Friday, 8 August 2008

Oh Boy! OH BOY!!

Let me tell you something who ever created the dishdasha saved your arses because some of you do not know how to dress!! Its all about the presentation my dears and some of you boys are doing a crappy job at presenting yourselves! Now lets go over couple of things I promise I shall be gentle. Oh and I do know what I'm talking about! I discuss 'male fashion' more than women's fashion! Amazingly enough I can turn any ugly duckling into a handsome prince. Trust me I have done it!
  • Death to the POLO!! - For the love of God STOP wearing polo shirts! Do you know what it feels like seeing hundreds of you flocking after each other all in the same shirt! Looks like the lot of you just came out of the polo factories. Its like you're a walking advert for polo.. "We come in all sizes and colours! Buy one get 50 free!"
  • Hairy Legs! - Would you like to see us women walking around showing our hairy legs? Answer the question! Would you?? The same answer goes for YOU! We the female gender do not I repeat do NOT enjoy seeing your hairy legs! We got used to the sight because you lot won't wear a decent length pants instead you wear your really short shorts and make us suffer seeing your hairy legs and thighs right in front of our faces.. Oh and the shorter the short the more you sit with your legs crossed Oh Very Manly of you I have to say!! Fine I know the weather is hot wear knee length shorts and preferably cropped pants so we won't get to see so much leg! But damn it cover the fuck up! You're hairy legs are of a disturbing sight!!
  • White Boy! - Boy go and get a damn tan!! Most women don't like seeing a boy whiter than SnowWhite!! It makes you seem fragile and panzy looking.. Its not just my opinion its the general consensus that white boys don't turn us on! Sorry to burst you're bubble but the Darker the BetteR..
  • Long Locks! - What can I say that won't hurt your feelings! Ok long hair on a male is a NO No! Long hair is for US.. Short hair is for YOU. Simple as that! SO please go shave your bloody locks off! I swear to you long hair on men is NOT attractive. Oh I won't even discuss the faggots of you who go and blow dry their hair at barbers.. You're not even worth me wasting my time explaining how wrong and faggoty that is!!
  • Nails/Feet - You may not know this but 'some' women check your feet and hands out the same way you check our goods out. A man with dirty long nails is just an unhygienic idiot. A man with cracked heels and dirty feet is just a dirty bastard! I for one check out a man's feet before his face and let me tell you something I have seen some disturbing sights!! You'd see a guy looking immaculate from head to toe but when zooming in on his feet you'd see gangrene shit growing on the fuckers foot! That is an automatic turn off! I beg of you take care of your hands and feet because they ARE important and do make a difference.. And NO it is not gay to take care of your hands and feet and an occassional manicure and pedicure won't disturb your manhood and make you a lesser man! On the contrary it may get you some ;)
  • Pinky! - Oh boy have you got this one wrong! On some of you its looks amazing and weird enough looks better when your heads are shaved off! But on some my God you look like pimps! Its a vibrant colour it must suit your skin tone. Not any man can pull off a pink shirt. Any ways if you are as white as snow do NOT wear a pink shirt, really the contrast of colours doesn't work, honestly you look like a walking marshmallow. If you're dark dark tanned then just forget it, it doesn't suit you full stop! And to those who believe they look hot in PiNK I say go for a second opinion..

Note: A post soon on teaching you buggers how to dress..


sourire said...

agree with all..

N. said...

looooooooool! What's the matter fourme? el kalam 6ale3 men el galb ha! :p

You got some great points there.. and I do agree with all of them. Polos though have become more of a casual wear sort of like jeans, even though there are other types of pants, jeans rule.

jesterat314 said...

I agree with everything.. except the 'buggers' remark..
Would you approve of a pink tie? :)

Grey said...

Awesome post .. BTW you forgot about the 'body shirt' and what about stroid muscles? girls dig that?

I wear polo shirt but not RL polo.. i hate that stupid man riding the dog with a stick.

Dont wear shorts ...
Im tanned by nature ...he he
Hair : gara
Nails& feet : maintained
Pink shirt : eww, really wtf .. there is dude who wears pink tee, with pink bandana, black shorts and naaal + has a bear hanging out of his pocket .. fuckin faggot ... thinks he is a girl magnet.

