Sunday, 10 August 2008

Battle of the Champions

Wembley Stadium

Community Shield 2008

Reigning Champions
(FA Cup Champions)

Manchester United
(Premiership - Champions League Champions )

Once again the boys in red have done it! With the kick off to the 2008-2009 season they secured their first win; nothing like silverware to boost a season ay! As for the game itself the first 70 minutes were dominated by the reds aKa Red Devils while the blues aKa Blue Army attempted to defend their grounds and got into the game only the last 20 minutes. On the other hand blues goalkeeper David James did an EXCEPTIONAL job in saving some dead on goal shots. The match could have been won with a 1-0 penalty by the red devils instead it resulted in a 90min FT without any extra time (as it is not allowed in the Community Shield) and went on to a penalty shoot out to a 3-1 win..

Pompey showed that they are ready for the kick off of the EPL and are willing to put up a fight for it while the devils sent a clear message "BRING IT ON" even though there was a certain quality missing in their game, from Rooney and Ronaldo sitting the game out to inaccurate passes to the lack of strikers. Sure gonna to be an interesting season..

Yet Again CONGRATULATIONS to Man United fans!!


jesterat314 said...

Maraat adesh hal blog we 9ej yetheeg khelgi.. astaghfer allah

Ruby Woo said...


jesterat314 said...

Ruby.. sing with me.. 'You'll never walk alone'

Ruby Woo said...




alooooooooooooooooooonee.. ;)

FourMe said...

Egthib elbaab w khith Ruby ma3ak!

agi9 edy etha entay 3arfa what you're singing.

Now both of you leave me alone cuz I'm studying :(

Ruby Woo said...

yes I do. I have a brother u know!

The liverpool anthem/song or whatever it's called.

Soul said...

*wearing jester's om groon hat and eating pasta*

Ruby Woo said...

i know i'm not supposed to disturb u, but.. studying for what?

FourMe said...

matabeen ayeeblich chay aw shay barid ba3ad?

Not disturbing, seeing my head just went blank :(( writing up my damn thesis dear :/
thank you it is very much needed :*

jesterat314 said...

Ruby.. ay wa7ed yakalmch aw ye7aweel ye2atheech.. just give us a shout..
Soul.. sakhneeli shwyat pasta

Ruby Woo said...

Jesi, aww ;*
what r u doing at this very late hour?

FourMe, kamlay ur thesis

Soul, i'm hungry

FourMe said...

Do you not know how to appreciate the game regardless of the teams playing?! Just like I do.. Oh wait I forgot scousers don't understand the game itself!

trying but it ain't happening :(

Traveleer said...

Glory glory man united. The reds need a centre forward and then nobody can get near them.

I heard an English player fluffed a penalty yet again! what are those LADS good for?

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Ummm.. Football? :'(

Soul said...

*et7e6 pasta 7ag jestereo o WOo Woo*

aham shay enna 9ar thani yoom! ashkara nemt =S

foumaaaaaaaaaaaa! dersaaaaaaay ;E

FourMe said...

Good for spending the loose change apart from that they're becoming a disgrace to the game..

Yes Football aka 6ombakheya :D

9bait e7wlaa mn kethir ma draast :/

jesterat314 said...

shino nemt!? I was waiting :(

Soul said...

ee shasawee ya bo jasta! el noom sul6aaan! eshfeeha el pasta el bayta ballah??? mo a7la men kababek bo ree7a!

:::ShoSho::: said...

My brother was at that match *pissed off* He told me yesterday..

congrats to Man united ;)