Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I know I was gonna be away for a while but the plan is going down the drain, my beloved prof is being de3la.. Anyhows you gotta hear this or is it read it?!

I went for my Physiotherapy session today and it was quite amusing I must say! First went through a trillion questions describing the pain etc.. Then came the funny part, testing the reflexes that is. Oh did I mention my therapist is probably younger than me by 5 years or so! Plus Quite good looking (not my type though) bs weld elatheena 3alaih tan o jesim ey3awir elgalb hehehe :p Now back to the session, the dude LITERALLY beat me up with that stick they use! My reflexes were a bit off and as he was trying to get them he was literally beating me with that thing :/ It actually hurts!! I'm positive with how damn sensitive my body is I'll be all bruised in a while. Now the yet so amusing part is when he ask that I lift my shirt up and tuck it in my bra so he can examine my back! Now back in the days I don't mind wearing bikini's but recently I've become less of a nutter and more of a mo7tarama so I feel a tad weird when my body is so exposed. Not only that but to have him grab me from my waist and twist and turn me was quite lets say embarrassing.. Yes yes little FourMe tends to blush easily especially when she's being fondled!

Now because he was quite shocked at the level of my Sikrabaism (jam3 sikraba) I need to go in for a more thorough consultation with him and his colleague (female)! And oh wait for it wait wait I am required to strip down and be in my undergarments ONLY! Not only the fondling will continue but now I'm gonaa have to be semi-naked as well!! Hahahaa I'm dreading Friday already.. Now ladies shall I pop into La Perla or Agent Provocateur and get me a little number for my Friday rendezvous ;) (Sarcasm intended!)

Screw it I'm Back..

FourMe has returned as a result of her prof being a de3la and decided to take a 2 week holiday in the middle of her crunch time!


F.. said...

Totalllly go for the la perla! hehe his reaction alone will fun! ;p

Anonymous said...


walla makent mawjoda walla makent mawjooooooooooooooodaa .. o 7abakaat weya wayhech u post lama ma akon mawjoda :P

tsk tsk tsk .. wakhezyaa ya bent :P

o hal de3la shino salfeta ?? ro7eela o maktab o rab6e :P

yallaaaaaa khalsaaaaay 3ashan u're baaack for good

*sings minhooo men ba3dek mohem:* *

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


fourmeeeee is baaaaaaak!! :D:D:D

me likey :)

o i have to say im very uncomfortable with people fondling with me as well. males or females. my body is for ME!!

i had to get an ultrasound mara, and while the ultrasound dude is playing around next to my liver, my doctor walks in, and i completely freak out and pull my shirt down hehe

oh and did i mention my shirt was white?? and all the gel got stuck to it?? and in the end, i had to walk around the hospital with a wet white tshirt!! (contest m3 nafsy lol)

those were the good old incredibly disturbing times...

ps: welcooooooome baaaaaaaak!!

Delicately Realistic said...

NO !

Wear plain underwear...no frills or anything....we tend to wonder about patients who come who have gone 'all out' hehehehhe yes ppl do that a lot !

Oh and checking ur reflexes shouldnt hurt, it sometimes feels weird or verging on ticklish....but no pain should be involved.

FourMe said...

f.. :
hahaha I'm kidding dear I would never!

:/ ee ee eb3eed 3an el3ain eb3eed 3an elgalb! I go away couple of days and you forget me already! wakhray wakhray ma7bich :(

wala anony 3al chabdy he's SO friggin busy w akhrat'ha ygooly basafir and everything gotta wait!!

sama7tich :*

hehehe thank you dear :*
SO like me! I hate people touching me I tend to get very agitated w atnrfaaz! For gods sake my mom min tamsekny I go crazy.. they have a name for ppl like you and I but I forgot. Frigged sounds about right.. lol you were pulling a wet t-shirt move ;) niceee

del real:
Woman are you insane! Ofcourse I'm going plain, I was joking about the perla and agent, 7ada I'm pulling granny style on friday :p .. I know I've got male friend doctors and the story they tell heheh ;)

dudette 7ada he was smashing the thing into my knees and arms and they wouldn't move!

Anonymous said...

mo le'anyy entay mo mawjoooda magemt ajabel el laptop

ashwa sama7teeni

*walks away from the edge of the roof* .. Thank God i didnt commit suicide*

Anonymous said...

le'anaa .. le'anaa **

sala7t'ha gabel lat3aybeen :P

Anonymous said...


chenaa chenaa etha manyy ghal6ana ena u're on break??

chenaa chenaa sa7 ?


7e6aay 3yonech eb ketabech o khalee eedech te6ba3 3ala ur thesis NOT ON BLOGS :@

banaat mayon ela bel 3een el 7amra .. tsk tsk tsk

Oranjina fadidra said...

ismaaaaa3! what is your type anyway?
lol semi-naked cant imagine the whole picture :p

FourMe said...

obooy entay my prof by6iss for 2 weeks so my so called 'deadline' is extended.. So I'm back.. mali mazaaj adriss esyasa et3awir mokhi :p

No honestly I don't feel like it.. wana no3y elstudy lazim mazaaj w rawa'aan 3ashan y6laa3 el7achy.. but when I'm not so focused I tend to write incoherent crap! Or is it what I write is always crap!! :P

FourMe said...

Oran Fad:
hahah qthaay elba9ar ya mara no imagining here :p

My type is a MAN! No toned bodies no looking like a vision of perfection, no hottie beyond belief, just a simple ordinary Masculine looking Man..

A man's man that's my type :)

Amethyst said...

I'm so not okay with stripping in front of strangers, esp medicine people;\

likeairillrise said...

LOL! I say... go in your granny underwear! Make sure it's sagging a little in the back... very sexy ;)

Big Pearls said...

ooooh..la perla is never wrong:p

Anonymous said...

etsadgeen i didnt reach ena u're back!

7ade emthay3a :\

Ruby Woo said...

Hala wallaaa! Semi-naked haa?
No lacey underwear, no granny underwear, how about going comando?

FourMe said...

I hear ya :/

ewwwwww LOL as if granny pants aren't bad enough why the sagging..

hehehe 7alfa I won't buy anything from La perla till I get married.. which is never :) I ADOREEEEE La Perla..

hhehe mo awal mara kila emthay3a :p

LooooooooooooooL how about I send you in for my rendezvous instead of me going..

Fa6ma said...

Wow =D they don't usually strip patients here in KSA.. LOL.. So funny! Tell us what happens on Friday =)

Anonymous said...

just make sure you get waxed, and don't worry as they see naked folks all the time

FourMe said...

hehehe and that is why they come over here to get treated , to strip down :p lol.. god don't remind me :/

hahahhahaa I'll keep that in mind..

jesterat314 said...

I need to read this post just one more time and then ill comment (just kidding lol)

Welcome back =p

FourMe said...

hahahaha pervert.. cheers mate..