This post soooooooooo coool !

Eschew Obfuscation said...

All I can say is: HEY!!!! ... Dont mock my gender! tara I can come up with a whole book about how women are just as bad, if not worse :r

Squirreliya said...

3allaaich noor w 9a7 lsaanich ..yebteeeha sa7 ;p

Ms Loala said...

AND THE TEETH!! you forgot that!

A man with yellow greasy messy teeth is a huge turn off!!
Get braces first before you start talking! :\

But come one, Polos!! Cut them some slack, i love them. They are decent on the body and very charming if worn with a 'probable' length of a pant!

..::Amu::.. said...

loool the nail part is hilarious and is so true!!!

Delicately Realistic said...


bs tadren, i actually prefer polo's in basic colours as opposed to all these t-shirts with flourescent colours o shakhabe6 o madri shno....

eee o magiltay shay 3n il muscle men ?!

f7ee7eely said...

Marshmallows? LOOOOL enty bd3ah -- etkhawfeen el 9ara7a el wa7ed lazem ya3melech alf e7saab :P

bs these tips prove once again that u r the Fashion Savvy :)

aana moo 3adty at6anaz 3ala khalg allah oo i consider it 3aiib bs allah eysame7hum elshabab wel banat they give u no choice but to take a crack at them hehehe

btw el pic from an annual alien freak show in Utah -- nsaiiit esmah

plastic said...

Polo shirts are part of the dress code of douchebags and throw in abercrombie and finch to that mix too

Anonymous said...

lool ee eee 7e6ee 7eeeelech feehom :P

bs seriously guys are becoming fashion disaster !!

3almeehom 3almeehom shlon yetsane3oon! ..

FourMe el olypmiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat !!! .. sheftee??? .. adre mala sheghel bel mawtho3 bs 3ajebni :P

desertpalms said...

loooooooool i cracked up so much, especialy the gangrene part! this post is 110% accurate! bas tadreen..theres some even worse fashion faux pas commited by us girls lol

Rewind said...


Amethyst said...

The major ones are the locks and nails/feet.

Soul said...

ba3ad chabdee wallaaaaaaah.. tha7akteeni wana 9aymaaa o kent em3a9ba loooooool


A Journal Entry said...

i hate the salon made spiky tasree7ah that is everywhere here in kuwait.. soooo damn ugly! ( ireally do believe that star academy had something to do with that)

the nails part is v.true!!
oooh i also hate sleeveless tops! guys plz don't wear them waaai3!!

Shoush said...

Am sorry, but i actually like men with hair. Ya3ni not hairy like a '3aba, bs lazim fee hair! A7is chithi it's manly. Wila mako sha3ar, shino yinafisna?! La, ism7ili.

Shoush said...

But ur right, mala da3i inshoof above the knees.

Ruby Woo said...

I like hairy legs, so I really don't mind them wearing knee length shorts. I do however hate hairy thighs.

Bad teeth, bad nails are a huge turn of.

Oh You forgot something!!

Hairy guys in general.
I want to puke when I see hairy shoulders, hairy backs, excessively hairy chests (the ones that peep out of the shirts collar.)

Music, Happiness, Love said...

Everything is true
especially the polo! I was at the airport and its like a uniform with every kuwaiti guy, polo shirt and the shorts! sooo annoying

FourMe said...

Seriously woman whats up with your bloody blog!

min 7arat galby ya N. la3at chabdi minkom :p

There are other types of t-shirts and shirts that can be casual as well and more appropriate for some men.. Jeans ROCK! ana ma3ak I love jeans yet its nice for a guy to wear pants and mix and match..

buggers, Buggers, BUGGERS there you go!

I am for pink ties but not shirts.. Pink ties make a statement when worn by a man, saying I am masculine and confident enough to wear pink. I am not a complete more and an insensitive jackass, I do have a heart and can be trustworthy..

Thank you mate :) Ukhh! don't get me started.. I had to stop at some point otherwise the post would of been as long as the river thames.. damn it you're perfect aren't you :p

My god if I saw that fag I'd grab a chair and smash it on his sense maybe then he'll know what he's wearing is a no no!

