Thursday, 28 August 2008

Spill IT!

Commenting is Mandatory!

Ok well I'm bored so lets put my boredom to use and get something out of it. I am a coward yes a coward when it comes to playing truth or dare. I have never played it because
1. I'm insane enough to do the dares.
2. There are some things that are just not meant to be known by everyone :p

So gather around my 36 buggers.. Yes yes even you the one standing in the far corner.. come over..

Now each and every one of you MUST I repeat MUST comment! I am not joking all of you MUST comment!!

All comments are to be under Anonymous. Any comment left under your name shall be removed. You must confess one secret or something that we don't know about you. Stop being scary little cowardy cats now. You boys Man uP and you ladies grow some balls and comment!

I shall go first I guess it falls under the category that you don't know this about me.

FourMe Spill #1
"I've had my belly button pierced from the age of 16. Damn that's 11 years ago :/ At the time it was a big deal because it was unthinkable in this society for a gal to have a body piercing unlike these days where piercings have become as common as ear piercings. That was my first "rebellious" act as a teenager bless my soul I even forged my mother's signature on the consent form because I was under 18 years old."

If the comments are juicy I might even spill a secret ;)

I am expecting 35 comments on this post!! One lady is exempt because she hasn't commented in ages apart from that ALL of you MUST MUST COMMENT!

Let the Spilling commence..


Anonymous said...

I went to study abroad just to be with the one i love. I scarified my life to be with her. And now we are apart, I regret it sometimes, but if i had to choose again i would choose her in the second time.
My parents never knew why i have done that!
I myself doesn't know why!
Now im home, every time i remember her, i try to forget her by smoking, which i used as a way to help me get over her!
my family doesnt know that i smoke either.

were these considered secrets?
if i thought of anything else i would tell you.

Anonymous said...

I was almost raped once but thankfully got away before it was too late and i didnt tell anyone for about two days and then finally i told my mum.

Anonymous said...

- I was molested by my cousin when I was young. He made me touch his "thing" many times while we played house.

I still remember how he used to keep me in dark corners.. and I still feel violated.

I haven't told a soul, not ONE and when I see him (every thursday), I act normal as if I don't remember what happened.

Anonymous said...

for a period of time i had a huge crush on bashar alsha6e and i really really wanted to marry him..

lool i really dont know why and am ashamed to tell ppl :P

thank god am over him now .. bs i was realy serious about him althought i never saw him in real nor had contact with him :P

Anonymous said...

when i was in grade 4 i did #2 on myself !!!


i was so afraid to tell the teacher that i want to go to the wc and i couldnt stop myself!! :\

i waited untill the class ended and went to the wc and stayed there untill the end of the day :P and then left for home :P

Anonymous said...

a man followed me with a gun when i was 10

Anonymous said...

I conned 103,492$ by writing a program which was used at a local bank where i was graduating from,by deducting 1 cent from each transaction that occurs using that program.
Someone figured it out that it was a bug and the amount went into any account in the same bank,which was inactive for 1 year.The money was getting stored collecting annual interest rate.
The accounts was later seized for unauthorized account activity.
It was for fun that time.
I never got caught.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally killed a man in a car accident.. its the first time I talk about it in public..

even my therapist which my mom forced to.. cant get it, i think i lost my soul that day when I ripped his soul with my tires

Âme said...

Check out these videos..

and then watch..

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

i didn't start praying until i was 16, and i used to fake praying infront of other ppl.
mom used to wake me up for al fajr prayer and i would go to the bathroom then straight back to bed, she would pass by afterwards and ask if i did pray and i would say yes

Anonymous said...

2 secrets..

-I tried vodka absolute and also whisky.. Voluntarily

-Ive been with more than 35 guys.. Most of which names i dont even remember!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you know who we are because each comment has our ip address and you can see which has which ?


sometimes i wish that all my family would die so that i could leave the country ..

Anonymous said...

i was 7 and a crazy guy in khairan talked me into touching his thing (w/ sweatpants on) i didn't understand at the time.

i never told this to anyone, when i was 16, i walked in on my parents (ya u guessed it). scarred for life, i tell u.

Anonymous said...

Im very happy with my current bf, its been more than a year of pure bliss. But I dont know why, yesterday I passed by my ex's house and felt so happy to see his car safely tucked in the garage.

I was also molested by my older cousin.

I hate him.

If he dies I really would be happy.

Anonymous said...

