Friday, 15 August 2008

I Beg Of You KILL ME!!

The battle is still ON..

Move Bitch- Ludacris


Ruby Woo said...

Move BITCH (a.k.a thesis) get out the way!!!!

f7ee7eely said...

from the title of this post it seems to me that you threw in the towel --

fourme affa 3laiich bss shino thesis maa thesis yuba I am sure its just a piece of cake to you -- stop whining and start working on it

Meticulous said...

intay bes 3a6eeeeni "alooo" !
and ill back you up sister !..
im assuming theres a cat fight ?

FourMe said...

You tell her woo..

Like hell I did!! I will finish the damn thing one way or the other.. I have never pushed myself so much to finish something as much as I am doing now and there is no way in hell that I'm giving up.. though there are moments where I wish I could :/

If I don't whine and bitch and complain I won't be FourMe.. I do all of the above then get the job done..

Yes dear we're ganging up on my thesis and beating the crap out of it or to be more accurate ripping it to pieces..

Cookies said...

aaah goodluck ?! i think :P