Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Pierce Me Silly

While we're on the topic tell me what you think of piercings. We're used to the ear piercings and non of us bring up the self-harm issue but the second a piercing is suggested any other place in the body the issue arises and the whole commotion takes place, 7aram, self-harm, a society no no, etc you get the picture. Even though most body piercings don't hurt and feel the same as an ear piercing, pain kicks in when the piercing goes through a cartilage or so like an upper ear piercing. So my lovelies what do you think of piercings and hypothetically speaking if you were getting one where would it be? (question applies to men as well)

At one point back in the wild days I wanted to get a brow piercing but mother dearest swore she would kick me out of the house (even though I was living alone and abroad) hehehehe gotta love her when she puts her foot down.. Needless too say I didn't get it done.. Love you mummzy :*


Anonymous said...


magareet but missed ya

Anonymous said...

ana kha6re eb piercing bs madre ween :\

i dont like it 3ala el 7awajeb .. a7ed FEW ppl eli 7ilo 3aleehom

Amethyst said...

Belly piercing! Bas 3abala!

Anonymous said...

ee belly peircing madre shlon! .. it look really nice .. bs sis did it .. bs ekhare3! o shlon etrakba .

madre :\ ..

waaay kent ga3da agra el comment from the previous post .. 3eeni gaamat et3awerni :\

FourMe said...

haa ashoof 9a79a7tay :p missed ya too .. ya I know its a tad too much bs some ppl wayed 7ilo 3alaihom.. know couple of ppl who had it done o wayed nice..

belly piercings are nice and the most common.. heheh shily eykhari3 fy? just like an earing..

butterfly earing as well :p I think its 3abala just the first couple of days, just like any piercing but afterwards its becomes 3ady..

FourMe said...

looooool ee ma an97ich tegrain.. its was a gender rumble zain ma9ar feeha tfili3 :p

G h a d o o r said...

i hate tongue, nose, lip piercing

bs el brow piercing 7lo, bs mo 3la ay a7ad

belly piercing as well

and for me, No Piercing at all except my ear piercing ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i wanne get one more piercing in my lower ears, o a piercing in my left upper ear. oh oh oh and i would KILL for a belly button piercing

o i dont care abt society and all that garbage, but i have a phobia of needless, so ill never get the guts to do it :S

FourMe said...

the lip piercings freak me out, not a fan of the nose feels a bit tacky to be honest.. brow piercing ely in the pic is nice bs definitely not with the new devil brows eww..

ear piercings are the best may3awroon.. what needles? they're done with the gun you don't feel it.. just bit of discomfort first day or 2 when sleeping on your sides.. yal khawafa :p aren't you studying medicine? ghair doctora entay etkhafeen min elneedles.. eygoolich baab elnajar emkhalaa3 hehe

Eschew Obfuscation said...

dandoon and fourme: I gave up on you guys the moment you two lovely ladies started talking ;p ....
But enough with this banter. Im tired. And I wanna go study for russian instructors test. I wonder if he'll send xKGB agents to whack us if we oppose his final? ...

sourire said...

Belly piercings are haaawt yo.

watchmekissthesky said...

Belly is nice, Im contemplating that!
and I'm dying for a tragus piercing =] allay a7es cute with a hoop or a stud!

A girl a knew pierced her eyebrows and the bar was rejected lol madre shu el word el mohim her body rejected it and it ended up falling and scarring her eyebrow ;/ ouchie

Fastidious Babe said...

i don't know but i saw enough infected belly piercings to turn me off the whole thing!

Ms Loala said...

I love the belly button piercing. It's just so hot :P
If i had a flat tummy i'd do it with a blink of an eye!

Delicately Realistic said...

I used to want a belly button piercing, but not anymore...i dont have the tummy for it.

I really dont like to see them on eyebrows, tongues, lips, and r-rated places.

Big Pearls said...

it looks like it needs lots of care and hygiene!

Shoush said...

7alata one peircing bil ear, in my opinion. Minimalism is beaty sometimes.

Shoush said...

Well.. i kinda mishtahya a MICROSCOPIC, MICROSCOPIC nose ring. A diamond. Bs no way wud i get myself peirced. I'll just get one of those strass stickers. ;P

Anonymous said...

another great topic, my parents call it body deformation, but am addicted, would you kindly suggest an interesting place for a 30 something?

thanks =)

FourMe said...

You have a very active imagination don't you? Go study boy good luck o alah ywafgik inshala..

I hear ya ;)

bloody hell you've a long name there! It's much nicer with a stud the ring makes it look a bit awkward. I say go for the belly..

ewww that's the worse :/ happened to a friend of mine with her belly piercing, it just wouldn't stick. She ended up piercing the lower part of her bellybutton hehehe she wouldn't take no for an answer..

fasti babe:
Gross :/ I think that happens to people who are dirty and don't keep the piercing clean in its first couple of days..

FourMe said...

ms loala:
I definitely agree.. no need for a flat tummy it could be just your thing no one would see it..

I agree on the other places they're just weird..

hehe pearly 7adich etshawgeen :*

true true.. hehehe imagine you stick it on and it falls off infront of people fashlaa..

Thanx hun.. its body accessory dear ;) If you haven't got a naval piercing already I say go for it without a second thought, they're definitely a must if you're into piercings.. and if your one up for a bit of kinky/wild go for this ;)

let me know what you end up with..

Silver said...

i LOVE piercings! i wanna get a belly button one. i think tongue piercings are cool bs im too chicken to get one myself;p

FourMe said...

Noooo tongue is so scary, the thought of it terrifies me :/

walahna 3alaich :*

A Journal Entry said...

i'm reading this post and its comments oo my belly button now hurts me!! (3indy 3uqdat il belly button)

piercing is a waai3! except for the ears..

Anonymous said...

haw!what a pic- I have a nice pair already so no need to add anything.. have my upper belly button, maybe I'll do the lower as well :/

FourMe said...

loool you're so squeamish.. I'm like that some times..

hehe ya its a tad outrages.. lower belly piercings are so nice as well..

Anonymous said...

I have 4 on my left ear.. one of them is on the upper ear..

and by the way I don't wear earings bel right ear kellish.



ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

fine i will let you off the hook cz you have finals. i reset the score :P

its not about the pain...its about the fact that something will go through me and come out the other side...or stay in me as a matter of fact. i like to keep my skin intact and hole-free, thank you very much...

Grey said...

Just today i saw a guy with massive earings and toungue pierced.. he has difficulty to speak , it was like WTF !!

FourMe said...

Anonymous MAS:
shlon ya3ni you only wear earings in one ear ?

its the same things as earing but I guess its a preference..

eww tongue piercings scare me :/

fashionista said...

i love piercing alot and in my wild days i wanted to get a brow piercing too hehe because i liked it on fergie LOL but i did not of course!!
now I have 3 on my right ear,one of them on the upper ear and 2 on my left ear ,and i want to get a belly piercing but i cant find the good place to do it :/