Saturday, 20 September 2008

Ice Baby! Ice!!

If this was real would you use it?

$75,000 for a Swarovski encrusted toilet!!
If one is going to cough up that amount they should contemplate whether they want a blingy bling ring on their fingers or a blingy bling under their arse!

Colours to match your summer wardrobe..

Enough said..
I shall leave the commenting to you..


Anonymous said...

ya7elo el mara7eeth ;P

Anonymous said...

yumaaaaaaaaa! akhaf alzeg 3ala el ice :S

laa laa .. ana abi el orange :D

shakla too nice to pee in it :\

lol :P

MR. Chow said...


thats so cool

sitting on the diamonds oo reading ARCHIE

abe 4

aTooNa said...

lol! the thought of using them disgusts me ;/
well to be fair, the 1st one would be quite handy eb 3ezz shams LeQ8 ;p

:::ShoSho::: said...

Fisag zayed!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

"ya shamatet abla zaza feya"

PaLoMiNo said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay sexy 7adhom!!!!
hhehehehehe abeehom all ;p

Big Pearls said...

nice to watch..not to use!

Hasan.B said...

Now, thats complete ugliness

FourMe said...

hehe its good enough to look at bss..

mr. chow:
what a lovely image :p

hahah wain useful! it would melt big time :p



get your check book ready and cough up 100k!


eshfahimik bil art :p

Amethyst said...

I want a purple one!

desertpalms said...

the blue one looks pretty cool actually hehe

and its ICEEE..ICEEEE BABAYY!! nt ice baby ice =P hehehe

Silver said...

ilnas floos'hum zayda they just dont know wat to do with themselves let alone thr money.

how about feeding the ungry ha??! how about that???!

Squirreliya said...

etha hatha their toilet.. how is their room?

K.D said...

ummm.. well.. there will be times when i don't really give a shi*
no hold on!.. let me rephrase that.. when i just don't care!!

the key is the good choice of words! :p

well.. again.. it doesn't matter to me.. as long as it's not the ol' arabic-alcatraz style!

and no!.. i won't pay that much for a toilet seat!
it's a toilet seat.. i think i don't need a reason to anythin has to do with toilet seats!

Soul said...

@@ no I wouldn't use it! ebroo7i 24/7 bardanaaaa! 7ata bel 7ammam :/

Eulalia said...

olalalaaaah! it makes me wanna crap in style!

eshda3wa said...

why would i want the place i crap to bling
its not like its gna make it more enjoyable

Silver said...

7ajiya...inta ya u post 10 thousand posts in a week...wila 3 posts in 2 weeks! yala! i want moooorrreeee!!

Vixen said...

what if your a** gets stuck on it!

Delicately Realistic said...

EEEEE flos zayda o nas mayta min ilyo2.
Astagfor Allah.

Cooookies said...

hmm wouldnt they actually end up having their a**** stuck on it ?!

n that swarovski toilet ? common hailegee ! ya 7ilohum yitlam3oon while their literally working on their shit !:P

Oranjina fadidra said...

oh.. (doing ur work) with style

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

shno hal tefegeg !!
esta5afaw el bashar walla ;Pp

Ruby Woo said...

Mabi asawi shay feehom min 7alat`hom!

Um Mit3ib said...

fashla asawy feee ayshay!

asawer ma3a w amshy ib karamty;p

we dont poop on 75 alf $ :p