Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Locked, Bolted, And Shut!

  • My brain is not functioning so don't blame me if I don't make sense..
  • Was leaving the house this afternoon and to my utter SHOCK I find my mothers key in the key hole on the outside of the door!! Asked to check if she went out today and she said No! SO apparently Mummzy God bless her forgot her key on the outside of the door from yesterday evening!! Meaning anyone passing by could of turned the key came in took what he/she want while we're in the house sleeping!!! I was speechless I had nothing to say the only thought that came into my head was what would of happened if a rapist or a mass murderer passed by the house! For fuck sake this is LONDON it ain't so safe you know!! Bloody hell been saving myself for 27 years don't wanna bloody loose it over a key forgotten in a damn door!!
  • Greyshorts posted this earlier today in her blog and as most of you don't have access (HaHa) I thought I'd share it :P Grey forgive me dear for not asking for your permission to plagiarize you're post but the video is quite amazing! Its disturbing yet so so RIGHT.. Hell that's exactly how I feel.. Its a MUST SEE!

Who's Gonna Save My Soul? - Gnarls Barkley


Eschew Obfuscation said...


English, dammit! English!

jesterat314 said...

hehe.. awal shy.. title 3ajeeeb lol
thaneyan.. i know london thieves.. they'll probably lock the door for you and slide the key under the door.. no? :)

Âme said...

Well portrayed.

That's exactly whats gonna happen when you give yourself completely and the receiver does not know what to do.

~ Soul

Soul said...


yakser el 5a6er el heart :/

Grey said...

Beautiful song ..

crazed said...

I liked it and I can really related and I like how they conveyed this experience that apparently everyone (on safat)'seemingly' goes through in this one short image rich video.

crazed said...

*and I can really relate to it

Amethyst said...

Your mom!


And love the video.. I hope I don't experience that;\

shoosha said...

omg change the key thing... dont mean to scare you bas 3addi someone sawa copy oo rad 7a66a

Traveleer said...

No. The English are civilised, they just cut eachother with knives these days and beat you up just for the heck of it. But if you live on Edgeware road don't worry you have the protection of your fellow Arabs.

Ruby Woo said...

This video was disturbingly amazing!

..::Amu::.. said...

Disturbing video!!

FourMe said...

When you speak it you'll understand it ;)

Shokran.. haha nice one.. so you were part of their society :p


Bacteria Girl:
etha hal heart kesar kha6rich 3ayal shtgoolen 3an my heart..

Sure is..

Where the hell have you been dude??

Exactly! I'm so grounding her!

Inshalaa you'll never go through it

That's what I thought! hehe I even examined the key to see if there were any scratches on it.. lame I know..

lol well put! Seems like they're enjoying the stabbing scene more.. More like fear your fellow Arabs more than your fellow Englishmen.. I'm no where near them..

Agreed, agreed, and damn agreed!!

No dear amazing video.. now out of all people I thought you'd appreciate it the most!

Soul said...

entay galbech emsawi eb galbi nafs el video wallah :/

A Journal Entry said...

wow il video 3ajeeb!
loved it alot

eshda3wa said...

was ur mama as horrified as u ?

├J o u j a┤™ said...

omg the video !!!!
y5re3 i couldnt see the rest :S

Squirreliya said...

weeeeeh rabbich setaaar ;p

and the video sejj disturbing bs 3ajeeb ..3jaabni ;D

Fashionated said...

aaaah no comment :(

FourMe said...

la tkhaleeni aglibha 3aza al7een.. sktay 3ani :/

its amazing..

she was more terrified at me having a go at her than her forgetting the key..

min 9ejich! Its amazing, put the hear ripping aside, what's not being said is what's heartbreaking.. Watch IT!

7adaaa.. 7adaa eyanin..

Come give us a hug *Open arms*

greyshorts said...

ee walla disturbing and healthy ! the heart likes broccoli

FourMe said...

don't you think the broccoli resembles a flower at some point? heart picked it up and stood right in front of her.. aww aint' the heart heartbreaking..

ok FourMe shut up you make no sense..

Um Mit3ib said...


wentay ... stop over reacting 3ala a key:P ma sar feekom shay bs khalas;p

desretpalms said...

omggg you must live in a very safe neighbourhood! thankk godd nothing happend to you and your mum, Allah 7imaakom

FourMe said...

tabeeny an6ir lain ey9eer w 3ogbha I over react!

ee el7amdila no one noticed.. ya its very quiet around that's why..

Meticulous said...

that video hits close to home.

FourMe said...

its a heart breaker :/