Friday, 18 July 2008

Pay UP!

Ok its payback time.. For the past couple of months I have entertained you with the most meaningless and irrelevant posts. Key word is"Entertained YOU"! Now its time to repay my services. You shall do it in the following way. I shall ask a question and need ALL of you to answer it. Yes ALL of YOU even the quite ones that just sit there reading and never comment..

The topic of the beloved thesis is on the relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States. One of the chapters that I'm writing now is about the aftermath of 9/11 and how it has altered the Saudi - American relations. Now I don't want a text book answer I just want your opinion, your view of the events and how they have effected these relations. Honestly anything will do I just want different perspectives from a single sentence to an essay, whatever that your bothered to write.

Q. How do you think the events of September 11 has effected the relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States?

If I see that some of the regulars haven't answered I will make this blog private and only invite those of you who have shared their opinion on the matter..

Commenting is MANDATORY!


Âme said...

Am happy that this post made it to published status.

~ Soul

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

well ana ma ra7 agolich 3n saudi-american relationships since ana madree shay 3an saudi, bs ra7 agoolich 3n kuwait-american and middle eastern-american relationships in general

6ab3an we all see wats going on in our part of the world. ya3ny the most obvious thing is how you could get a US vusa in 1 day (if not the same day) before 9/11, but how it takes btwn 2 weeks to 2 months now. airport security only became the nightmare that it is now after 9/11. ana sha59eyan am still trying to find out how i could make a bomb out of my mascara on a plane.

and ofcorse, lets not forget that this whole 'war on terrorism' business only got really serious after 9/11.faj2a sub7an allah, they decide to throw millions and millions of their budget into war to ''liberate'' nations. out of the goodness of their hearts needless to say :P

when i travel abroad and people ask me where im from (and ofcorse ma y3arfoon wth kuwait is aslan), i say the little country btwn iraq and saudi, they say oh its you people with all the bombs. and then they procede to ask me how much grenades cost on the local market, and whether or not i know the latest wherabout of bin laden!!

you also now see that the americans are becoming more careful with any kinds of threats at all, and they take every little thing seroiusly. i wouldnt be surprised if someone arrests me in 5 minutes al7en. . theyre approaching the better safe than sorry philosphy

okay so i mightve rambled on endlessly up there, and very slightly drifted off the subject. but my point is: the americans dont trust us anymore, which has let them to be a bit....erm....paranoid...i guess

not that i blame them

sorry for the rambling :(

shoosha said...

Yoummah forume allah ehadaach!!! Esh3arafna ib saudi arabia, I can only give u the kuwaiti perspective bas moo el7een, I'll think and come back to you

shoosha said...

Yoummah forume allah ehadaach!!! Esh3arafna ib saudi arabia, I can only give u the kuwaiti perspective bas moo el7een, I'll think and come back to you

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Jeez! Relax! Fine, fine Ill answer but its gonna take a couple of days :r I have work to do. Are you in a hurry to get that chapter in order? Ill get feedback from a couple of saudi people I know :) ... But why the hell would your thesis on international relations be based on saudi-american relations?! