Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A Man's Man

The little one aKa Anony's post got me thinking and that's a rarity.. What are my criteria's for prince charming? Well as a kid I never had any.. Thank God I enjoyed my childhood to the max and the subject of liking boys didn't arise till 2 weeks before my 18th birthday (when I went through first/baby love phase) believe it or not! Before that I thought of boys as creatures who I used to beat up during lunch breaks and after school..

Any how back to Prince Charming the asshole.. well set aside the soulmate.. Lets see If I wanted a prince charming that was tailored to my specifications what would he be?? A prototype could be built around the following necessities:

-Must be religious.. basically prays etc. but not an extremist..
-Must be at LEAST 7 or 8 cm taller than me..
-Older is a MUST MUST would never accept a younger man..
-No muscles EwwWw..
-Darkish coloured skin.. can't handle white boys..
-Scruffy looking.. the scruffier the better.. NO to a groomed man..
-Smells amazing always..
-Must not be too pretty.. Can't be serious with a pretty boy cuz no matter what I'll think he's an airhead..
-MUST MUST be clean freak like yours truly..
-Must have clean nails and feet.. I know eww but what to do I can't handle dirty buggers..
-Must know how to dress..
-Kind hearted..
-Must have watched M*A*S*H* 4077 and read Archie comics..
-Must respect all..
-Must Be a man's MAN! In the sense has some manhood in him and doesn't scare easily..
-Need I mention MUST MUST MUST MUST be into football!

The rest could be tweaked to my preferences but the above are a MUST in the non-existing Prince Charming the coward.. But then I don't believe I can ever find my perfect man.. So screw prince charming and hello to many single years to come..

To a Man's MAN
May your existence prove me wrong..


Anonymous said...


K.D said...

what do we have here..
i think it's startin to get boring now!!
i'm every girl's dream dude.. except for anony's!.. or the baby anony! :p

- i'm religious!
- i'm 6.1 ft.. that is 186cm.. you do the math..
- i'm 25.. i have a feelin i won't make that one
- ummm.. i do boxin trainin.. so i'm good i guess.. not puffed if that what you mean..
- darkish enough i think! :D .. kinda in between!
- i'm not groomed.. but i don't think i'm scruffy!
- i have more than 5 perfumes in my closet, car, office and my fiancee’s purse!!.. i must smell good all the time.. it makes feel good.. but not that strong gay smell.. everybody can smell it a mile away..a big no!
- i'm ok i guess..!
i mean i might here the word handsome here and there.. but never pretty! :D
- i am a hygiene freak!.. i must have an anti-Bacterial hand hygiene gel within 10ft at all times!.. it's freaky sometimes!!
- double degree in business and telecommunication engineering.. and 3 advanced diplomas in NLP, BA and hotel management.. ummm is knowing what i want included here!! :D
- i think i already covered that..
- ummmm i guess i do
- i don't think I can say that bout myself.. it would be just a lil bit off.. don't ya think?! :D
- ummmm ok to mash.. but the comics i dunno!.. what bout spiderman?!.. or aquaman! :D
- i treat people the way i like them to treat me.. and i handle their opinions just the way i want them to handle mine!.. that is of course if i understood what you mean by respect!
- i really don't get scared easily.. sometimes i'm idiotically brave!.. but i'm afraid of bugs :(
i want my superwoman who will take care of the bugs.. and leave everythin else to me!!
i used to slap bulls.. i open my window on a safari trip when the lions are tryin to be funny around the car!!
but don't ever get a roach near me... it creeps the hell outta me!!
they have 6 legs!!.. SIX LEGS!! :S
- i'm not only into football.. i'm a good player.. alahli club in saudi wanted me to play for them in high school.. they even talked to my dad several times.. but i wasn't really into being a pro!.. beside my dad refused :D

ummmm..i guess i did pretty good on your scale!! :p.. i'm engaged though.. but fate isn't my best friend.. so i won't be surprised if he screwed me! :D
you can be my plan B!!.. but don't get your hopes too high.. it's a long line!!.. i promise i'll think bout it!! :D

ZaMaHReeR said...

"Before that I thought of boys as creatures who I used to beat up during lunch breaks and after school.."

Goodluck finding him... madri laish kil hal tesheree6!! we are humans take it easy on us!

