Thursday, 7 August 2008

Ruby Rocks!

Ladies and Gentlemen Behold!

My new FABULOUS specially designed, custom made, one and only piece of a header!

Look looook Up.. Up there look ain't it gorgeous! Every bit of it is a part of me.. just not sure what the flower (tulip is it) means? Maybe resembles my delicateness
( Shut it Cashew :p )

Now the lovely, multi-talented, patient, understanding, technology thingy know it all, creative master behind it is the one and only Ruby Woo !

As you know by now I am technologically challenged I am an absolute moron of an idiot when it comes to technology and I do NOT know how to do anything and Yes I admit it!

So for this lovely lovely girl to do this its simply adorable because I made her change it about oh say 10,000 times.. That's what you get when you work with a perfectionist :/

To you lovely Woo I say Thank You :*
You Simply Rock!


Ruby Woo said...

lol u do know that I did it all in paint? bas still it was worth it!! ;**

it really looks amazing and yes the flower is a tulip!

haha being a perfectionist is hard how can u keep up? ya3ni i really don't care if i don't have a BORDER or not but noo you just have to have one :p

Anywho, hope u enjoy it o abeech it7alileen qeemta witkhaleena for years to come!


FourMe said...

like I know the difference between paint and crayons or whatever you computer whiz ppl use :/

Yes it does look amazing its Mine mine MINE :P Its a full time job dear, its a killer :/ I still like my borders.. look at the blog its all bald without the borders..

hehehe it'll stay up there till anyone offers to design me a new one.. The previous one was by Ame, this one by you, lets wait and see the third by who :p

Honestly thank you dear :*
Very much appreciated..

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Delicateness? You really walk into these things, dont you? ....

MY (tiny non-existent) ASS!!!

FourMe said...

Are you suggesting that I am not as delicate as a flower?!!

A Journal Entry said...

i looooove it.. much much much better than the previous one..
good job ruby woo ;)

f7ee7eely said...

nice header 3al baraka 3ala baraka:)

I had a Tshirt that says "good boys go to heaven bad boys go to Ibiza" hahahaha

..::Amu::.. said...

mmmm lovely...sums you up in one template!

Amethyst said...

It's great!

Delicately Realistic said...


Good work Ruby ;>

Shoush said...

Nice, nice.

Anonymous said...

yaaaah yaaah yaaah

sh'hal zain sh'haal zaaain

*claps for Rubyyy*

3ashaaat 3ashaaaaaaaaat :D :D

Soul said...

3ajeeeeeeeb waaaaayed a7laa men elli gablaaa.. cuz ey3aber 3an sha59eetich el fatha ;p

ya36eech el 3afyaaa Rubyyyyy :**

FourMe said...

I love it too..

thanx :)
hahah now that sounds about right.. haven't been but would love to one day..

only the rage is missing :p

it is isn't it..

more like fabulous work Ruby..

agree.. agree

She deserves a standing ovation.. hey 7ata ana good job I made it perfect :p

eeee 3ad ahaaam sha9ety elemdarda7aa :p

jesterat314 said...

Ya akhee. fee nafs Ruby.. perfect.. min mithilha
*searches around the blog*

Anonymous said...

allah 3ajeeeeeeeB ..great job ruby ;D


Ruby Woo said...

Merci u guys!

Hehe aww Jester ;*

FourMe said...

ee ee ga3id tadhin sairha tabi header! 7areemtik makooo bs headerat 7agy ana

7ada 3ajeeb..

WoOwOo The woman of the hour:
you're work has been praised ;)

sweetd said...

its really cute..:D and very creative

FourMe said...

the work of the talented Ruby Woo :)