Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Suffocate Me Why Don't You!!

  • I am suffocating!! I can't breathe! Honest to God I am suffocating.. I'm finding it really really difficult to breathe with this humidity :/ Ya3ni esh'hal garda the second I step outside I can't breathe :( I wanna go for a dip and tan damn it.. I'm dying to take a dip to the extant I came this close to jumping in the pool in my pj's just to feel the water and run back in the house but then I thought that would officially make me an idiot :/
  • The first time I left the house since I got back was to go to the jam3eya :/ I have this unconditional love for co-op's I can walk around them for hours especially the cleaning detergents aisles *blushing*.. There has to be something wrong with me.. when people come back they go and meet up with friends or go out to where ever and instead I go to jam3iya.. Bless my heart I'm screwed in the head :/
  • My God its so busy with people coming and going every two minutes that I think I've seen all our acquaintances and family friends in less than 24 hours.. and my mother is not even back yet!! God help us when she gets back its gonna be rush hour 4 at home..
  • I still haven't slept like human beings.. My sleep is totally and utterly screwed.. and already I'm bored as hell..
  • My dear dear sweet girl Anonymous aKa Lovely Anony.. You are truly a sweetheart :* thank you my lovely an0ny :**
To Boring Nights...
*raises her tea estkana*


Anonymous said...


zwena said...

sawet second comment gablich :P

wek weeek :P

Anonymous said...

LOOOL 3ashaaaaaaaaaaaaat el estekanaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

7ayooni ya jema3a :P lol

bs sij el ro6oba elyoom !! mo sij! ams makan chethy el jaw ! shaklech gabastay :P

JAM3EYAAAAAAAA <3 ma artha 3aleeha .. 7ata ana a7eb el jam3eya! .. bel3ax lazem awal shay etsaweena etro7een el jam3eyaat cause mako jam3eyat bara nafs jam3eyatna :P

Anonymous said...

yuma menech @@

zwena said...

week weeek weeeeek 1212

jam3eya my love <3

nesmaaaaaat hawa mafe

FourMe said...

Yoooooooo entay ma3aha kerdish w merdish ga3deen tel3boon eb my comment section eshtabooooooon..

ee walaa I love jam3eyaat I'm never gonna grow up I'm gona stay a silly kid forever :/

I know its like breathing in water.. I honestly can't take it.. la w lazim a6laa3 bara laih elbaab awa9il elawadim w akhtnig :/

Soul said...

ya mar7aba ya mar7aba noorech 6afa el kahrabaaa lol

taw ma nawerat kuwait city :***

Anonymous said...

Zwennaaa ta3alaay rekbaay ma3aaay khal enroo7 enshafe6 weya Soul fe qanafa :P

*shhhhhhhh666666* ya3ni ga3da ashafe6 :P bs mo thab6a el sott ;p

Anonymous said...
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zwena said...

yummaaa anony ur adopted mother qashraa maleqa 7ata le3eb matkhalena .. shftay mama soul etkhalena enshafe6

yaya 7aaaaaaad aldosa

*chooooooooooooon* :P

FourMe said...

ya ba3ad chabd chabdy entay :* ela gabast 3ala kuwait city mo nawart :/

Alah yhdaach ga3da eb bara7a mo blog..

ee ana 7achraa ma 3indy shoghol ro7 w ta3aal..

crazed said...

ill comment after i finish my double cheese burger Inshallah so take the time to tidy up, put make up on or w/e.


Zabo0o6a said...

el7mdella 3al salamah:)

FourMe said...

Excuse you!! I don't need make up I'm naturally drop dead gorgeous.. don't you see the men flocking at my feet :p

p.s. FourMe is in one hell of a cheery mood ;)

alah ysalmich 7abooba thank you :)

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...


aham shay el estekana .. cheers :p

7emdella 3asalama ya gaay men esafar

wa7shanan lebtesama weshak wla el amar :p

Anonymous said...