Anonymous said...

K.D you're engaged !! ga3ed etdalel 3ana nafsek laish :@

Fashionated said...

tadreen shel meshkela? ur NOT asking for much so why is he not out there??

K.D said...

you didn't read my latest post.. did ya?!
go read it please!

well i'm jokin!.. it's a joke!
ha ha ha funny.. you know how it works!!

Anonymous said...

lool i was reading then i got bored ;p i eyes closed half way reading :P

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooL at K.D..

Hmm, I think we have this idea of the perfect man but when you fall in love/married.. whatever mess we get ourselves into.. we don't really think about some of the qualities we believe he should have..

I mostly agree with tidiness and being clean and smelling great..

Shoush said...

Wala i thot of making a list myself, bs its kind of a scary thot. Dunno y. ;P

FourMe said...


Wow boy you're good at selling yourself :p Now tell me do you by any chance have an older brother?? Cuz age is a must and sorry M*A*S*H and archie are a MUST MUST no alternative is acceptable.. We're talking about the perfect dude so he must match the list..

damn all the good ones are taken..just my luck isn't it :/ ohh well I guess I'll just sit and wait for fate to screw you over :p Honestly dear wish you best of luch with your girl. hMmm you know I could possibly wait for your offspring what do you think?

Dude I used to beat the crap out of the boys hehe you'd think I'm joking but I ain't I was feared by the boys :P

Well that is roughly an image of the PERFECT male that I would want.key word is perfect.. perfection in humans does not exist hence my perfect prince twat doesn't not exist :)

found a near to perfect version of him but he's gone so guess won't be finding him again..

true but I tend to stick to the main characteristics.. I'm quite picky :/

do it would wanna see your image of perfectionism and see how it differs..

Delicately Realistic said...

Since u became private u dont get updated on my blog roll ;/ il7en lazim asayir 3alaich kil yom...oh well...tstahleen il3anwa ;*

Big Pearls said...

I hope you find your man pretty soon..enshalla ya rab tarzeg Fourme ib rayaal fi kil il mowa9afat illi tabeeha ya rab!:)

ee 9ij since u went private u don't get updated on my google reader..I thought it was because I changed my e-mail bas 6ala3 mo minnah.

FourMe said...

Ya sowwy about that :/ ba3ad galbi teslmeen :*

Ehhh gave up the search long agooo.. No need for 1 man when I have 11 :p thanx babe :* ya I know that's the only annoying about going private :/

K.D said...

i'm not selling myself!!... ok maybe!!

but you the one who wrote bout how do you prefer your man..
and i kinda felt that you think it's hard to find such a guy!
nothin really special bout him.. except for few things.. i think you can live without! :D
and what better than using myself as exhibit A!! :D

ummm ok.. if fate screwed me.. i will sure buzz ya!! :D
you know speakin of the player hater fate!!.. a very interesin thing happened to me today.. i'll post bout it in my blog later tonight!!
you might wanna check it!

that will be my pleasure sweety.. i won't find anyone better for my offspring than you :p
i'll book one of them for ya!!

A Journal Entry said...

wallah ur list is reasonable naw3an ma..

"must respect all" that the most important to me too

:::ShoSho::: said...

hehe good for you ;)

Eulalia said...

"Must have watched M*A*S*H* 4077 and read Archie comics.." loool loved that XD.

Âme said...

Kind hearted, respecting, and brave is the crux in all the NECESSITIES mentioned.

Apart from that "UNDERSTANDING" is a really important characteristic which may not be missed.


If i were to be a woman, i would look for

1. Understanding
2. Courageous
3. Honest and
4. Able to protect me and my children.

Rest everything else is a sub-set of the above or doesn't matter big deal for a overall successful companionship.

~ Soul

Soul said...

M*A*S*H waraaaay waraaaay :_(

I HATE IT! always fight with B for watching it kel sa3a kel sa3a kel sa3a hefffffffff

eshda3wa said...

we tagreeban have the same things
bs ana he MUST have a sence of humor, i cannot handle wa7ed maleeq.
must be hard worker
i hate lazy asses

oo MUST MUST MUST adore the ground i walk on BUT is NOT romantic
romance makes me gaag

Shoush said...

