Sunday, 17 August 2008

Life Gives & Life Takes

Dear Life,

You are being very VERY mean to me and I don't deserve it!
I suggest you give me a damn break..

Your Innocent Soul,

p.s. Life..


Oranjina fadidra said...

sho2 gun

I repeat USE life don't give let her use you!

desertpalms said...


FourMe said...

Oran fad:
Life's a bitch that's all I have to say..

hehe you made me laugh :* no the thesis is safe..

desertpalms said...

akhhhh i was gonna burst into tears for you =) alhamdulilahh. sorry bout the other stuff though..hope life looks up soon, you deserve a change of luck

Delicately Realistic said...

Haw....ish9ar ?!

Anonymous said...

ya far7a matamat :\

life you suck big time

Anonymous said...
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FourMe said...

God imagine! I would of committed suicide of anything happened to the thesis.. :)

galat'ha Anony, ya far7a ma tamat.. Life happened..

Mn gaalb ma tamat 7ata ma 3ada 24 hours.. el7amdila 3ala kil 7al elmohim I finished :)

crazed said...

why don't you give me your thesis for safe-keeping in case... something happens to your paper.

seriously, I know my opinion means a lot to you bas ya3ni shda3wa I'm not that harsh of a critique and I don't think it's that bad... or is it?

ok I was going to say something else bas nasait... kila minich.

crazed said...


lol I'm laughing.


Anonymous said...

ohh hunn!! .. m'7alif as u said el7mdilla 3ala kil 7al aham shaye ena el wa7id eb 9i7a w 3afya .. hope every thing else goes well jst give it a time .. walla walla walla wish you all the happiness in life u deserve it girl;*

Anonymous said...

its m. ;) hehe 4got 2 put my letter!

FourMe said...

If and that's IF all goes well my baaaby will be submitted tomorrow.. so its ok she's safe.. hehe dude I've saved her every where possible in fear that somethin happens and I lose her..

hell I think I'm failing it but who gives a damn I have renounced my days of perfectionism.. I'm too friggin beat to care anymore..

ok I didn't get the 2nd comment.. forgive me I'm a tad dazed today.. brain over occupied :/

Anonymous M.:
el7amdilaa.. its just sometime you'd like to he happy for at least 24 hours but hey what can one do :) alf el7amdila.. damn I sound so depressing :/

thank you hun honestly so sweet of you :) makes one feels a bit special which is very much needed in my case :p

no need for itI have become an expert in identifying the M. attitude ;)

├J o u j a┤™ said...

galha majeed "o hakatha el denya tedoor"

o galat'ha thekra "yoom leek o yoom 3laik"

i hate life as well,

hmm lets do something about it !!!!

FourMe said...

eho wain elyoum ely ly?? ma sheft youm ly kila 3alaay :/

I don't hate it I simply dislike it very very much..

they say you make your own luck.. I'm working on mine ya ana ya eho.. I'll let you know if I changed my luck and turned it around..

KTDP said...

I've never had any people skills ..... no biggie ;)

K.D said...

i wonder if life ever got the time to read the letters we wrote?!

ummmm... i wonder!

Silver said...

and do u know WHY life sucks? ha? cuz u called Arsenal players crackheads!

Life doesn't suck! it's fair! (to those who love arsenal only);p;p;p

Âme said...

Life sucks for Arsenal fans too.

~ Soul

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

hawneeha o et.hoooooooooon inshalla ;*

crazed said...


Big Pearls said...

when was life fair?

Silver said...

When one becomes an Arsenal fan;p then life is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

Ruby Woo said...

Life is a manipulative whore

crazed said...


Cookies said...

hehe funny replies :P

fourme .. tawech ur all happy n everything, latkadreen urself, ma teswa !=)

f7ee7eely said...

{وَتِلْكَ الأَيَّامُ نُدَاوِلُهَا بَيْنَ النَّاسِ}

crazed said...

wow i wake up to find...


< is disappointed and wiping away drops of water that mysteriously and suddenly appeared on his very manly beard...


Coconut said...

Start thinking positive thoughts and the universe will give you what you want.

focus on what you want, not what you don't want.

ya3ne mathalan etha matabeen ez3aaj, you have to think:
I want quiet. NOT I don't want noise. because then you will atract more of what you don't want..

I tryed it.. the power of atraction really does work, but u need to be in touch with yourself first you need to find your inner core of peace. it takes plenty of practice bas when you get there it really does make a difference!

Coconut said...

lol i just read my comment.. hahahaa i need to cut back on readin those psyc books!

no but seriously .. it works :P

Fastidious Babe said...

hey.. u really have a say in it more than you think u do.. hope things are turning around for u now xx

Anonymous said...

hello hun ... hope ur ok ;* mt3wda 3alech u post every day!
god bless u

Anonymous said...

7ata ana bedait a7ate! .. weenech ya bent!

3asa el mane3 khair :\

FourMe said...

guess life goes on..

she'd smack us across the face :/

Piss off you arsenal lover.. 7ada qa63 3lqaat ely baina..

hope they burn in hell..

3ala goltich..


couldn't agree MORE!

what to do dear.. was annoyed that I didn't get to enjoy my happy moment..


Now Now wipe away them droplets of water that are running across your cheekbones.. FourMe is here *offers her sleeves to Crazed so he can wipe away them tears*

its not about me and my luck.. its more of the luck of other people.. and I worry about everyone.. so till I stop caring about people around me nothing will change..

fastidious babe:
lets hope it turns around soon ..

Anonymous M:
Ohh thank you deary for asking.. was a bit busy.. I think you're gona have to adapt to me not posting on a daily basis for a while :/

Ya ba3ad 6owayif ahaly entaay :* adri ma tgdreen et3esheen mn doony :p

Anonymous said...

I have had bad luck for the past decade or more - I do send out positive thoughts and live in harmony with the universe bas mako fayda, if you figure something out kindly let me know.

FourMe said...

some people aren't meant to be happy in their lives, I'm guessing I'm one of those people so don't hold your breath cuz I won't come up with any solutions any time soon..

Anonymous said...

noo I refuse to accept this situation, am a good person, therefore deserve some positive karma back.. keep your chin up, you have had happy encounters lately havn't you =)

FourMe said...

I'm a good person too but that doesn't mean a thing.. No not really.. if you count couple hours of relief a happy encounter then yes but apart from that.. nothing!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* your words struck me and really hit a mark, are some people really not meant to be happy?– am I destined to live like this, are we really in charge of making our own destiny?! one thing I know for sure is that I refuse to live a damned life…hmm I think I'll go put on some lippy, who am I kidding going to listed to Radiohead

FourMe said...

some say you can make your own luck.. even though maybe you can influence your life to take a certain path yet whether you are meant to be happy or unhappy I believe that is in God's hands and its not a blessing that everyone will experience..

Anonymous said...

no wonder I have so many shoes, I have found heaven on earth- known as the boudoire decorated store, what have I ever done to upset the gods/universe

FourMe said...

hehehhe you should see my shoe collection and that would prove to you how pissed off with life I am :p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

this post is sooo adorable!

FourMe said...