WB;* el fal ly inshalla ;p .. el jam3iya!! walla i'll be ur jam3iya mate i soo miss it 2 !! i'm so like u a7ib atmasha feeha 0o a6amash 3ala el new things .. enjooy q8 while it last hun :)
oh o0 3ala the other post thank god ur busy 0o mafeech shay! wish u well always my friend;)

crazed said...



back sorry I took so long, had to try and finish my apple juice, fix my broken head-phones and wash off the chilli sauce on my thumb.

haha i thought that comment was too close to the fourme angry gauge bas apparently I can push you ... more? (i keed i keeeeeeed : P )

But in regards to your NDDGorgeousness....

MeOW baby oh behave /^_^\

Awal shay the humudity is AMAZING i was at this new italian place and I was like wow this is awesome, it's like rain but madry.

And OOH OOH, as I was exiting, I saw a pack of gurlz, and I DIDNT EVEN GLANCE at them even though according to my posse, they were 'hot', wore 'tight clothes', and looked 'slutty' AKA the three main ingredients to 'DAAAAYUM' ... I did it all for you :shy face:

Anyways, I too love (thought I was going to say you, eh? SORRY) going to jam3iya's especially ones I've never been to before but im suprised you do too since I'm most certain you get harrased by the twelve year old's smoking cigarettes and rolling up their sleeves to show off their bulging muscles.

But then again, your natural aggression + q8tiya agression + being female = WMD

I keeed I keeeeeeeed *testing your boundaries*

Ok talk about women and their mood swings...

One minute you're all like 'OMG I HATE LIFE I CAN'T SLEEP /wrists' then the next you're like 'I LOVE YOU ALL, HERE YOU GO EVERYONE *pops open a box of macintosh choclates stuffing them down everyone's throats... wrappers and all*

Tsk tsk, if only you would stop breaking our routine nightly chat sessions, you would be sleeping like a baby.

Shino ba3ad, yeah what's your favorite jam3iya (so I can stalk you) and your favorite chai (so I can.... ummm lure you?)

I hope I get a response within this lifetime,


XOXO: mwaaa

OH and can I see your thesis or is it still off-limits? I'm in need of reading material, particularly comed... I mean great writing.

Soul said...

zweniiiiiiiiiiii bentiii el emdalilaaaaa :*** sawi elli tabeena ommi emra5e9aaaaa
*etwale3laha* haaaach

crazed said...

hi soul shloonich

Soul said...


who is this?

crazed said...

wa7id miskeen LOL

ouch soul u embarrassed me in front of the whole internet... the WORLD :(

Soul said...

u bring my playstation first then we'll see what happens.. yemken at-thakar enta meno!

crazed said...


materialistic woman!

ana i thought by now you'd be wanting an upgrade like a PS2 or PS3

Soul said...

I don't need an upgrade.. what amuses me is what I need! and that would be PS1.. resident Evil

anything else is zbala.

crazed said...

tarra i think i told u b4 bas I have it, the director's cut ba3ad!

you can download the game on your computer and play it btw.

and they did a remake of it with amazing graphics for the gamecube!

Soul said...

really! u can send me the link u know.. I won't say no!

FourMe said...

Cheers babe ;) eysalmich dear thanx hehe akhjaltom tawtho3na :p

heyaa found me a jam3iya buddie :D even if I'm going to get one thing I end up walking up and down every aisle.. enjoy! enjoy you say :/ the weather is a killer literally..

thank you hun :)

Next time make your comment a bit longer.. its too short man!

ehh you're not even close to the anger mate.. amazing are you blind?! or senseless?? the weather is horrific! you masochistic maniac..

elaborate on the connection between the girls you saw and me I didn't get that part.. forgive my blonde moment..

hahhaha who are we kidding its TOO early for you to love me! I say give it a week and you'll be head over heels over me ;) ohh I like my local jam3iya don't like new ones.. I like my usual ones where I know where everything is.. and you got the children harassment part right seeing they think I'm a toddler as well :/

Do you honestly wanna discuss the female mood swings with me??

