Saturday, 2 August 2008

Shoe Hunt


Yes FourMe has a shoe fetish/addiction that's old news get over it.. anyhow's I'm pissed I searched for one bitching shoe (Adidas Taekwando trainer) for 3 hours today I went into every single sports shop there is on Oxford and Carnaby St. and couldn't find it. Well they had one pair but it was size 42 so I could of easily made 4 pairs out of the pair to fit my silly feet. Anyway this is the most comfortable and gorgeous trainer ever created. When it came out early 2000 or so I kept on buying pairs of it till they stopped making them for a while.
*I want the white one with black stripes but that is no where to be found so I don't mind this one.

Now its sold out every where and they won't stock up on it any time soon. They said I could search on-line and dare I say I've never shopped on-line.. well why would I when I have the London shops 10 minutes away! Ok enough talking tell me what to do?! I WANT this trainer in size 4 or 5 (uk sizes, even though I'm a size 3 but that's IMPOSSIBLE to get). All the ones I found on-line are size 6(men) which is like me wearing the Titanic :/

Help FourMe the Shoeless ;(


f7ee7eely said...

me wearing the Titanic ? LOOOOL

men waiiin etyeeebeen halsuwalif?:P -- btw I share your passion for shoes, more precisely sneakers and boots and I just placed a pre order on this fine piece of art -- check it out -- tell me if u likey -- we should bond on this common fetish that we have hehehehe

check out I heard that they're so in now in the states these days

Anonymous said...

baaaaaassich shoes :p


FourMe said...

dunno they just pop up in my head.. yaay I found me a shoe loving freak :p

OHHHH Me really really likey! seriously they're gorgeous! and the fact that its from Dsquared Niceee.. that just made you jump couple of notches on the cool factor :p Seriously I'm the type that I check out a dudes shoe before his face and if I saw him wearing that he'll definitely get the thumbs up.. Nice one..

flyers are nice the ones on the main page are quite catchy! but I want the adidas ones :( No idea where I can find some on-line??

Its love baby ;)

Anonymous said...

wesh thaaa ;p

madre laish haba eb hal kilma :P

khalas an aad3eleech you find it :D

*yaraab telgaa ya raab te;ga ya raab telga el shoes eli atbee bel size eli tabee*

Ruby Woo said...

Why wouldn't you when you have London shops 10 minutes away?

I don't see that helping 7abeebti, ka soog london yamich o mafadach! Khaleech rekhthay wara il technology and order online o fikay 3omrich min hal loya..!

O ya bint ya mkhadeya roo7ay il dr, shbisaweelich ya3ni akhaf ib yaklich aw shay!!

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Get flipflops :P .... Dont give me that look! Its bad enough I have to spend time talking to you instead of dandoon! ...

For the record, I am in no way interested in the contents of your tights. I doubt any man is! Due to your emasculating ability to ward off men!

P.S. I love you ;p ... Please dont hurt me!

FourMe said...


Nothing like shopping in London! I searched online for god knows how long and couldn't find them.. spent couple more hours searching today in shops from one place to the other and FOUND THEM :)

Mabii mali khilg xrays and crap its just the side of my hand that's numb :/

Am so haaaaaapppppy that I found my trainers that I won't hurt you any more(But keep in mind I shall resume my meanness in due course..

p.s. I Know :p

Anonymous said...


walal sayra da3wateee tustajaab :P

3alame ma ad3e 7ag nafse ya7athee :\

FourMe said...

Why aren't you studying?!!!

hehe da3weyich methly 7ag elghair to9al bs 7agich e6ig esagif w tchaiwir..

Zabo0o6a said...

wohoo , 3albaraka babe ;)
wain my pair ? :Pp

Âme said...

Glad you got them.

I searched and found a pair at UK size 4.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

thanx dear.. still at the shop :p

tried the site it wouldn't open :/ by any chance did they have the white and black ones? I wouldn't mind getting a pair of those as well..

Grey said...

Conratuliasions ...

you do taekwando?

FourMe said...

thanx.. no :/ Its just that they're really comfy and gorgeous looking :D