing AFTER, then I feel like crap.

Big Pearls said...

let it all out dear

FourMe said...



Nothing yet.. at all :/

hehe I could not disagree more and you did good by wearing the armor :p

That requires one to be able to control themselves and I for one have zero control over my anger.. that's the down side of anger is that someone always ending up hurt..

wala dear I wish I can but no can do :/

crazed said...

Take it out on me....

more than usual :P

Squirreliya said...

6al3i 7aretich 7ubbi w latkhaleen shay eb galbich ;p

Ducati lover said...

well i found a better way ....
riding A bike or driving a car sooooo fast to get everything out
try it ..... it might help :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i hope you feel better soon hun ;**

Anonymous said...

hello my dearest friend;* sory iv bn away for long time but life can keep you very busy you cant even scratch ur head! am stil busy inshalla ya rb a'7ali9 min kil shaye soon!! and you knw what you really really made my day;** you mentioned me in ur last post:D thnxx alot;*** .. and hun yeah screeeaaaaaaammmmmm let it alll out am so like u talking ur probs ovr wdnt help unless u scream 1st and let the anger out the u can talk ur prob out dnt ever hold anger inside u cz eventually u'l explode and blv me u dnt wnt that! hope every thing goes well hun;** and big hug for u;* i really missed you!

eshda3wa said...

do u kick box

gra way to drain all that anger out

Amethyst said...


FourMe said...

are you volunteering to be my punching bag :p

hehehe will doooo la t7ateen..


thank you dear :*

anonymous MMMMMMMMM:
hello deary! whats up you've been missed :* I know life tends to take us over inshala alah ysahil o you'll have time for me :p I kid you.. wala dear ma3arf a9ik 7alji i must scream bs hal youmain madri shfeeny am keeping it bottled up o worried that I'll burst one day..

nop bs I think I should..