Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Down with the Arse's!

Ygoolich eshmata mo zaina ya Fashionated!

Arsenal got smacked 1-0 hehehehhehe they did NOT draw but they LOST :D

I FourMe am announcing a war against Fashionated that shall remain for the whole season!

Bring it On girlie

May the BEST team WIN and that is OUR team..

You're SO going down :D


Anonymous said...

waleeeeeeeeeen radeena 3ala el ashya'a eli ma afhamha :(

enzain laish meskeena she's going down ??
ana badafe3 3anha :@

*puts on her warrior suit and stand against FourMe*

*etgol eb galbha yuma la amot!*

FourMe said...

You're standing against me?!? Massssssssssssshy edwach 3indy ya Anony..

Anonymous said...

haa laa laa .. mino gal .. bs im helping fashionated.

laa im .. haa .. e7em

Zon? help ..


Âme said...

Joins FourMe against the battle with the "Anyway going to lose lamers"

Do I have to even fight?

They are ALREADY down.

~ Soul

ZaMaHReeR said...

i don't like the kids team (aka arsenal) except their spanish player cuz he is spanish as i said, fabrigas.

"May the BEST team WIN and that is OUR team"
you and me know that team (don't worry no one knows except me), and they are gonna lose woman, cuz they suck!
the last round they won. mabrok :P

Anonymous said...

yuma menech Ame :|

for what you said I AM GOING TO FIGHT :@


Zon ay part men help you didnt get ?

Âme said...

Anony pie,

Why don't we sit and see the show and you can see the ARSE-nal is going to show their multi-talented freak show and you are going to taste the disaster.

How sure i am of that.. ask my mentor.

Bring it on baby...

Let your nightmare begin..

~ Soul

Anonymous said...


i have absolute no idea on what you're saying!

Âme said...


~ Soul

Hasan.B said...

I am so with you on this one! Dont care wether I am related to her or not! She passed the line by choosing such a filthy team! Damn you arses!

Anonymous said...

im sad because i didnt get it, and im fighting all alone for i dont know what cause!

why are you?

Ruby Woo said...

Mino yabeeni on his team? I'm so up for a fight.



Anyone?? :(

Anonymous said...

anaa anaaa


Ame with FourMe ..ana sefeet ebro7e .. FIGHT WITH ME AGAINST THEM !!

Ruby Woo said...

ANONYYY!!! We're the Dynamic Duo.

Now that i'm with you.. they're SOO going down!

bas what's it about bithab6??

AME/FOURME.. you better watch your backs, you hear?

Anonymous said...


wala el sara7a madre .. FourMe is announcing the was against Fashointed chan takser kha6re gelt adafe3 3anha ..

you know i've experienced hte ANGRY/KILLIBG FourMe and what she's capable of .. chan takser kha6re el bent 7aram :(



Âme said...

Do I hear a lot of empty vessels making loads of noise ?

~ Soul

Vixen said...

warzone minee!!


*is scared again* :P

K.D said...

ok.. wow!

can i repeat that..
ok.. wow!
it's like i'm havin a deja vu here..

i'm not a gooners fan!!
i like their game though.. a lil bit less since henry left.. but they still pull it out!

HOWEVER!!.. when it comes to the devils.. they don't stand a freakin chance.. NO one does..!

so if ya talkin bout the devils side here.. then count me in.. if not.. then i'll just take the better team's side! :p

ZaMaHReeR said...

anony how would i know that you asked for help.. speak louder next time!!
but sorry.. i will be Switzerland.. i don't want to lose my life in this battle, im still young!
maskina fourme ma tadre enich emsawya enqilab 3aliha bil post... i can't do u anything, except giving u an advice::
RUNNNNNN, run like u never ran before!

Anonymous said...

ZON shakli i will .. since Ruby lafat wayeha o meshat 3ani :(

i'm al alone now :""(



yeah 6al eb 3eeni

zwena said...

ma3ali sister


FourMe said...

Girl are you insane or are you insane? tell me which is it?? Do you even know what you got yourself into?!

1. Its a Footie battle which is not for the faint hearted.

2. Its for FOOTBALL FANATICS only!

3. Baby you wouldn't last 5 minutes in my hands! So who exactly are you taking down my little one??

4. Go sit in the corner before I show the maniac side of FourMe.

5. Fashionated brought it upon herself when she did a little shmata post.

No need for the fight we can just sit and watch them as they sink.. true it will be a 9 month wait but it will be worth every second to watch them destroy themselves yet AGAIN.. the little one doesn't know what she's talking about.. I shall leave her to you to deal with her while I wait for Fashionated's arrival..

NOW WE'RE TALKING! we finally agree on something regarding football.. no see not even calling them kids team does them justice.. you need something more degrading and humiliating to call them by.. I can't come up with anything better than the Arse's it suits them don't ya think?

hehehe of course who else would know.. but tell me again shall I tattoo the disclaimer across my forehead or across my neck?

You're right for standing down in this one cuz its gona be messy I tell ya ;)

What's wrong with you!! Why don't you teach her some sense hell slap it into her!! How could you let her support such (forgive my vulgarity) wankers!! I swear if I had a cousin who supports the arse's I'll disown his arse!

FourMe said...

WOman why whyyyyy get yourself into this? I like you don't let the tables turn on you! I suggest you let go of little whacked out anony's hand and just sit this one out..

hahahhaha I keep on scaring you don't I :/ I promise I'll be more feminine more often.. dunno how but damn it I'm gona be feminine!

Y they shot themselves in the foot by selling Henry.. twats selling their best player and hoping to win silverware morons don't even know that Henry was carrying the whole team.. Hell he was a one man show!

Ohh a man who knows his football! I'm impressed.. Finally someone that understands the game..


not you too!

Soul said...

mabi mabi mabiiiiiiiiiiiiii

FourMe said...

Ma tabeen shino?

Fashionated said...


ok a7ebech bas BRING IT ON :P

Fashionated said...

wow ok just read previous comment u started a war sej :P

thank u anonymous for ur support :))))

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooooooooL I am not so keen on Arsenal too hehehe.. My brother is a big fan *pissed off* He even made his son wear arsenal shirts.. Ya3ni shako yimkin el walad ma yabi! looooool he says mo kaifa.. Walla 7ala!

FourMe said...

Fashionated/The ENEMY:
I don't take footie matters lightly :p hehehe ya baby its ON! We shall have a meeting here once a week of taking the piss out of each other till the end of season.

Nooo Anony is out of it.. she does not know footie..

Oh my God and you still call him your brother! I say take the nephew under your wings and teach him about real football not the arse's..

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL he likes everything I don't.. I hae 5 brothers, one is an Arsenal fan, 1 is a Tottenham Fan, 2 Newcastle fans and wa7ed madri shino salfitah he likes out of league teams and thinks those big teams shayfeen ro7hom.. he cheers Queens Park Rangers and believes one day they will win something loool Poor fella!

FourMe said...

Mashalaa.. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at QPR fan!! hahhahaha at one point I thought of switching to them out of frustration :P between you and I they ain't bad lol but I won't bet money on them winning anything worthy in this life time..

N. said...

enzain sheno el nateja? (I obviously missed a lot here..)