Saturday, 2 August 2008

I am in a Crappy Mood..

Tagged by Ghadoor and Palomino


Name: FourMe
Birthday: 1981
Major: InterBITCHINGnationl RelPISSINGations


Boys Name: Sulaiman
Girls Name: Jana
Fruit: Mango
Veggie: Corn
Fast Food Place: McDonalds
Cartoon Character: Pebbles from Flintstones
Animal: Elephant and Penguin
Ice Cream: Chocolate Moose Royal from Baskin Robbins

Bungee Jumped:Nope afraid of heights..
Used Someone: Nope I have something called morals and ethics
Had Bloody Nose: Yup..
Played Truth or Dare: Nope..
Been in a physical fight: Nope I'm way too classy for that..
Broken a bone: Almost..
Broken the law: Yes I have.

Laughed and why? At the Tv
Hugged someone and whom? Mum
Received a call and from whom? My aunty aka my 2nd mother..
Received a message and from whom? I didn't receive any msgs today..
Used a Pen and wrote what? Used a pen to tie my hair..
Took a shower? 7:04pm
Put Make-Up on? this afternoon.. powder k7il lip gloss
Rode a Bike: I don't know how to ride a bike.. I have no balance..

Your Family: My life
Your Home: A roof over my head
Your Friends: Use you for their gain
Yourself: A person who has been through shit from the get go..
Your Birthday: My day.. a beginning of a new year..
Your Mobile: Something that he gave me and I can't let go of it..
Your Laptop: My connection to the outside world..
Blogging: A window into my life..

Thinking: I should study..
Smelling: My nose is blocked..
Watching: Big Brother 9
Listening: To the Tv
Feeling: In pain.. toothache..
Wearing: Black Pj's
Waiting for: Ra7mat Alaah
Hating: My toothache
Missing: Him..
Worried About: Failing and by the way I will.. and him..
Planning: Nothing..
Sitting In: Living room..
Annoyed with: Life..

Make you happy: Watching my team play and seeing my loved ones being happy..
That you're obsessed with: My team and perfectionism..
Make you sad: Child abuse and Animal abuse..
You hate: Racism and Cruelty
That we don't know about you: I'm a wild child tamed.. I don't know how to write Arabic (except for my first name)
That you did today: Went shoe hunting and couldn't find the bitch..
That you're good at: Self control and keeping a secret..
That Hurt: When people you trust back stab you..

Tell us something you're "3ax el nas" about: I read the newspaper from the sports page onwards
Can you play any instruments? Nope
List 4 things that are less than 3 meters away from you: 2 tv remotes, one of my dolls, mobile, msba7 and couple of more objects..
If you were to make a movie about yourself. What would it be called? The Struggle of the Fragile
Have you ever been told you look like someone, if yes who? Aishwariya Rai but I think they were blind
What bad habits do you have? Extreme anger that scares full grown men..
If you could have one day being the opposite gender, what would you do? Get laid.. Analyse all matters from a males perspective..
Any last words? I omitted couple of questions because this tag is too damn long.. I wrote this and forgot to post it.. My mind has officially left me..

FINISHED AT: 12:02am

Note to Delicately Realistic: The side of my hand is still numb but the pain is gone.. What shall I do? and don't tell me to go to a doctor..


├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

try to get out of your crappy mood 7ayati ;*

and thnx for doing the tag ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

waiting for: ra7mat Allah

7abbbbbbbaaaaaaiiiiittttt!! :D

Um Mit3ib said...

get laid :P


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

fourme darling,
i gotta bounce,
so i hope you feel better soon hun ;**

stay safe babe :)

FourMe said...

I'm trying but it ain't budging :/
now promise me this is the last time you tag me :p

take care honey.. you shall be missed :*

hehhehe :p

Squirreliya said...

laazim al3ab truth or dare weyach :p sejj ena el li3ba feeha fathaye7 bs i love it :p

FourMe said...

and that my dear is why I don't play it ;)

sweetd said...

hehe it's interesting how the answers differ from each can learn alot about others :D...anyways I did it too :P I didn't mind :D

FourMe said...

I couldn't be bothered to do the long version so I shortened it :P
Yup if one looks closely they can understand a person from their tags..

Miss H said...

just a random thought:
okay so to you if Family means Life.. and Life annoys u..
That means Family annoys you!
9a7?? i was never good @ the if A is to B questions ;Pp

lol @ ur major.. very creative way to put it ;)

some tag posts r boring, but this one was entertaining ;)

FourMe said...

Miss H:
haha well done girl.. good observation ;)

hehe thank you dear..

Grey said...

lol ! even i begin from the sports page...

FourMe said...

Yaay you're just as abnormal as I am!