Friday, 15 August 2008

Me VS You

Its either me or you baby!?

I will finish you before you finish me..

I will get you out of the way seeing you stood in my way for so long..

I will finish you even if I shed the last drop of blood in me..

Its either ME or YOU!!

I say

Bring It ON Bitch!!!!

p.s. I have lost my mind but I have not lost the will to fight..


desertpalms said...

good luck sweetie =* once its over your gonna feel so relieved, just try to focus on that and get through the hard work in the meantime

Soul said...

YEAH BITCH!!!!!!! bring it onnnnnn

*holding her rifle with pride, next to FourMe*

shooooot the mutha fucka

Meticulous said...

you gott too fighttt ..
for yourrr righttt ..
tooo parrtaaaaay!

nino's said...

:D yaaaAAAY!!
i love watching fights!!

..::Amu::.. said...

WTF who is dead tonight? :p

f7ee7eely said...

if you turn the ME vs YOU into ME vs ME -- then, only then you can claim your victory...

btw what ticked you off what exactly made you go haywire?

Silver said...

Allaaaaaahh....5osh post to come back to;p

U go girl! i'll be right behind u, adding fuel to the fire;p;p

missed u:***

Delicately Realistic said...

You go girl !

crazed said...

is that how you look like?

Vixen said...

way to go girl!!!! XD nsa3dech? : p

Shoush said...

Go, go, go!

Oranjina fadidra said...

yeah baby! big girls style.. show her who's the boss
btw who is she?

FourMe said...

thanx hun.. I know but its killing me :(

hathy elfaz3aa 3ala rasi soul0 :* agoolich chena erifle ma tbarid echabd elbazooka a7sen..
Burn the biatch..

how about you gotta fight, for your right, to writeeee!

more like ripping and tearing kinda fight :/

tonight is the night.. its either me or her..

I shall claim it mark my words I shall claim my victory..

hitting a wall and not being able to continue made me lose it.. but between you and I, I went haywire years ago :p

FourMe said...

hehe welcome back hun bun :*
the more the fuel the merrier trust me..

missed ya to pumpkin :**


I'll let your imagination answer that question for you..

lol hype me up..

hehe :*

oran fad:
I'm her boss whether the bitch likes it or not!!

Emmmm my thesis ..

Coconut said...

hehe I'm never gettin myself in a fight with u :P

crazed said...

american girls are boring

jesterat314 said...

God Bless America :)
gadha ya FourMe

FourMe said...

whhhhy I'm a nice girl.. just don't get on my bad side :p

couldn't be more right..

Screw America 3asaha te7trig..

Ansam said...

you are scaring me LOL

nino's said...

yes. yes. good. i want to see blood.

Ruby Woo said...

3alamich yanaitay wistakhafaitay?

Oh well..

*Steps in next to fourme and soul with grenades in both hands*

FourMe said...

I scare myself dear :/

soon .. very soooooooooooooon

woo :(
this ho is killing me woo I wanna murder her and rip her to pieces :(

That's ma gal..

f7ee7eely said...

thesis? athary elbitch e6la3at thesis -- yakhr66666666666y wana khab 3umry ew meshta6 ooo 3a9er 3umry 3shaan halkelmetaiiiiin akhrat'haa THESIS?


FourMe said...

loool yoooz 3ani elfeeny kafeeeny.. yes its my thesis *blushing* she's worse than a bitch .. she's mean horrible w 3ila.. ga3da 3ala galbi mo rathya etkhali9..

esmila 3alaik esh'hal thaka'a elfataak ely 3indik :p

f7ee7eely said...

LOOOL eee aana eshdarrany


yuba 40oz of colt 45 oo a reefer ooo asaweelech a7la thesis -- :P

3ad el thesis as'hal part madre laiish emsabebatlech 3uqdah

crazed said...

I just remembered, I actually wrote a post much like yours only it had no swear words and was more 'poetic' in a sense... lemme see if I can dig it up.

FourMe said...

lol mo minik min ely ... ee agoolik 3ad 3ala hal mix ely btsawii you'll write me a thesis with crayons for kg level not masters level :p

khair inshalaa.. as'hal part laa 9aj ma3ak 7ag 7adhaa easy 3ashan chethy 6ala3at roo7y w ana aktibha..

Excuse me my rudeness is poetic as well :/

no I feel crap for not holding my tongue back.. what the hell everyone is so civilised compared to me.. screw it I'm being myself And that's how I express my feelings..

crazed said...

good grief woman the whole point of blogging is to vent plus the way you did it was somewhat appealing

FourMe said...

don't you see me venting? I'm venting like there is no tomorrow.. for the love of God I'm venting about a damned thesis! How much more venting can one do..

Excuse my insanity.. it is the fault of the horrible horrible thesis.. I have lost what is left from my brain.. Now I shall return to my battle..

crazed said...

la I wasn't saying u weren't venting I was basically saying there's nothing wrong with your post, it's just blowing off steam.

crazed said...

if ur awake 5an solif im bored

FourMe said...

awww bless.. no can do, still writing damn thesis.. chit chatting is forbidden while tackling and pinning down the core of the thesis..

have a look there.. I have a feeling you two share similar mentalities :) his writing are quite of an exquisite and rare humour..

crazed said...

it looks boring, any post in particular you want me looking at?