Your gender consists from the most unfashionable twats I have seen in my life.

Oh I've beat you to it, have a look

9a7 ebdinich ;)

ms loala:
Eeeeeeeeeek! Eww eww ewww! No listen most men smoke and that makes their teeth horrible. No matter how much they're gona maintain their teeth the yellowness and the colour of pigmentation in their gums is gonna change. I hate men when they smoke..

Polos are nice but not worn by the masses as if there is no other type of t-shirts around!

ohh amu you have no idea how disturbing it is when a man ignores these things :/

FourMe said...

Again polo's are fine but not worn by the whole nation! 3ama chena 3omrhom mashafaw shirts ghairhom!

Alah wakeelich the muscles yabeelhom volumes and volumes of writings :/ wila agoolich wil discuss soon kho ana eshwaraay :p

7athreen ;) thank you dear a compliment much appreciated..

listen neither do I honeslt 3indy 7aram w ma7ib elgaraath bs seriously sometimes you can't keep quiet! Than I say its very suitable for the topic at hand cuz some do appear like clowns!

my God the crombies the crombies!! The brand has taken over just like the polos!

Disaster is an understatement! min 3yoony will give them couple of pointers bs 3ad wain ely yesma3!

I ain't making that crap up I have seen things on men's feet that should only be seen in contaminated areas. Tell me about it! We are worse.. as I told cashew already pointed them out here

9a7 ebdinich.. hehe 3aleen galbich methil mahoom 3aleen galby!

FourMe said...

nails and feet are it for me.. I cannot stand a man with dirty hands and feet ewww! as for the hair I prefer them bald :p

inshalla doom teth7keen :* Not as much as I hate shorts I can't stand them when they're really short! knee length and longer I can tolerate even though I hate.

Faggots that's all I can say.. no self respected man goes to a hairdresser and ask to have his hair blow dried.. if it's on his wedding day I might let it slip but otherwise no way!
Ewwww sleeveless!

I don't like a hairless man as well but seeing them hairy legs is disgusting! there are some men with ok amout of hair while others that look like APES! those I cannot stand..

Its those short shorts that bug me! the thought of hairy thighs turns my stomach :/

remember in SATC when Charlotte takes Harry to the Hamptons episode? oh my lord lo3aat chabd!
Why WHY did you have to mention the peeping hair our of the shirts! What have I done to you!!

polo shirts, shorts, and white as white trainers.. as if their trainers never get dirty! Seriously look at any random kuwaity guys trainer you'll see that they are spotless even if they had them for years!!

f7ee7eely said...

6afech elyoum hehehehe I made a fool out me at costa Alkout this moring --

I was reading an article about the death of the world renowned car designer Andrea Pinifarina ( he design cars for ferrari,fiat and maserati ) -- He and his driver had a head on collison with another vehicle -- he died while his 78 YEAR OLD DRIVER survived and remains hosptialized suffering from a POST TRAUMATIC SHOCK ONLLLLLLLLLLY -- when he was asked how did the accident happen he said " I didnt see the other car" LOOOOOOOL

note : if anyone has a seventy year old driver make sure he has his glasses on and ibrat ill sukkary hehehehe

shoosha said...

ughh!!! e6fartey white boys e6farty!! and the pinkish white guys make me want to puke!! esmilla 3alaaik roo7 teshamas!! girls are all for the "achla7 amla7 kafkheta il shams oo la3na khaira look".....

Âme said...

I guess the attitude reflects in dressing.

~ Soul

desertpalms said...

looooool zeinn so was they better or worse than the disgustingg hairy feet 'shoes' if they can be called that!?

desertpalms said...

were* lool.. i sound lyk a chav eww

Houliee said...

You couldn't have said it better !;p

├J o u j a┤™ said...

I for one check out a man's feet before his face

LOOL so true ;p

crazed said...

sigh.. 7asafa.