- i pierced my eyebrow when i was 16 , some may notice the mark it left now ! but i removed it long time ago under the force of my mother , whenever someone asked me about what happened to my eyebrow i would say i fell and had stitches.

FourMe said...

Ok like seriously WOW! No really WOW!! I don't know what to say really.. Guess I didn't expect you people would open up that much.. Guess we all need to let it out sometime.. Crap we're all screwed some way or the other..

So far 13 Anonymous comments!!! Helloooooo 35!! like where the hell are the rest of you buggers!! COWARDS.. Yes yes I say You're COWARDS cuz I doubt you have worse secrets than the ones that were already revealed.. Yala get your damn act together and show me what you got hidden under your sleeves!! Shock Me..

Why must you break the rules and comment off the topic.. seeing its not a Spill I shall not delete it.. oh and couldn't see them my connection hates me today :(

Anonymous 11:
Let me tell you something dear I FourMe am the equivalent of a blonde bimbo when it comes to technology! I kid you not I do not know crap, I know the Ip is the address or whatever but I don not know where it is found or how would it tell who so and so is. I don't know what pixals, megabytes, kbps etc.. and everything that comes with technology I do not know it! I admit I am a total idiot when it comes to this matter. So as for the comments don't worry I haven't figured who's who and I don't want to figure it out hence my request for all comments to be under anonymous..

Anonymous said...

we had a relationship, and unprotected sex was involved. one of us got pregnant, and we decided to have an abortion without anyone knowing. we killed our own child

shoosha said...

bas 7abait agolich inna im not a coward? :D

plz 3abrely on how proud u are of me

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have an infatuation with you.

Soul said...


Anonymous said...

this's the GOOD stuff!!

cowards!.. really fourme?!
how's that belly button piercing by the way?!
any candy theft secrets you wanna reveal while you are at it?! :D

i don't really have a secret.. i mean.. not the kinda secrets were shared tonight!
which by the way.. some of you should probably turn themselves in! it's never too late!.. my mom always say that! :D

ok.. i was like anonymous 9!
the difference is that i kept doin it til i'm 22
sometimes i would lie bout prayin.. and sometimes i would actually pray but not really prayin!... you know what i mean
the funny thing.. i don't drink.. i don't do girls.. i would turn off music when it's Athan! and fight random strangers on the street if they had music on!!
i would do these things proudly!

it was really bad!..but nothin a car accident couldn't take care of!! :D
a near death experience.. broken ankle.. and i'm set to go!
where is the mosque?! :D

and i never missed a prayer ever since.. :) *awwww!.. don’t you just love happy endings*

Anonymous said...

When i was 14, a random guy would call me in the middle of the night. I would always hang up as i didn't know him, until one day i picked it up and started to talk with him. He made me deflower myself. Being 14 i didn't understand anything about being a virgin etc..

Sometimes i cry myself to sleep because of what happened now that i've understood. I wish i can turn back time. (its the first time in my life I've ever said this to anyone)

Anonymous said...

WTF is happening here??!!

FourMe said...

Anonymous just above this comment:

What's happening is people are letting go of their burdens and from what I've read some are quite heavy ones to bear alone.. sometimes such secrets keep on ripping you into pieces and as silly as this post may seem I think it might made a person or 2 feel a bit better for couple of minutes for knowing that not them alone have such secrets.. I believe they deserve respect for having the guts to spill such secrets..

Anonymous said...

I used to eat flowers hehe ;p

FourMe said...

*gives shoosha a pat on the back* well done you're one of the courageous ones now.. you deserve a new pair of Jimmys :p

don't try to act so innocent while you're the devil himself :p Go comment yala jdamy ahoo..

Soul said...


Anonymous said...

shefte shlon Nu

sij nah

Soul said...

nah men Galb!! :/

Big Pearls said...

Ma a3aref a7e6 comment as anonymous..a7eb akon ana o athbet wejodi..loool:p

Anonymous said...

First of all your post really made me laugh I should really say that I hope you are always happy and smiling :)

I am a Man and I have been molested by my cousin and other men. Back in 80's my cousin came over to our place and in the afternoon when everyone was having a nap he asked me to bend down as he has lollipop in his pocket ;/ I stayed quiet and never said a word to any one!

The other men who molested me as a teenager when I used to go to the sea side to swim. They would come by my side and do crazy things.

Ewww that was the time I just started hating men.

shoosha said...


oo tara Jimmys moo shay hal sina i couldnt find the flats i wanted ib my size anywhere ;p i demand u change the brand

FourMe said...

leave me alone woman I went to sleep in better words I took my migraine med earlier in the night and I crashed..

be nice to me.. you mean lil girl..

youma youma minich w min 3yartich :P you better have left an anonymous spill cuz I'll count all and see if one is missing then that is you and you shall be punished..

