Saturday, 16 August 2008

7 Down 1 to GO!!

Oh my God

Oh My God


I have reached the KNOCK-OUT stage!!!!!!

It took me two fucking days to write a 7 page IntroBITCHINduction to introduce a 12,600 word bitch ASS of a thesis!

Try writing an introduction with a blank as a white sheet head! Now that was one mother fucking destroying, torturous, aggravating, brain wrecking, nerve wrecking, and tension rising experience..

Let see how long it will take to conclude this mother fucker :/

p.s. Excuse my vulgarity but honest to God you have no idea what kind of hell I'm going through.. Its 7fuckingAM and I just finished writing.. I shall go and collapse now..

Till then I say the end is near :)


crazed said...


I would be interested in seeing your paper

and I think I see the 'similarities'

and yeah been up all night

Ruby Woo said...

I couldn't sleep either my effing sister sleeps with the light on!!!!! I wanna go back to kuwait ;(

Ooh oh and congrats on that thesis bitch of yours. Mabaghaitaay itkhalseen. You just killed that mutha fucker!! ;**

p.s lol ma6la3at my vulgarity ila min these posts of yours. I'm liking it hehe.

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Oy! Stop bitching!! ... I had to write a 75 page experimental design with about 500 words a page! Thats 35000 words! Not 1200.

Get it over with so we can bitch at each other ;p

Eschew Obfuscation said...

ruby: watch your mouth! shame on you people! .. I would expect such language from FourMe, but you guys, shame on you! ;p

Big Pearls said...

allah ye3enech dear:*

Ruby Woo said...

achu: But i'm enjoying it ;(
I can't stop now!! I'm not done yet.

desertpalms said...

good for you! when ur done u shud print out another copy and burrn baby burn. or if ur feeling more it to shreds =P anger management for free

f7ee7eely said...,+say+wealthy+neighbours/

Silver said...

i heard how !@##$%^&*&$##@!!#$%^&^ it is..

just think of it as a few steps closer to ur degree:/

good luck sweetums

FourMe said...

thanx mate.. ahh its my baby I don't share her with strangers :p

dude go get some shut eye!


Put on those eye cover things.. forgot what they're called..

the bitch ain't done yet.. hehe sorry kharabt akhlaqich

Oh my GOD! Bugger are you insulting my thesis???! hush it you and your bacteria infected germy friends..

Yes 75 pages of Petri dish A made move on Petri dish B.. while B shied away and refused the combination. Came in Petri dish C and showed off its composition to Petri Dish A making it divert its attention from Petri dish B. Petri Dish A and C hit it off instantly to make Petri dish D forming a new composition that is stronger and when put next to Petri Dish B it dissolved it with its mere existence.

There you go that wasn't hard! Wrote it in a split second.. Now try writing about the relations in the middle east taking into account all events that occurred over the period of 70 years..

welcome back.. thank you dear

damn good idea didn't think about that!! cheers darling ;)

LOOOOOOOOL no way!!!

this cracked me up!! Faisal Naif, 23, from Qatar, a passenger in a Lamborghini which went by at least four times, said: "What can I say? I cannot make the engine quieter." LOOOOOOOOOOOL badaaaa3 zain eysawii fehom ..

but seriously the traffic is hell there.. I hate the place but its a beautiful deck but they should stop bitching seeing its only gonna be that busy for couple more weeks!

its is so bitchin difficult :( FourMe is in need of a hug :(

thank you hun..