Tuesday, 12 August 2008

1 to the Right - 1 to the Left

Oriental dancing or better known as belly dancing is a form of art. Many women assume they know how to dance it yet they lack the ability to understand the rhythm of it; its not about shaking your tushy like you're being electrocuted but its about knowing how to sway with each beat, let the beat control your body and move it instead of you moving it. From the age of 6 or 7 I've been mesmerised by this form of art, I remember buying video tapes (no dvds back in the days) of belly dancers and sit and watch them for hours studying their every move over and over again. I love it simply love the talent and precision of it, one simple move off beat can throw off the whole rhythm of the dance.

It is truly an art but unfortunately not many know how to truly enjoy it and appreciate it. They think moving to a quick beat means that they are experts at it while my dears the way for one to be an expert at 'belly dancing' is while dancing to Om Kalthoom that is when this form of dance is at its epitome of perfection.

Personally I prefer the school of Tehhiya Karioka; her way of dancing may seem the easiest but in fact it is the hardest because she dances while standing in one place mostly without moving from one point to the other unlike Samiya Jamal. Those were the good olden days when this form of art was really appreciated..

First video is of a 5 year old Egyptian genius (they say she's passed away but uncertain of how accurate that information is).. While the second is of a male freak of nature..The little girl has talent that proceeds her age by far!! As for the freak, truth has to be said the arse moves quite good for a man!!

5 Year Old Dance Prodigy

Freak Show (Good stuff min 1:26.. w ni3ma elrjoola)

Courtesy of Soul Bent Ghandi

A tip: While dancing, stop, breathe, listen to the beat and resume dancing.. trust me you'll move in a different way..


Soul said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL shay moth7ek mobkeee 3ma eb 3ainaaa!

as for me! I like Sohair Zaki!! I've learned alot from her, specially her famous hip roll m3a el spining! she does it m3a b3ath mashallah 3alaihaaa! ostazaaaaaa ;)

shoosha said...

ooo both the man and the girl dont have boobs... proves to me that it isnt all about shaking 'em

Soul said...

looooooooool TITOOOO is the maaaaaaaaaan hahahahahaha 3an om shanabaaaaa

FourMe said...

Ygolich Rajol wil Rejaloo Qaleelo!

I like her too.. she can go slow to fast within a split second..wala mako ostaaza ghairich :* bs haaa etha entay ostatha ana dectora ;)

hehehhehe Rayaaaal Tittoo hatha eshoghol wla balaash..

exactly its about know how to move.. don't need the boobies nor the meat to be able to really dance..

├J o u j a┤™ said...

obeeey tito gabel cham yoom habeet feeh

YENRFNI how can he dance so well :'( i wanna dance the same

check those American girls

the real dancing will start "3:08"
watch it till the end :D

Ruby Woo said...

Ya 7athi shfeehom rijal al yom (رجال اليوم)?

That girl is too cute for words.
That guy is too hot for words. Ya 3aiini 3alaih haz mu 6abee3i!

And so true about the girls who dance just for the sake of shaking it. I keep on watching videos from youtube and I once found this show with two dancers who danced to the beat. It was amazing. So really it shows u that belly dancing is all about the beat not the shakes!

Ruby Woo said...

I think I'm in love.
FourMe what did u doo!

7afsa said...

hahaha law awari my dad the second video yogaf galbaa! :p

Anonymous said...

looooooooooooooooooooooool heheheehhe chenhom matkahrbeen 7adaaa 9aaa7 thats wt i say abt ely they belly dance at weddings ;p till this day ma shft wa7da who could realy dance! so my friend i agree with u it is an art and few can do it !

A Journal Entry said...

3ala 6ary il belly dancing.. i also think that it's for a certain age.. ya3ni 50 yrs old should not dance sharqy in weddings!!

Delicately Realistic said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE belly dancing too.

For a while i took regular classes at my gym....sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and i became a whiz....i stop practicing and im not as good anymore....im trying to get into it all over again at the moment.

zwena said...

abi at3alam :(

Soul said...

mo ay a7ad yegdar yarqe9 sharqi!!! 3adel Fourme? it is something bel fe6ra madri ya3ni mawheba el 9ara7a!

be5te9ar! zwenooo `3esli eedich ;p


Vixen said...

that little girl freaked me out >__< why they exploiting her like that!

likeairillrise said...

The little girl is just AMAZING!!! Yarait agdar argi9 mithilha... waaaaay, ityanin.

:::ShoSho::: said...

hmm, I could never belly dance.. lol..
Actually the last time I lasted danced was about 8 years ago!

choowies said...

lool i loveeee dancing ;p

cruxine said...

watcning the little girl's video is really disturbing... no matter how much you (and i agree with you) think its a form of art, you cannot deny the major sexual aspect in belly dancing.. seeing a little girl dance like that is not something i find okay. it's like blowing off her childhood all together.

zwena said...

ooo soul abi arge9 abii abii abiiii :""(

FourMe said...

he's amazing.. the girls are amazing yet you feel they lack a certain essences of that dance hmmm I dunno like not mafi dalaa3 kafi..

9alay 3anabi ay rajil elyoum ya ba6eeekh.. Mafeeesh rgalaaaa :p

hehehe he's your man baaaby .. 3ad tadreen he's married with 2 kids!

lol esmila 3alaih..

Anonymous M.:
Agreed :)

Oh my God you're SO right! It makes them look hookery cheap :/


nicee.. never took classes just watched and observed.. haven't danced in a while from back pains.. plus I dance even better with high heels so if I start dancing again I will definitely break my own back :/

you should its amazing plus teaches you how to control your body..

FourMe said...

True..either you have it or you don't..

hehehe don't be so mean to the degma's twin :p

how is her being talented exploiting her?

7adha she's so talented..especially for her age..

7ayaati shosho what exactly do you know how to do? no make up, no dancing, no nothing.. WOman start beingg a woman soon :p

hehhehe estreeee7 choowie 7adik estreee7..

ballet is sexual its all about the movement of the body and so is gymnastics, still you see girls from the age of 3 onwards doing it.. but I do agree that we do perceive bellydancing in a sexual matter.. but one can put it aside to appreciate the dance itself..

ana a3almich :p