It's just that the idea of making a list makes it seem.. final. I know it not, bs madri. And to be honest, I have the asasiyat bs the rest i don't really know wat i want. Bs shawagtini. I mite just go ahead with it. We do have similar things tho. ;)

FourMe said...

That was one of the best selling pitches I've heard in a while :p

You did fail produce the goods in couple of the points.. so I think its safe to say that its still hard to find prince charming..

Nop no can do, all must be covered no exceptions he's my PERFECT man damn it why should I compromise even in my wildest dreams?? I want the bugger to be perfect..

hehe shall I expect the delivery?

Respect is essential cuz if he respects everyone he'll respect me too..


:P I loooooooooooooooooove that show and archies don't get me started..

True "understanding" slipped my mind that is a MUST as well..

Its either you're being unrealistic or I dunno what it is.. lets assume you're a woman and you found these 4 characteristics in a man who is 140cm, 250 kilos, non-believer who curses your faith, and has 12 toes! Would you go for him? Be honest now.

As superficial and vain as it may sound but physical features are of an importance and denying them is plain silly.. At the end of the day No one not even you is that holy to set aside the importance of physical appearances.. If it wasn't important than God would of created us all alike. Yet each was created with different features that defines a his/her character and overall package..


Nooooooooooo its amazing.. I have a new found respect for B the man knows his shows.. its a fabulous show WATCH IT! My teen years consisted of watching M*A*S*H* and Star Trek *blushing*.. yes I'm a trekie :P

the lazy ass falls under him being a man's man.. he needs to be into his work and good at it.. oh what you do not know is that each of those points has sub-points in them :p My list would be 2 meters long if I listed everything :D

As for the adoring part well Girl plz its FourMe here without even mentioning it he's gona be head over heels over me :P (ignore me I'm hyper)

Read My Lips


shoosha said...

to a man's man
*raises her coke*

Silver said...

hhmmm ur list is verrryyy similar to my list especially the white pretty boy part. Hope u find ur prince soon! I know I wont! A7san walla, cheers to single girls!

ZaMaHReeR said...

you girls etb6oon ilchabd.. etnrfzoon il wa7id.. kila tetshar6oon :@
even if u found the man u want.. u might not be the one he wants.. ymkin ekoon 3inda mowa9afat thanya mo mawjoda fekom!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

to the MAN'S MAN,
come out come out wherever you are...

FourMe said...

*Raises her mini Abraaj water bottle* Cheers babe!

ain't lookin for one unless one drops from the sky into my lap :p the list is for a hypothetical prince chamring.. screw men.. cheers to singlehood ;)

Who stepped on your toes heheh chill mate.. Us women are picky little morons who say we want this and that but the second a man shows us a kind heart and affection the lists go out the window :P that's insider info don't tell no one.. hope the ladies won't gang up on me and beat the crap out of me :D

Dude I'm sure you have an ideal woman in your mind too.. its not about one wanting the other its about what you would envision for your partner to have..

Fine you really really wanna know what are my MAIN characteristics for a man must acquire for me to consider spending the rest of my life with.

-Kind heart
-My match mentally

that's it.. for all I care he can even be from Trinidad and Tabago as long as he has the above he's good to go.. but if you want characteristics of prince charming then the main post stands as I see the Alpha male in my eyes.. Happy NOW??

My vision of perfection does not exist.. he ain't coming out of no where :/

K.D said...

-Kind heart
-My match mentally"

AHAAAAA!!.. you DID make it!!.. i mean i DID make it!

you'll get in my 6 stages plan b program.. i hope you make it!

ok.. i'm gonna need a copy of your id.. and two recent photos 6x4.. sign here.. here.. and here!!
and... you are set!!

now.. bout the "my match mentally".. we're talkin bout archie here, right?!
don't worry.. the complete collection is being shipped as we're speakin.. i should finish them all before the next weekend!!

Âme said...

If he is understanding, he wouldn't curse my faith.

About 140cm or 250Kg and a non-believer is definitely not a matter to me.

Who said, 140cm and 250Kg is unacceptable.

Trust me, I am honest.

~ Soul

P.S: If hes 250, I would be on top :)

..::Amu::.. said...

like I said he is coming on the way just taking a U - Turn next to your house ;p

Meticulous said...

i had this discussion with my friend today and realize half way throught my list that i never mentioned anything about saad !! hehe