FourMe said...

amray tdalelay ana cham shoosha 3indy? you name it, its yours.. OYY!! don't say a word about Jimmy Choo's! you can easily lose your head over it.. never never change it love'em.. ya I know didn't like summer collection that much either :/

Anonymous said...

way babchi i commented under my real name

FourMe said...

If it makes you feel any better you're not the first about 5 or 6 ppl did that mistake.. but don't worry I'm not the type that says a word about peoples secrets I'd die before spilling someone's secret..

Anonymous said...

I was molested by my grandfather when i was 5 until i was 13 yrs old. Now i cant get a massage because im too scared and i dont know how to physically touch anyone without feeling awkward. He stopped when i twisted his wrist and put a knife to his neck and said that i would ruin him if he touched me again or anyone else. I was emotionally dead for 10 years of my life. And the thought of getting married scares the hell out of me. I wanted to go to therapy but my mom said you're perfectly normal you're not crazy oo ba3dain la taf6'7eena 3ind il nas.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has been molested?!?!?!?

What kind of society do we live in?

Anonymous said...

the molested society!

Anonymous said...

hmmm I used to bite my nails!

Anonymous said...

Its sad everyone here is being molested...

Anonymous said...

I once made out with this actor called Jesse Spencer a.k.a Dr.Chase from the show House M.D and I loved loved loved it, how it felt, how it tasted.

Lil asaf I woke up from my dream cranky because I wanted to continue the dream and see what happens, if you know what I mean ;)

Ms. D said...

ya salam sallim!!

Shof 3ainy b3ad! 7emdy rabech ena its my friend wala chan eljowaty le lirkab!

T3azmen shoosha 3ala any shoes she wants bs 3ashan e3tarfat!!

Ma ana ham mi3tarfa! Yala! Show me da shoes :@

Wedy lu u guess whch anon ana o u email me ur guess :p

Bs abeeh! Elkil 7alta kaseefa!!! Kilen molested o 7ala! Allah y7afeth'hom o y7afethna ya raby amen!

Izain.. Am a size 38.. O etha too tight emqalqa9 38.5 :)

shoosha said...

i want a horse :D

Oranjina fadidra said...

if get her a horse u've better give me a pony

Anonymous said...

where do i start
for the first time in a LONG time you had me digging deep down to secrets i buried deep down.

im a good person, who did bad things.

i cant even get myself to write them down here

ill try again later


Ruby Woo said...

hey she gets a horse?

ana abi solitaira 3ayal. Get me my diamond!

shoosha said...

OF oo MS.D min dayes 3ala 6araf 3e93e9kum!!! laish imda7reeni :@

you can get a hadeya next time ;p

shoosha said...

rubywoo: BA3DAIN DOORKUM :@

FOURME!!! shofeeehum!

Oranjina fadidra said...

fourme: did I mention that I love you?

lil shoosha: intay siktay.. chood etyeeb lich horse o ana his twice removed cousin the pony :p

Anonymous said...

i was felt up several times by the cleaner in my school and the man in our bakkala when i was 8. it took me a while to realize they werent helping me fix my stockings :S
i cant symapthize with indian people anymore and wish they all die (sorry for being racist but both of them were indian)

i made out with a guy on several occasions and even let him feel me up when i wasnt even in love with him but because he was in love with me and i didnt wanna break his heart
was caught by security once and nearly caught by the police the other in the backseat of his car

i stopped praying nearly 8 years ago because my mom forced me to at7ajab so i figured she cant make me pray. everytime i try to pray now, i just cant do it, because it takes me back to that god-forsaken day


FourMe said...

Ok so this is getting better.. 25 Anonymous comments out of 35 ehhh not bad! Hey rest of you grow a pair alreadY!!

LOOOL you nutcase shtabeeeeeeeen.. how about I give you 2 my collection of Jimmy Choo's and you share them between you.. you might have a problem with the size :p

No guessing I've got no clue at alllllll :/ but wait wait I bet you're the Anonymous that eats flowers!! hehe confess D I bet you used to sit in the garden w t3alfeen the garden hehehheheh :P Ok I have a feeling I'm gona get beaten up today..

you want whaaaaat? You're asking the chick who has a phobia from animals to give you an animal as a pressie? fine fine I'll buy you a blow up horse from Shanakil..

