Friday, 22 August 2008

Being Good Isn't Always Easy!

Personally I prefer it in Aretha's voice but for those of you who wanna see some leg I suggest you watch the first one.. I think I have a weird taste in music :/

Son of a Preacher Man- Joss Stone

Son of a Preacher Man- Aretha Franklin

p.s. still in need of more best of luck wishes.. so get your arse to the post below this one and wish me some damn good luck..
p.s.s. When I say I'm gona post less I post more! Go figure.. Women ay!!
p.s.s.s. FourMe gotta go out now.. If I don't report back..know that the lack of sleep and road rage has led me to kill some innocent morning person.. Ok I'm pissing off because I really really do not know what the fuck I'm saying..

Good Bloody Morning To You Morning Buggers..


Big Pearls said...

Good morning to you fourme..come back safe:)

Grey said...

If you look closer thats the ass print which i dragged to wish you 'good luck '

Please drive safe .

A Journal Entry said...

good luck! ;)

f7ee7eely said...


yaaaaa saaaater

Anonymous said...

yallla sabaa7 khair :\

Oranjina fadidra said...

yeah go figure 9ij women.. me too aretha bint frank MazaaJ

FourMe said...

Evening pearly.. got back in one piece

cheers mate, appreciated :)

shokran :)

7adaa ya saaater.. la wil majaaz lal7en gafil so make it a double ya saater :/


oran fad:
7adha mazaaaaj

ZoN said...

mabrook 3al thesis .. oo nawartay il q8.. im so happy for u girl.. bs law etshaj3en madrid or milan i will be in love with u!
i will be back to comment later.. just wanted to send u my congrats. :DD

FourMe said...

eybaaaarik feek :D mnwara bwjoodik.. thanx mate lool lets simplify it and you switch to the english boys :p thanx so much dear o yala la 6awliha w ehy g9eera come back ASAP! your presence is missed :/

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

an innocent morning person is a contradiction of terms :P

FourMe said...

lol there are some civilised morning people unlike us :/