Honey I can only be lured by a man's man.. no boy could lure me ;)

A word to the wise.. Don't test my boundaries..cuz once you get on my bad side you'll never see this side of me again.. no joke here.. know where your boundaries are and don't cross them..

p.s. my baby aka thesis is only for my eyes.. she is not to be shared..

seriously one more long ass comment like this and I'll cease all mid-night chit chats with you!

elblog blogich ekthay ra7tic ebooy

crazed said...

ill look for it soul but then i wont be able to meet u ever :sniff: :(

fourme, are u gonna stay up or sleep? so I know whether to write up a witty reply and thus hit the refresh button every few minutes or hit the sack like I should be doing.

crazed said...

here u go soul :(

Anonymous said...

hit the sack 7abebe

FourMe said...

give it all you've got.. lets see what you're capable of..

crazed said...

7abibty, my shoulder is sore I need a massage gabil ma anam.

akeed im not close? akeeeeeeeed?

lol masochistic, the weather was fine, it was refreshing at the very least from the hot dust ridden wind.

blah, there was no connection I was just trying to imbress you.

what do u mean it's too early? ya3ni I'm a kid? ; /

looool what makes you think this would happen.. ever? in a week ba3ad? what could you possibly do to accomplish such a task using text alone haha.

I like how you avoided the favorite jami3ya part, how boring of you.

so they think you're a toddler as... well? who else does besides me ;p

I wouldn't mind if it didn't involve you finding out where I live and fists of fury.

A man's man? So anything that doesn't involve tight shirts, extra hairy legs, pink polo shirts, and holding hands? Check.

I'd never imagine of crossing your boundaries, no sir :)

Pffft I give up bas I hope you do well on it.

and ay shay, the comment was like two in 1 since we didn't talk for two days and long comments are umm... better, no?


Soul said...

stop the long comments.. it's really annoying.. i have a shit headache, my mood is black at the moment STOP!

crazed said...


A hot shower will help wa massage your head gently while in.

Soul said...


not my mood..

I'll play resident Evil and shoot some fuckin zombies.. that would kill the pain.

crazed said...

play it in extreme mode

hold right (or the --> arrow for pc) on the hard option until it turns green.

you get a handgun that headshots a zombie every now and then and less ammo, etc.

Big Pearls said...

oooh you love the jam3eya? our kuwaiti jam3eya's??? I love the jam3eya's abroad!

N. said...

I didn't know you got back.. 7emdellah 3al salamaa yes it was humid, and insanely so..!

A Journal Entry said...

na3eeemaan na3eeeman!
(dad always says na3eeman 7ag illy radeen min il sufar.. don't ask me why! ;P)

Shoush said...

Welcome back! ;*

..::Amu::.. said...

eshda3wa....suicide is 7aram ;p

Delicately Realistic said...

7amdillaaaah 3l selamaaaaaa....o ana ashof ildeeera mnawra....athareeee FourMe w9alat !!


(Secret confession: I Heart ilMakatba)

FourMe said...

ya satir 3alaik w 3ala your long comments.. dude cut it short! mali khilg I read long comments get to the point in max 8 lines not more..

see now I'm not bothered to reply the spark is gone..

Nooo I hate jam3iyat abroad they're so cold and have no character.. I LOVE the ones here.. damn I miss the days of baqalat as well :/

alah ysalmik dear thanx.. thank God its better today.. boghait amoot ams mn eljaw w ta3asta

lol! alah yn3im 3alaich hehe madri shagool..

thanx babe :*

You're in a league of your own aren't ya :p

Alah ysalmich 7abooba.. wain yait w yebt elr6ooba wil araf ma3ay :/ la tg9oon 3alay eb cham kelma e6ayboon kha6ry :p

hehe I like'em too especially back in the days when I use to buy colouring books and stickers heheh damn that was decades ago :/

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home sweet home ;)