Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Ras Yabis..

My God I am so stubborn that sometimes I feel like slapping myself. Since I was a little bugger from the age of 1 & 1/2 years old (as mom says) I used to do everything against her and grandmothers' (Allah yer7amha) will. Mummzy says I used to run around holding bottles of water and threatening to spill them and ask them repeatedly if I should spill it and when they say no I spill it. I even have a video of my 5th birthday running around with mraash may ward and threatening to spill it and granny is running after me, yup at the end I spilled it..

The stubbornness has progressed with the years and gotten quite worse. I've become very opinionated and very independent and hate when told I can't do something as well what's in my head goes no matter what. I have a way of calculating matters and justifying them in my head and if I come up with a conclusion then that is the right one then it is RIGHT and no one on this earth can change it. I'm not stubborn for the sake of being stubborn but I am stubborn because I truly believe in what I believe. I believe being stubborn is actually a good thing because it defines ones character and gives them a sense of individuality, they cannot be swayed and convinced easily.

What kills me is being told what to do or being ordered around like I have no say in the situation and that is when my stubbornness hits extreme levels. I was never forced to do anything that I don't want to do. Even the bloody dentists I end up going because I want to go not because my toothaches are screwing me. Toothaches is what inspired this topic. For the past 2 weeks I've been in hell of a pain and every single night I result to taking a painkillers before bed time in couple of hours because the pain is becoming worse and worse. The pain has escalated from a regular toothache to a pain covering the right side of my head, from neck to cheek to ear to all my teeth on the right side.

Now set aside I have an unbelievable phobia from dentists and would ONLY go to my dentist in Kuwait. I could go to a dentist here because the pain is getting quite intolerable and just this once set aside my fears of dentists. You'd think after all that pain I would go but NO I'm being a stubborn little idiot about it and refusing to go and convincing myself I will be able to put up with this pain for one more month.

Yes I am stubborn enough to make myself suffer because no bitching pain is gonna tell me to do otherwise.. Stubbornness is part of my attitude and it is what makes me, ME..

p.s. As I'm writing this post the toothache is ripping the right side of my head to pieces even though I've taken painkillers..


G h a d o o r said...

mo men 9ejech ;\

manutdfanatic said...

You don't have to be stubborn to stand up for what you believe in.

Hasan.B said...

"My God I am so stubborn that sometimes I feel like slapping myself" LOOL! I did not read beyond this part yet! Where do you bring halsewalef from!?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sorry that wasnt nice of me! :\

bs jad jad qaharteeni

fe a7ad e3aned alam ?? mane fahma manee fahma ,.. a7aad efahemni :@

Fa6ma said...

Oh! God help you min jid!!
But there is a point when being stubborn does nothing to a person but exhaustion. And I guess me saying this it'd make you more stubborn about going to the dentis. Or would my last line make you want to go just to show me? =p Hehe..
You kinda remind me of my fiance..

f7ee7eely said...

stubborness and phobias are two different things --

eventually with time you will grow out of your stubborness --

as for the tooth ache matshoofeen shar oo try to chew on a heated mesmar not the nail the spice:P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


as i was saying, i used to be as stubborn as you (if not worse) a few years ago. i would just do things for the sake of doing them basically. no good has to come out of it. when i was younger, and i would do something that annoyed my mom, and she asks why, i would say "my brain said so"

anyway, im still stubborn till now, bs im much better now. ive realized that im not always right, and that listening to other peoples points of views may change alot of things :)

ama 3n people telling me what to do, thats just a big no-no. i have been known to humiliate people who try to force me to do things, including some of my closest freinds. I AM THE BOSS OF ME. so they need to learn to back off.

ofcorse they learnt now. everyone who even remotely knows me knows better than to cross that line. i taught them well hehe :D

f7ee7eely said...

lets just hope it aint a root canal

FourMe said...

min 9ejy min 9ejy :/

Some will try to change your opinion if they're not convinced by it and that's when one has to be stubborn cuz if not every other person will come along and change something in you. And will you be left with? Bunch of ideas and beliefs that belong to someone else..

madri :p
cuz I honestly wanted to slap myself mn kethir elalaam.. even though I do on some other occasions :p

ma7ibich :(
Yes ana! I will put up with it, till one of us breaks down.. its a totally different subject but that way it teaches you how to control yourself and not give into everything you want..

Elnafs amaraa bil so'o.. If I gave into myself and did everything I want I would be a goooooooner.. bs el7amdilaaa I can control myself in so many situations that it shocks ppl..

:/ True its quite exhausting and sometimes I wish I was more lenient but you are the way you are.. hehehe I dunno whether I should be flattered or insulted that I was just compared to a man :p

I know and phobias are harder to get over but because the pain is quite intolerable that I am willing to go to a dentist. But the stubborness is not allowing it.

lol you're such a nice person :P I use the numbing gel instead.. oh God I hope its not that :/

Blogger is an ASS! 7ada 9ayir 3away..

No I'm not like that I don't do things because of the sake of it. I do listen to peoples point of views and actually try to learn from them and learn about their personalities and of course I'm not always right but there are certain matters that I will NOT budge on..

You know what I believe it is partially the fault of my star sign.. I'm just as stubborn as it is :/

Delicately Realistic said...

Ppl call me stubborn i dont think i am....hfff tara i think its a very annoying trait we have...and its virtually unchangeable...plz hun bun....go to the stubborn with other ppl but dont defy ur own nice to it a little ;>

Ms. D said...

weeeeh.. ana min 3omre 22 thersy el3agil e3werny bs masawela shy.. i just take pain killers.. PRESCRIPTION ONLY pain killers ba3ad.. i think im abit addicted to them at some points but who cares! elmohim ra7ty!!!!

fa agolich la et3ben nafse ow tro7en 6beeb.. PILLLLLLSSSSSS O BS!

Ms. D said...

looool at dandon! why does blogger eat ur comments LOOOOOOOOL!

Âme said...

It is because of timed sessions that blogger eats your comments.

If a session expires while typing a long comment, the text box does not retain the content as the session cookie refreshes.

Layman terms.. type your comment in notepad or any word editing program and when you are all done, click on reply and then paste and post.


Being stubborn is good.

Persistence is better than being stubborn most of the time.

Sometimes, being stubborn is a must.

~ Soul

P.S: When, where, how much and why you need to be stubborn is really crucial.

I guess it applies for everything else too.

FourMe said...

Yes quite annoying at times but who cares you are who you are ans as long as you're happy with it then screw'm..

heheh loved the "hun bun" ma7ad emdali3ny min zemaaaaaaaan :p shoofay DR ya ana ya hal pain 3ad 9ej f9aalt and now I admit I am being stupid. I will control the bitch till I get back to Kuwait..
Oh btw I think I am the most horrible master an body can have.. I sooo don't give into it..

Ms D:
LOL ghal6anaa.. I had one removed but the other 3 el7amdilaa so far are fine.. I'm popping them like there is no tomorrow baaaaby :p

Totally agree it is good and is a must must must.. True and that's why I'm not stubborn for the sake of it but because I need to be for x reasons..

Âme said...


~ Soul

FourMe said...

hmMmm right back at you..

Âme said...



~ Soul

FourMe said...

Oh that's a first! agreeing without putting up debate.. hmMm what's happening to you! Go back to Kuwait you're more opinionated there :p

Âme said...

The whole purpose of a debate is to get to the crux and understand the pros and cons.

I guess, there was no proposition to go ahead for an argument.

Let me the save the rhetoric for another day.

~ Soul

Amethyst said...

You need to go to the dentist!;\