Oran Fad:
salim galbich wala eshtabeen mama?? Bony! hatha btgzeen fy wila shtsaween fy bthab6? wila 7ag ermthan takhtheen ma3ach elmamsha lol!

Oh bloody hell people! How about some one gives me a DIAMOND for putting me through the traumatic experience of reading those confessions!

FourMe wants a DIAMOND you hear people!! All of you buggers chip in and buy me one from Graff.. That's G. R. A. F. F.

shoosha said...

i want a real horse :'(

you told me a6ob watkhayar!

*itmed boozha oo tez3al*

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

bemma enny 7adddy fetha7t nafsy bl deletes eli foug, im not gonna post my secret now!! :@

maybe later, when i can blend in :Pp

ps: seriously, how can i forget to post my anonymous secret as anonymous THRICE!!

pss: fourme you probably got the comments already hehe so la tafthe7eeny ;)

Delicately Realistic said...

Dandoon ur so cute !!

Anonymous said...

molestation and rape are very common in our society and what makes it even worse that its usually by the people who are supposed to protect us.. i was molested by my uncle when I was around eight years old at my granny's house. he promised me a box of pencil colours which he never gave me, I remember him telling me that its a very normal thing and that all his friends to it to their relatives and he's done it to my other cousin. I told my mom who (thank god) has a mentality that not many women in our society have. she told me it wasn't your fault and no matter how bad it is we can fix it.which he never gave me. this year I found out from my sister that he molested her too that same year, she never told my mom but had to tell me coz he visited her in the hospital and started asking her about my youngest sister alot which made her have nightmares about it. my brother was molested by a distant relative and when my mom called his mom to confront her she told her that your son wouldnt have had anything done to him unless he wanted to! he was a year younger than I am. my father cheated on my mom with a Kuwaiti bitch and spent all his and my moms life savings on her. he opened for her a mercedez and showered her with gifts. after 14 years of marriage and four kids he decided to walk out on us. he divorced my mom and is now married to that same woman. I am not a product of my society and refuse to grow up in the environment that my parents expect me to be in ( live in kuwait, get married have kids, get sucked into the corporation world and just be a clone) my mom came to accept that and fights off anyone who has anything bad to say about it. my dad doesnt know much about me so I dont really think he'd give a flying fuck really as long as it doesnt bring any "shame" to his name which I carry with disgust. my brother on the other hand wants nothing to do with me and will not speak to me. we havent spoken in over four years now or have been in the same country at the same time. I dont drink I dont have sex I pray but yet I smoke everything from normal fags to sheesha to weed and I dont find anything wrong with it as Im only harming myslef and not affecting anyone around me like the assholes who molested half of the ppl who commented her and scarred them for life. or like my dad who thanks to him I have no male figure in my life and dont think Ill ever be able to handle emotions I have towards a guy which I end up fucking a good thing before it even starts. I'm never going back to kuwait to live there as Ive stayed there for five years and relaised its a twisted society where hypocrisy is diguised in democracy and pretty fashion label clothes. dont get me wrong i love Kuwait but as my country and not my home. I once swallowed some pills and hand to get my stomach pumped but I didnt do it to fuckin kill myself it was more of a statement. Im amedical student who's on scholarship and has been independant since I turned 18. the only income i have comes along form the scholarship and i havent payed my rent for this month but im taking my sweet ass time to figure how im gonna get the 400 euros left. I believe in god (as i mentiond befor i do pray) but there was a time when I was angry at him coz I didnt understand why all that shit was happening. I have learned to make my peace with the big man as he has helped me through rough times even though I didnt earn his help. my first bf dumped me coz I was going through the fam shit and he needed a girl who's make him happy ad be cheery and thoughtful to his needs instead of what I was. my best friend stopped talking to me when I popped those pills coz she thought I was inconsiderate to the people who care about me and only thought about myself. I dont consider my self as a sinni or a shee3i as I consider them labels that only increase the gap that we alreasy have amongst ourself. Im considering of taking sufisim which focuses on the mysitcal and spiritual side of islam instead of the materialistic side. thats about it for now really. feels good to let it out

Anonymous said...

i know my secret is lame but i feel so guilty..

7alaft 3ala qura'n for my mom 3ala something about a guy.. and it was a total lie

Ms. D said...

la me no share!!

Aby trinity bracelet and ring.. My ring size is 13 :)

Ok fourmeya ya sanfo0ora?

..::Amu::.. said...

This post is really going a long way...*whistles*