Thursday, 21 August 2008

Signed. Sealed. & Aramexed

Seeing the past couple of days have been on the living hell side I didn't have time to proof read and submit my baby (thesis) when I was in London. Instead I read it here and just sent it.. I'm kinda terrified of failing and seeing I rushed it a bit and its my first draft you could say I'm worried as hell.. I don't tend to ask for best wishes or good lucks from strangers who are sitting behind little screens all over the world.. But hey desperate times call for desperate measures so I'd like you to wish me best of luck and pray that I don't fail miserably..

Much Appreciated,
Worried Little FourMe :(


Anonymous said...

wesh thaa

FourMe said...

Ya satir meta mdach sheftay el post?? I just sent my thesis back to London :/

Anonymous said...


BEST OF LUCK .. enshallah etseer khosh draft o ta3jeb whois gona read it YARAAB! :p

Anonymous said...

shrayech feeni (H)

ga3da ared ayam majde ..

al7een madazeeteha o enta eb london now etdezeenha :\

allah ewaselha besalama o etseer khosh thesis, enshallah enshallah enshallah

FourMe said...

alah yesma3 minich.. now the panicking and worrying is gonna start till I get my grade..

hehe ee enshala she arrives in one piece.. I didn't have time an0ny I was beyond busy the last couple of days plus it was the weekend..

7adich to7fa :* yala me pissing off now..

Anonymous said...

tata my darling ..dont worry ..everything will be ok enshallah

Rewind said...

Good luck Allah ywfaggech enshalla :*

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!


Shoush said...

Good luck oo Allah ywafgich inshala. No blogger buddy of mine fails, so inshala u won't be the 1st. :P

Anonymous said...

ya7eloooo Shoush walla! :**

Big Pearls said...

you are going to do great:)

shoosha said...

allah ewafgich!! sawaitay illy 3alaich intay dont worry ;*

Anonymous said...

allaah ywafgich inshalla w ysahil kil omorich o inshalla tbshrena bl nateja el 7elwa;* o inshalla inshalla ya rb allah ysahil lich "golobin gasya 0o 3bdedin 3a9ya" hatha do3'a yaditiy 0o it always works 4 me lma tad3ely ha do3a'a;)l s tfa'aelay bil '7air 0o inshalla kil shay tbena eyech;)
Best of luck hun ;)

Mar8adoosh said...

gd luck ! mwafiga inshala :)

Grey said...

Dont wry ! you'll do good !

Fastidious Babe said...

Aww!! Good LUCK!!! ur so gonna kick ass ma3alaich xx

FourMe said...

thank you dear :*

thanx hun.. entay wainich?!

eysalmich shoush.. inshalla alah I won't..

inshalla I hope so :)

eysalmich sweets :* Worrying is understatement I'm in the panicking stage now :/

Anonymous M:
Alah eysalmich ameen ya rab alah yesma3 minich ajma3een inshalla :* wy ba3ad galbi teslmeen ee hathy eda3wy esan3a .. thank you sweets :*

thank you :)

Hope so HOPE SO!

fastidious babe:
thanx babe ya rait :/

8bitsofcoffee said...

Bestest best of luck :D
It can only get better! It's your first draft, so no worries :D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wishin you the best of luck babe ;**

even though im sure you wont need it because im sure youll be fine ;)

FourMe said...

thanx sweets:* I doubt it I'm terrified :/