Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Shame On ME

Its quite sad how all of the sudden I've become an airhead. I've always been a clever little one IF I put my mind into it. At a young age I used to always be in the top 3 of my class then I stopped focusing till the end of school. I used to NEVER study for exams I just remember what I was taught in class and pass with flying colours but if I bothered myself and studied I could of easily aced everything.

During my BA I was on the Dean's List twice; once in my first semester and the second during my last semester, bear in my mind I still didn't study and used to enter exams on what I knew from lectures. During my BA I barely got any sleep and barely opened a book but I managed to graduate in 3 years and 3 months with twice on Dean's List and a decent GPA.

The Sad part is during my MA I worked my arse off and studied like hell and so far I've got a damn good GPA for MA level as well in my final semester I was on the Dean's List. So not to be able to finish my dissertation is quite sad and at the same time it is a shame because I know I can do it but so far I know what I have written is not up to the standard that I'm able to produce and I am unable to write any more so I guess Bye Bye Masters and Hello Airhead..
What a shame and what a loss ..


ZaMaHReeR said...

don't give up now!!
try ur best, if u use to pass without studying then u can pass the MA and write a great stuff, just focus and dont lose it now!!
think of what u want!! u have reached till her, continue till the end, and make ur childhood dream comes to life.

Âme said...

Visit my blog and listen to the song.

I put it up for you.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Too late.. given up already.

ame/a wonderful soul:

Thank you. You actually made me smile :)You deserve a nobel prize for that..

Amethyst said...

Madry shagool. I don't think you should've given up;\

Âme said...

I did give a read to your Research Question and the theory you put forward.

There is one vital issue..

The EXTENT to which the relations is affected is only touched, when it is the heart of the question.

And the types of relations between two countries is ambiguous in the question.

Political, Economic, International, Bilateral, Scientific or ??

Probably, i will send you my version of it.

Give me sometime. I am pacing with time at second-to-second race.

I need to read a little bit up too about the subject :)

~ Soul

FourMe said...



Don't bother yourself with it. You seem busy as it is and I don't want to burden you with this, seriously all I wanted was an overall opinion of it. Plus if I ever complete it my prof will go through it with me before I submit it.

The relation between the two nations will be discussed into detail in chapters to follow, each discussing a certain decade or so. Honestly I can't even remember the layout of it.

Big Pearls said...

I wish you'd hang in there:/

Game Over said...

reading your blog was a hell of a ride on an emotional roller coaster
it was heart-aching too!

of the 12 months in a year, you seem to spend 9 of them in deep depression!
-nothing personal agaist you-
I was told once, that there are two types of human type would bury heads among pillows at night and cry themselves to sleep..

the other type would would sing under the shower and play soccer in the street
you can choose which one you want to join..

Delicately Realistic said...

Get a hold of urself woman!

There are too many " I cant's " in that post.....

Why have u given up already?!

FourMe said...

I wish for that too.

game over:
Yes some people aren't lucky enough to be one of those who sing and play all the time. Some of us who are a tad more realistic live the roller-coaster of life on a daily basis.

Seems like you didn't read this post . Read that post and you will know why I'm depressed 9 months of the year as you say it. Even though I've had this blog up for only 7 months!

Dare I suggest that the person who told you about the people who sing in the shower and play Football probably was either high or deranged or most probably is too immature for his/her depiction of life to be taken seriously.

Del Real:
Because I'm too tired..

Âme said...

Overall opinion:
Its good to go.
Can be improved if gotten specific.
References can be picked up from wiki.
Some really good ones are SCREAMING..."SEE ME.. SEE ME"


Have patience a little bit more.
You have come a long tiring way.
Its almost time life pays you back.

I dont know how much i empathized with you, but i sure know you will get alright.

You got a potential to be someone, someone who would make a difference.

Have faith.


What happened about that migraine surgery ?

Any updates for us ?

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Not allowed to use wiki in it. Referencing must be from books or academic on-line journals, need something around 40-50 references, I already done with the research part.

Ahh the keyword is patience! I have been patient for quite a while now and I think I have used all my patience up, no more to be spared.

I just posted the information about that surgery so people can know about it. So far I'm fine with the botox and the surgery is a last resort that I hope I won't ever need.

jesterat314 said...

Yala 3aad FourMe... you're better than this.. i agree with DR.. there are too many 'I cant's' in this post. You need to take some time off.. you should be stress-free for a while.. wela tabeen a7ad yewareech il3een il7amra... i volunteer ! :P yala you're better than this.. you 'been twice on the dean's list' girl :P mashala

FourMe said...

what time off! 9arly makh'tha alf sena time off.

hehehe wily yer7am waldaik min wain ayeeb el stress-free ely et7cha 3ana wain eybe3oona??

man get your facts straight I've been on the Dean's List 3 times not twice. 3 eb 3ain el3adoo :p

choowies said...

never give up !! never!!

Anonymous said...

will please not gove you?

OutOfReach said...

uhhh you can do it
dont give up just like that :)
you can just believe in that and inshallah you willl :)

FourMe said...

inshala 3amy :p


walaa walaaa walaaa mafahmt shay, babe yabeelich motarjim 3ala hal badleyat alah yhdaach :/

I hope I can finish it.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

you have just blogged about the story of my life...

FourMe said...

welcome to my club dear :/