Tuesday, 2 September 2008

It's Raining Men!

Talk about a blast from the past! 3 Ex's in 1 week!! What is it time to love FourMe all over again or what?! btw all the ones mentioned below were all long term relationships lasting from a 2 to 3 and half years..
  • 1st- Was last week when I got a msg from one saying how he never forgot me! told him don't wanna hear from him ever again seeing he was insane and drove me insane.. Obviously he does not comprehend what I say so yesterday sends me another msg for ramadan.
  • 2nd- Two days ago another Ex just arrived in the country and the first thing he did was call to say his hello's.. that's fine cuz we're on good terms even though we broke up years ago..
  • 3rd- Was TOTALLY unexpected! I got a sms from a weird number.. turns out to be from my first/baby love from 10 years ago!!!!!! The last time I spoke to him was 6 years ago so really I do not know how I crossed his mind especially that he just got married 2 months ago!! He says he just wanted to check on me because he never forgot me and I was someone special that can't be forgotten!! anyhows it was nice hearing from him but the second I heard he got married I cut the sms convo short..
What's this sudden FourMe appreciation going around!?!?!! What's funny is I'm remembered by all the ones that don't matter yet the only one that matters seems to have forgotten that I exist..

Off the topic..

**I am officially a TV Guide I have watched half of all episodes aired today on all the Arabic channels.. and watched half because I keep on flipping through to find the good ones.. So far green light on-
1. 3yoon 3alya on Mbc-
2. Yosra's episode on Dubai-
3. Turkish episode on Abu Dhabi (haven't watched it but wanna see it)-
4. Futha bla bla blaaa long name for an episode if you ask me, on KTV
Ohh first 3 episodes are all airing at 12 am!! Dunno how am gona watch them but I will!!

**I have drank 2 and half litres of water and half litre of tea and 4 glasses of Vimto :/I have been fasting for over a week now and it doesn't feel like Ramadan yet but I felt the need to drown myself today :/

**Before ftoor asked my cousin where did she reach in the Quran cuz I wanted to show off that I just finished 10 pages. To my shock with all coolness she replies that she's almost on part5!!! Mashala 3alaiha tabark era7man.. that annoyed me so went to boast to mother but as well she had finished Sorat Elbaqara 2 and bit parts or so! ham mashala but give me a break it was just 5pm!!! So I finished 1 and half part of the Quran today (30pages) in hopes to catch up with them seeing every year cousin and I have this thing where every day we try to beat each other.. I shall beat her this year before the dawn of eid inshalla


Soul said...

ana awaaaaaaaal :p

bas 3shan a5areb amjaad Anony ^_-

now lemme read

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

looool @ exes!!
wallah ma yendara!
bs its nice that youre on good terms with them :)

Soul said...

1-et9adgeen ana anqeher lama someone nesait ahal omma eydeg!!! ana still to9alni arqam `3areeba bas ma ared! o mabi a`3ayyer my number 9arla sneen 3endi!
lool hathail bel mawasem ye6lo3oon ;p

2- 7addech tv guide!!! dawreeli abla noora ay sa3a o ay channel plz ;p

3- ana wa9la 9af7a 76 7arra ;p ya3ni 5ala9t el bagar o AL-3omran!<-- ashkara badya gabel ramadan eb 2 days ;p

Um Mit3ib said...

ana abe a6aye7 il baly:P
abe edazdezly msgat w 7ub w gharam;p

hal kayf;p ?

khal yathkerny:P

FourMe said...

Anony is No good anymore.. gamat etkhora..

