Saturday, 16 August 2008

Let the Games Begin..

Nothing makes the heart flutter like watching football.. Premiership has kicked off baaaaaby!! Even though I'm having to watch the crackheads Arsenal play just because I missed the whole feel of the game.. Ohh I'm happy happy HAPPY footie season has commenced :D

Now I shall enjoy my cup of tea while watching footie.. YaaaaY *giddy*

p.s. I FourMe HATE the arse Arsenals with passion..
p.s.s. Update.. match ended..
1-0 against West Bromwich Albion!! hahaha fags oh and a goal min 5!! That tells you what kind of a season they will have.. Die DIEEEEEE you arses!!


Ruby Woo said...

...And did those boots of Arsenal's team
Walk upon Highbury's turf so green?
And did they play with great esteem
The best football we've ever seen?

And with a cannon on our chest
We play with heart, mind, and zest
And we are proud to be Arsenal
In Victory Through Harmony...

FourMe said...

Girl put a sock in it!! I was about to delete your comment but left it cuz I like you.. now I suggest you don't aggravate me I have a long day ahead.. and don't wana kick it off with smashing your head through the window :D

Squirreliya said...

3asa doom u haaaappy ;p

Ruby Woo said...

But just yesterday I was by your side beating the crap out of the "thesis". Now you wanna smash my head through a window?

*makes puppy face along with a tear streaming down her left cheek*

jesterat314 said...

hehe.. ruby dayman 3ajbatni.. zeen itsaween feeha..

Big Pearls said...

I am not a football person..sorry

Shoush said...

*whistling a tune*

..::Amu::.. said...

Wohooo so its the football that has made u cheer up :D

likeairillrise said...

I don't have a television yet... so keep me updated on the scores! :) GOOOOO ARSENAL!

Fashionated said...

tara ana a7ebech la etkhaleena enemies :P

crazed said...

i was drinking tea and watching this as well, what are the odds.

crazed said...

what happened to ayam awal where you used to reply so fast, pfft

*moves on to a more interesting, better serviced blog*


FourMe said...

3an el7ana ezaydaa.. I'm writing the damned conclusion that's why I ain't replying but I have to say your little comments are coming as good in between breaks..

crazed said...

stop it you're embarrassing me :teehee:

so i was at sly-dur stay-shin today and saw a couple of females and i was like ' 4me'?

enzain fo'real sen' me a copy of yo' script so i can like..... dig it

and perhaps infuse it with bits and pieces of my vast intellect.

just sign the paper as scarlett johhansen or jessica alba

FourMe said...

I see you are insisting on distracting me..

How about FourMe is not in the same continent as you are let alone be in same place. Plus you would find me in Kanary in Hawalli or some khabaz in a jam3iya these are my places.. you would certainly not find me in Slider station seeing I still haven't graced it with my presence nor planning onto..

Only if you let me sign it as Angelina Jolie :p

crazed said...

distracting or motivating?

Oh that's right you're in jolly ol' london, sorry landan.
You're a woman of exquisite taste, similarly you'll find me in a neighboring mr.baker demanding a free sample of their latest assortment of cakes.

I hope u don't take me for one of those pompous porche-driving, gucchi wearing boys with the short shorts and the awesome goatee who go to sliders every evening to try their luck. it was my first time.

im trying to help u with the paper but w/e

crazed said...

o and AJ isnt pretty, she's a stick.

FourMe said...

motivating once every hour.
distracting once every ten minutes.

Oh my oh my is my taste being praised! hahah 'free sample' that my friend is what I call 'cheap skate' lol! you made me laugh with that one cheers..

'awesome goatee' someone is jealous of them pretty boys I see..

As for the AJ comment I shall ignore cuz now is no time to get in a heated debate seeing my mind has gone blank again and I can be easily swayed away from writing..

crazed said...

Wow so either way, I'm in your mind every ten minutes and every hour. I'm flattered.

Your taste is being praised because Canary (not kanary) is the best when it comes to shwarmas.

I'm not a cheap skate, but merely an enterepeneur of fine cuisine. I'm not a alcohol guggling Western crusader so no cheers to you but hakuna matata?

I'm only jealous because my moustache and goatee never connect.

You're not ignoring but running away beacuse you know I'm right, she used to be purdy' and I can have that effect on people. besides, think of me as a way of refreshing your mind so you can go back to your chai libton and coby basting.

crazed said...

oh and just to keep you updated, im watching ' to catch a predator' on u-tube

it's quite funny.

FourMe said...

No correction.. you're not on my mind you're forcing your way into my mind by popping a comment every so often.. don't flatter yourself on my expense..

'cheers' does not insinuate glasses clicking together.. its another form of gratitude..

are there no other damsels awake at this hour that you could converse with and leave me be?

p.s. I only have my liBton once a day..

I suggest you watch this he's quite the cracker

crazed said...

fiesty and hostile, just like how I remembred you, your nice streak towards me was too good to be true

it's origins suggest otherwise

you answered your own question with that, the answer revolving around the hour. also i chased them all away and you're all that's left.

you should have libton twice a day.

it's loaded and I shall watch it after I consume a kinder bueno.

FourMe said...

thanx babe :)

p.s. miss our sowalif..

When to comes to footie ma3arf omi w oboy.. start supporting there right teams or else!

ako a7ad dazik 3alay bs 3ashan et3il galbi?

hMmm note to self: Must convert pearls into a football fan..

better not be what I think it is!

you know it amu, its all of them men in tiny shorts that gets me going :p

hMmmm not liking you :/ switch teams and I'll update you.. btw there are channels online that you can watch the matches on..

I like you too so I say switch teams :D

crazed maniac:
you can always count on me to maintain consistency in aggression :D

one libton during regular days.. during rmthan ma6arat echai ma t6ee7 mn 7ethny..

hehe did you find any toys in the bueno :p oh how was it? he cracks me up everytime..