Saturday, 9 August 2008

Oh Boy! OH BOY!! Ohh MY DEAR BOY!!!

I know this isn't constructive criticism but I don't care because you bloody buggers don't get the picture.. So till then I shall take the piss out of you :D
  • Tight Ass!! - Now now wearing tight ass jeans or pants is WRONG on so many levels that I cannot even explain. To start with wearing them with short t-shirts oh my lord just writing about it I feel my stomach turning. Ok what are you trying to prove with tight ass jeans? Your Manhood! That went out of the window the day you bought these jeans or what? Do you know what the image of you wearing tight ass jeans and seeing your privates all squashed to one side does to us!! I'll tell you it makes us switch sides oh and especially when we can see that you're package is ain't all that!! My dear boy if you haven't got a decent package then I suggest you cover the fuck up and not flaunt it around town!!
  • Tight Tops! - Seriously!! Do you honestly believe that you wearing a shirt tighter than mine is gonna make you look hot?! No boy it makes you look like a panzy.. I can't say much on this seeing I believe any dude who wears tight shirts is a fag..
  • Mr. Muscle! - Ya ahlaan Come to mama baaaby! So mama can smack you with a shoe on your head! I HATE MUSCLES I HATE THEM I BLOODY HATE THEM! Set aside that I like my men to be MEN with some meat on them and not toned as a stick. Showing of your steroid filled muscles does NOT make you a man it makes you a FOOL for proving that you are unable to build your own muscles hence resulting to injecting yourself with crap to build you up like a balloon!!
  • Heavenly Scents- Perfumes are vital they are literally a head turner. Not shower in the perfume but a dab here and there makes a difference. Perfumes are to be sprayed not showered with. You passing by and making us sneeze over and over again isn't gonna turn our heads instead you're making our insides turn..
  • Men Holding Hands!! - You Are THE MAN! I dedicate this song to you..
YMCA - Village People


..::Amu::.. said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLLL the pic just cracked me up!!!

Ruby Woo said...

So true about the privates squashed in one side. Lol I love it that way, it never fails to make me laugh my ass off.

Oh oh oh and about the tight tops. Please don't you just hate it when they sweat, and because the shirt is too tight you can see the sweat circle expand and expand and expand. Ew!!

Mr. Muscle looks like a lollipop. Huge on top and tiny at the bottom. Also ew!!

Âme said...

The picture cracked me up..

Damn !

~ Soul

PaLoMiNo said...


weeeeeeeeeeee3 eylw3 il chabd hahahahahha malaaaaat 3ala wayhaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahaha

ZaMaHReeR said...

"My dear boy if you haven't got a decent package then I suggest you cover the fuck up and not flaunt it around town!!"
are you encouraging them to wear a tight jeans if they have a "decent package"??
I hope u say no!! :S

wallah ya ebnayty haldenya mshaghil!!
oo i left the knowledge of football to you, you are the football rocker! you rock the rock! you are the rockest! :P

jesterat314 said...

Never expected you to post an image like that.. !!!
and i was waiting for the holding hands point.. absolutely right

FourMe said...


Woo: Just for you WooWoo.. Now is that how you like'm :p

EWwwww woman seriously! Spare me the detailed image.. eww and especially when some where those silvery tone spandax shirts and the sweat patches on them EWWW!

hahaha one ugly ass lollipop!

it had me in stitches..

hahahhaa oh girly be gentle :p

Hell NO! But if you haven't got the goods why in God's name are you showing them off!

I just love it when you point out the obvious ;)

Expect the unexpected honey, when it comes to me never assume.. I just wana slap them hand-holding dimwits!

Anonymous said...

ewww ewww ewwww


waaay FourMe .. etha yetay kuwait latroo7 avenues on weekends wala after 5pm !! NO NOO NOO!!

mo sij mo sij mo sij !!!
wala elyom amshe o agool ween FourMe 3anhom :P

Squirreliya said...


shoosha said...

fourme baas tekfain!!! lawa3tay chabdy

f7ee7eely said...


ok -- lemme just clarify something here -- I know that there is a consensus amongst women that big and bulky men arent as appealing as slender and fit men --

I have a slender physique --ripped -- fully defined but NOT PUFFED and never ever have I taken any supplements and I am sooooo against inducing ur body with that crap --- so where should I place myself? in which category?:P

b3daiiiiiiiin ta3aly tara lawwwa3 chabdy el adidas sneakers waiiiiiiin ma aroo7 ashoofah ebwayhy:P imgaine this Alsar7an ( elle bel avenues )has opened up a sneakers section and they have not one but many of the shoe u were looking for stacked up on their rack

Ruby Woo said...


I'm serious it looks so funny just look at it!


Ruby Woo said...

btw you're tagged..

*runs away in speed of light*

desertpalms said...

ew ew e w ew ew ew that piks way worse than the hairy fooottt duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! the hairy foot pales in comparison, its a 'absoluute beau-uuutay' compared to this.

LOOOOOOL 'YOUR THE MAN' i love your sense of humour wallah itjanineen

FourMe said...

mn 9ejich entay shywadeeny ehnak! la weekend ba3ad!! nag9a yahalo ana.. I went to Avenues twice since it opened and both occasions I chose a time when its empty..

anony hathail yabelhom tlsib bil 3gaal 3ashan eytsan3on..

I agree :/

shfeech wain et7a9leen a tight tushy like that :p

heheh ebthmitik 2 men holding hands shbagool 3anhom ghair YMCA :p

well my dear don't despair there are woman that find your physique appealing.. As for the category bdoon za3aal haa you asked for my opinion :p

you fall under "Look at me I'm so pretty you can just eat me up" category.. ana gelt bdoon za3al :p

No waaaay 3ad 7adi ga3da a7ooos abi the white and black ones.. I'm already planning on visiting the one in salmiya but seeing avenues has a bigger collection I shall pay them a visit soon.. la 7awla wla quwaa even though I can't stand that place :/

I luv ya too :p

NO seriously I saw it once and that's enough.. hell that ain't my eye candy its yours :P

You better run and run FAST!

It's disturbing ain't it lol! awww thank you 7abooba :*

├J o u j a┤™ said...

el9ooooooooora 7setaah britney ;p

i love the song YMCA bs elie yarg9ooon o yghanooon 3ajeeben ;p

Random thoughts said...

Damn right it's disgusting when men wear tight ass jeans and tight shirts, going around flaunting thier chemically induced, ugly huge muscles.

Soul said...

el3an obooo afaaaah zaiiiiiin :/

sourire said...


(p.s- I made my blog private 'cause my anonymity has been exposed to someone:/)

Delicately Realistic said...


we have a guy at school that wears tight jeans and top....agolich ma2saaaaaaaat......mafi bint ma 3aliqat 3ela the way he dresses 7ata ilmodest girls ili ma y6al3on !!

FourMe said...

hehhe eww..

check the cowboy 7ada naaar :p

Random Thoughts:
A disturbing sight my dear a very disturbing sight!

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 7a9ilich hal afaa :p

heheheheheh they are THE men! :P Oh crap .. screw blogging..

Weeee3 they just don't get it do they!! sometimes elwa7id maygdar yaskit esalfa etgargi3 eb galba ela ygi6la cham kelma..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ambaih im laughing soooooo hard!!

FourMe said...

heheh bs eshrayich bil 9ora :p