Ya thats my problem I've had my number for over ten years and I can't change it I'm too attached to it :/

you already found it :p 9 pm Edaya her other episode on Dubai yemkin .. wala nesait mn kethirhom :/

NOOOOO that's cheating! Must start today first day ONLY! na9abaaaaaa..

well not really :/ 1st was on good terms with him but then he went insane and we went on bad terms, and the 3rd we kinda aren't on good terms thats what shocked me aswell!! even though I always try to keep things on good terms..

hehehe you need some private lessons at FourMe International School of Wooing Men :p

Big Pearls said...

you will be our Ramadan TV guide..yallah let us know what to watch:p

A Journal Entry said...

u remember ur post min zimaan illy i told u feeh eena i wanna a5tim il qur2an gabil ermuthan oo enny kint half way through it??

well i'm in il juz2 il 25 =(
so i wanna finish it this week max and start a new 5atmah..

Squirreliya said...

elthaher rmthan ythakerhum feech :p bil nisba 7eg el 3rd ex > "ma t3aref gdairy ela lama tjarrib ghairy" shay chithy as u said gabil chem post ;p

i didn't like futha's bla bla episode, Allah ysami7ha so3ad 3abdallah killish mo layeg 3alaiha eldour w 7assait'hum wayid mistikhifeen eb 3goolna w 7adhum mbalgheen!

aaaaaaaaaand u beat me ..i didn't start reading Qur'an ;/ bs i will start sooN ;D

Âme said...

Are there any sports fans here ?


~ Soul

..::Amu::.. said...

Blind Me...and you were just talking about flowers ;p there u go :D

Hasan.B said...

Skipping pages to catch up does not count;)

Anonymous said...

:| :| :|

shion salfetech :@ tan6ereeni anam 3ashan you post :@ !!! mayseeer ghesh ghesh :\

soul sh'hal na7asa w7na bermthan .. sawee khair :P

Anonymous said...

o ba3ddeeen ana a7sa menech :@ 3ala el aqal i comment :@

Delicately Realistic said...

I guess thats God's way of telling u that its only a matter of time, sooner or later he'll be back....and u may not necessarily want him to be back....AND that which u loved and wanted once upon a time aint so great when a little time has passed.

Delicately Realistic said...

Oh and im a TV guide myself...i have reminders on my phone...yes im that bad....la o ilmshkila...just 2days ago i was sayinh "t9adgon i dont feel like watching anything this year"

shoosha said...

weeee tabeen u feel alot better? ;p

ana i read 0 pages so far ;p elyoum inshalla abdy

DR shrayech i give u my number and u sms me kil ma fee mosalsal ;p cause i suck ib remembering

plz :$

Silver said...

malat 3ala the married ex! ma tithakarich ila after he got married?? hmph!

Ana on team fourme for the Quran competition;p

Vixen said...

Married and missing you?


i still didnt start reading :$!

FourMe said...

heheh you must watch 3yoon 3alya.. and I recommend Bait Jedy on Alrai.

ya I do.. noo now start new khatma for rmthan and your old one finish it after rmthan.. in this month each letter read is ten times worth more than the regular days 7aram la y6oofich elajir..

I have a pending khatma for my grandmother which I'm reading during regular days bs for rmthan started new one.. inshalla I'll finish it..

shdaraani! no the post last week was about the 1st one the.. the 3rd one mn zemaaaan ey3arf gadry :p

Ya mummy made the same point, she says she's too old for that part..

Start ASAP!

Now that's interesting! I bet that side of your brain is collecting cob webs :p

hehhehe those were more like shocks not flowers :/

FourMe said...

LOL not everyone is like you bo 3alwa..

you're slipping baby..

true.. hehe la you're worse than me :p I said the same thing and look at me now :/ agoolich mo e6ofich Bait Jedy tara wayed 7ilwa!

you better have started! shda3wa etraqmeen DR ashkara la w 3indy w ma traqmeeni! afa makansh el3asham ya shoosha!

lol sheftay eshloon!!
Think from 15 rmthan I'll start a competition to see who finishes first..

You can say that again! START already woman!

Um Mit3ib said...

ee wala a7taj wooing lessons ;p
ayeeb rasa ya3ne ayeeba;p
(LOOOL I sound like those gurls ele e6ay7on guys for their money ;p)