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Umbaih la2 not the Polo shirts.. Ana min zeman knt a7b Polo shrts oo I got these two really hot ones in nice colours from ireland.. Radait el q8 after a 6 mnth absence wellaa EVERYONE was wearing them ! :@ .. I got so mad!! But deep down I tried to convince myself inaa 9ar habba just cause I got em muahahahaa..

ZaMaHReeR said...

Hello fashionista!
How are you doing?
long time no fight :P
I love polo shirts but i don't wear them much, so i think im not included in the list!
i agree with what you have said, and i wold like to add something else to the things that really disgusting me when i go out, the ppl who wear a very tight jeans and shirts and the ppl who have been through an electric shock, you will distinguish them when u look to their hairs, it is strangely looking!!!!

plus one thing to note.. R. MADRID ROCKS :D

Âme said...

Real Madrid has SUCH a talent, IF, they could coordinate and play as a team.

Hello, am i ringing some bells.

ManU Rocks.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

hahahahaha Oh my God! Now I'm not being an ageist but serves him right for having a 78 year old driver! the man needs to be driven not drive.. Alah yer7ma guess his time was up.. don't they say many reasons for death, yet death is one.

now you're just being mean :p

nothin like them achla7 boys to make your heart skip a beat ;)

certainly does..makes a statement about the persons personality..

are you turning all cockney on me now hhehe.. ewww woman don't remind me :/ more like hairy shoes plus gangrene shit plus nails of a witch.. you get the picture?

FourMe said...

thank you my dear :)

yaaay you're one of my kind..

I feel you are a polo follower..

they ruined the shirt for everyone.. I bet every guy has over 10 colours of the shirt.. hehe yes they heard you bought them and decided to follow in the footsteps of the master :p

Ahoy matey..
doing well.. simply missing you're presences mako a7ad eyda7irny :( 6awalt elghaiba oboy..

Good don't! You can wear them here but certainly not in Kuwait.. Seriously tight jeans on a man! Faggot on board that's all I can say.. as for the lovely tight ass tops well hMmm I shall remain silent..

I see you still don't understand a thing about football ;)

You are ringing the bells of footy war..

Âme said...

Bring it on !

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Oh its ON!

But I suggest you come back when you've learned a thing or two about football..

Traveleer said...

*palying with his chest hair while trying to reply*. what the fuck am I supposed to do if I was born white? hehe I try to get a tan but I actually turn red. white or red? choose damn it! choose!.

I got some meat. so does that make up for my white *beep*?

FourMe said...

Ewww.. spare me the details..
You tan and taan and taaaaaan till you crisp up.. hell I'll take red over white anytime.. try baby oil.. it will burn you but trust me you'll get a shade..

hMmm let me think about that one... love handles boy or whitey white??? Oh what a conundrum!!

As much as I adore the meat I regret to inform you that your white *Beep* trumps the meet.. Get a tan then we'll review your case again..

Traveleer said...

I am deeply hurt but I will survive the attack :P. I am proud of my whitness and love handles. they never complained.

Sh7afana said...

1. `i happen to like the polo shirt and shorts look.. madre..

2. i disagree.. hairy isnt that bad.. their MEN for god's sake! they're supposed to be hairy.. 3ayal tabeen eyeelech wa7ed amla6 mafeeh wala sh3ara 3ala jesma? wai3!! a7essa mo rayal. besides.. i like my men hairy ;p

3. and you were right about white boys.. lama i see one.. a7ess wedi atella weyay el ba7ar aw el salon 3ashan he gets a fake tan ;p ..

4. dont even get me STARTED on nails! im such a nails fetish! .. ay a7ad his or her nails mo emrateben.. etloo3 chabde menhum ..

and last but not least

5. ma7eb a guy yalbes pink. period. its such a turn off.. whether he looks good in it or not.. but then again.. who am i to judge? el lebs 7oreya.. law ye6la3 sel6 mel6 ana male sheghel :P yemken 3ajba ..

FourMe said...

As long as there are no complaints you're good to go :)

I absolutely love your name! Nice one..

I like them hairy as well but not ape hairy.. just the right amount.. I agree don't like the hairless.. but seriously hairy thighs!! A no no..

I say Viva la sel6 mel6 :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

hairy legss!!!
sooo sooo sooo soo true!!