Thursday, 11 September 2008


++ I've noticed that when I'm here I'm unable to write coherent posts.

++I'm in a pissy mood..

++ I hate driving. I drove for a while today and had the worse back and knee pain. The second I drive I get back pains... I swear I'm pushing on my sixties already :/

++ The second it said Alah w akbar I got a toothache.. didn't get the pain since I was there.. why why now when I can't take painkiller :(

++ I'm fed up of deja vu's! Half of my day consists of me having deja vu's and knowing what people are about to do and say.. Its getting annoying.

++ My phone doesn't ring any more.. its always quiet.. must make it ring again..

++ I can't sleep even though I'm dead tired..

++ I really really wanna chop my hair off Not trim no CHOP.. from long to Short.. but I like my hair :/ it might be a mood swing but its been a while that I wanna chop it off.. I look even younger with short hair..

++ I'm not liking the fact that I don't look my age..

++ I'm trying not to curse this month so its kinda difficult and frustrating at the same time.. resulting to biting my lip and mumbling alot.. I only curse in English i wish I knew another language so I can curse in it and it won't count as cursing because no one around me understands it.

++ What the hell am I saying?! Whatever I'm off.. Oh Good Morning to those of you who will read this crap in the morning.. Good afternoon to those who will read it during the noons.. and Where the fuck have you been all day to those who will read it at night.. Ok ok Good evening to you to..

++++ FourMe Over & Out..


Soul said...


Soul said...

wee ana awal wa7da!!

3asa ma nenzaf :S

I'll teach u a word to curse with.. bel Almani..
bas not now 3ogb el f6oor! o mo hnee! mabi asheel thanb 35 person lol

FourMe said...

mn na7yat btnzafain 7adich btnzafain.. looooooooooool ok .. I know how to curse in Romanian :p

FourMe said...

Now I remember why I can't sleep! I had a cup of coffee at 12 am :/ Stupid idiot FourMe such a dumbo *smacks herself across the head*

Um Mit3ib said...

i want to shoot someone;p

Soul said...

bel Romanian! 3almeeneeeeeeee!!! tekfain feee wa7daaa Romaniyaaaa qathatni abi asebhaaaaaaaaaa! wara el fo6oor offline msg plz


desertpalms said...

Afternoon love =D. . .hope your sleeping off the tiredness by now

Eschew Obfuscation said...

FourMe, I worry about you sometimes. I think you're aging prematurely. Scratch that. I think you're already 60 :r ... Whats with all the pains? Min awal ma 3araftich, you always have back pains, toothaches, migraines, depression, weird bra-stuffing habits, and a hint of Tourette's!

O ba3dain a curse is a curse, regardless of what language u use, or if anybody heard it :r .. Sorry to burst your bubble. Might I suggest a stress ball? I can give you mine. I think its somewhere near the table i angrily broke! *ironic*

Hey! Dont insult Dumbo :r .. He's my favorite flying baby elephant! And dont smack yourself across the head! Thats why you have friends *smacks FourMe over the head and watches as gravity pulls her toward the wall*

Hmmm .../me is thinking to himself "should I do it? should I do it? Ah what the hell, ill do it" ... Brits suck! ;p ... There! That ought to take your mind off the pain and focus your energies at insulting me back ;p

Amethyst said...

Uuuhhhmmm.. Hug?

Ruby Woo said...

These might work:

- vafanculo bastardo (Italian)
- yaram yela (not sure what)
- scirem siney (Turkish lol taba3 noor o mohanad)
- shnouzenvantlouge (German, it only works for males though)
- Poutin (French, you pronounce it poutan)

lol I learned them from camp!

Âme said...


~ Soul

Oranjina fadidra said...
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Oranjina fadidra said...

I want to pee on someone then gag them with chopsticks.. dont ask how :p

note on the side, I'll call u in a minute u phone won't be silent for long

A Journal Entry said...

me tooooooooooooo i hate it that i look younger than my age! oo i used to have long hair oo i just chopped it to right below my chin.. pp, say now i look like a teenager in highschool =(
i want my hair back!

Zabo0o6a said...

- well i have knees and back pains :( , i just drive too much.
Basically working as a driver since my motion sickness getting so rediculous that i can't sit in the passenger's seat .
- chopping my hair ! i thought about this alot bs no way on earth i would do that . first : my hair is my best feature so i'd look yuck ! second i have wide shoulders so don't think i can pull it !