Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I'm fucking tired fucking tired fucking tired mother fucking tiredddddd!! Fucking fuck it enough is ENOUGH!! For fuck sake I'm FUCKING TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!



OK I calmed the fuck down.. But I'm still tired and still cranky.. and extremely tired and can't sleep.. I'm surprised I haven't lost it yet and gone insane.. I'm fucking sleep deprived I haven't slept right at allllllllllll for the past 2 weeks.. and yesterday I was literally about to collapse from how tired I was and STILL couldn't sleep much and was up earlier than usual! I'm SO tired walaa dead tired I just want to sleep and sleep like a fuckin baby :(

Dunno what the frenchy is saying but I love Blunt so I'm loving this song..

Je realise - Sinik ft. James Blunt



Squirreliya said...


├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...


take a deep breath

now whats wrong :\

take a break to clear

and leave me the hell alone ;\

Ruby Woo said...


jesterat314 said...


shoosha said...

9a7 elsaanich!!

Balqees said...

ooh i think some one is tired here

i can feel a negative vibe

sweeti i hope u'll feel better soon :D

Eulalia said...

ummm....i know this sounds crazy but did you try....i dont know....maybe...something like......SLEEEEPING??

Anonymous said...

Ur cranky n tired cz of nt slping;/ i'll tell u wt and it will work inshalla! put some qur'an b4 u slp n dnt think of anything o inshalla inshallaa u'll sleep like a baby;*
hope u feel well soon :)

Cookies said...

7e6ay qura'an on n get ur self all comfy in bed .. get all the bad thoughts out ..good thoughts in.. n try to get some rest !

Hope u feel better ..

Âme said...

Sleep FourMe.

~ Soul

Âme said...

Never EVER say F*** Education.

Its a damn insult to what you are.

~ Soul

f7ee7eely said...

take it fucking easy !!

Vixen said...

>___________< !! ure scary sometimes.. i hope you're ok now.. inshallah nemtay oo kaleetay oo mrta7a ;****

FourMe said...


What's not wrong?

Right ON!

Oh its unleashing.. I suggest you take cover..


Negative allllll the way..
thank you dear..

that's the problem the lack of sleep..

Anonymous M.:
Exactly :( wala dear I tried everything mako fayda I can't get my brain to stop working :/
thank you sweetheart..

Thank you dear..

I cannot sleep! Screw education!! Its it fault that I'm going insane..

Easy said my friend..

Really :/ its written and you think I'm scary you should see how I am when I'm in that mood then say scary :/

el7amdila managed to sleep a bit so feelin a bit better now thanx dear :*

Vixen said...

hehehe laa i was just joking ;** glad u're feeling better hun

FourMe said...

No joke vix I scare myself sometimes!! I swear you'd think a girl wouldn't be able to have this much anger in her but when hell breaks loose its damn scary..

Me is scared from Me :/

crazed said...

this is i find attractive

Âme said...

Dont drag me on the line of Bull..

Excuse yourself..

~ Soul

likeairillrise said...

I fucking love that song!!! :)

Get some sleep...

Coconut said...

stop drinkin cofee or any other cns stimulant.. exercise .. take a nice long warm bath b4 bed.. and u'll sleep like a baby :)

happy dreams ;)

FourMe said...

Have to admit its a tad on the vulgar end but hey what ever pushes your buttons..

It ain't bull.. it is what it is..

Me lovin it quite a bit.. What is this sleep you speak of.. where can one find it?

No stimulants at all.. I'm up cuz my brain doesn't want to shut up :/ showers before bed wake me up..

crazed said...

Have to admit its a tad on the vulgar end but hey what ever pushes your buttons..

Regarding vulgarity, you mean this post of yours or my comment?

FourMe said...

My post :)
I know when I'm being vulgar and that's one vulgar post.. my bad for not being able to control my frustration..

crazed said...

“Oppose not rage while rage is in its force, but give it way a while and let it waste.”

William Shakespeare

Shoush said...

Ahh.. James Blunt. A7iba hal insan.

Salamtich alf salama. Yala mita it5al9een dirastich?!

Oranjina Fadidra said...

hahaha gosh you cracked me up :p

9a7 ilsanich @#$%^ education and educators infinity gazillion times

FourMe said...

I thank you for attempting to dignify my anger and rage with a Shakespearean quote.. makes it seem less vulgar now :)

much appreciated..

amot feeh.. Its gona finish me off before I finish it :(

Oran Fad:
Glad to be of service.. No I like educators I just hate education :/