Sunday, 31 August 2008

A Rose! For Me?!

Its been a while since someone gave me a flower..
I want a flower..

Embarak 3alaikom Eshahar
o Kil 3am wintaw Ebkhair

And to the Mean K.D. who doesn't understand Arabic
Happy Ramadan
and I hope you choke on your Vimto


Âme said...

~ Soul

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


heres a rose 7ag elrose ;)

Anonymous said...


i think that how they do it :P cheesy i know bs maykhef :P

i dont remember anyone ever giving me one :(

K.D said...

i don't see it happening!
why would anyone give you a rose?!
YOU.. between all the people!

not to mention that.. the title says a rose for me!
and in the post you say i want a flower!
aaahhh.. you are too weird to be given a rose!
some pills maybe.. not a rose though!

Âme said...

That is being MEAN k.d

~ Soul

FourMe said...

One, Two, and Three:
Awwwwwwwww thanx :)
You three made FourMe smile :)

The Fourth the meanie:
HuH!! Why would someone give me a rose! Huh huh again and again! how about because I'm an adorable sweet lil angel :p

Well Mr. Genius I said a flower because a rose is a tad more personal and a flower is more of a kind gesture for example if you gave me a sunflower I'd say aww sweet and if you give me a red rose I'd say hMmmm what's the boy on about..

And anddddd annnnnnd FYI once I was in a restaurant with some mates and there was a lady selling roses and a stranger bought me the whole basket of roses and sent it over!

*runs away crying*

zwena said...

i want toooooooooo :"'(

no one ever gave me a flower :"(

zwena said...

why are you crying :|

N. said...

there you go and happy Ramadan to you too :)

K.D said...

what did I say?!!

it's a tough world out there ok!.. come here.. look!.. look!
*pointing at the window*

that's not wonderland out there.. not just coz you asked for flowers or roses or whatever you girls want these days.. it means people will just throw it at ya!!
well that is one TRICKLESS dude!!.. who can't talk to girls if his life depended on it!

*goes out*

*gets in*
and i DO understand arabic.. i just wrote a whole post in arabic..
which you didn't even comment on!

*slams the door on the way out!!*

*gets in*
and i dont even LIKE vimto!

K.D said...

AND happy ramadan to you too!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOL that was mean!! :P

and LOOOOOOOOL @K.D. God that man is insane :P

Shoush said...

Imbaraaaak 3alaich ilshahaaaaar! Imbarak 3alaikom kilikom inshala! ;D

I wudn't mind a rose either.

Soul said...

K.D!! LOOOOOOOOOOL wallah tha7aktni.. afaa FourMe chenna kassar meyadeefich!!! bwahahahahaha HIT HIM!

Âme said...

Happy Ramadan to all :)

~ Soul

Squirreliya said...

afa bs tabeen a rose? ghaali wel 6alab rkhees ..send me 3nwankum :p

3allaina w 3allaich dear

..::Amu::.. said...

awww wait for valentine's day ;p

3aleena o 3aleech :)

Big Pearls said...

mubarak 3alaich il shahar

*giving fourme a beautiful flower*

A Journal Entry said...

'3aly wil 6alab re5ee9.. al7eeen al7een a5ally mashatil il kuwait kilaha etdizlich sheeyar ward ba3ad mo wardah! (that's just too cheesy i know.. mayloog 3alay hal 7achy ;p)

3alaina oo 3alaich =)

shoosha said...

maby a36eech rose

Silver said...

3alaina w3alaaaaich:D

a flower doesn't need a flower;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


FourMe said...

cuz k.d. is being mean to me :(

Aww thanx dude :)

*breaks his finger while he's pointing at the window*

I want DIAMONDS but no one seems to be listening! So I settled for the sentimental crap and you're still giving me a hard time about it!! May the lord be with your fiancé you're really gonna spoil her ay!

how many times do I have to SAY IT I'm a silent spectator.. actually I have lost the will to comment in general since I've got back here..

STOP slamming my doors damn it!!

FINEEEEEEEEEEE hope you choke on Leban than!!! *grabs k.d. from the back of his shirt and throws him out and smacks the door shut!*


:( puuuuunch hiM!

apparently no one appreciates roses any more to give them around :/

FourMe said...

:/ you hit him on my behalf.. I shall watch..

to you too dear..

dam enich bdezeen abi darzaan rozat :p

even when I had someone I didn't celebrate valentines.. seeing I believe you show you're love every day not just one day of the year..

3alaina w 3alaich 7abooba :*
awwww thanx :D

waay ya galbi la laa mat7mal chethy dala3 :p you'll spoil me like this and I haven't been spoiled in a looong time..

Get over it I ain't gettin you a horse.. now give me a damn rose!

heheheh *blushes*


:::ShoSho::: said...

Embarak 3laich el shahar..

Here's your flower:

Ms. D said...

i was given warda a 2 weeks ago ;)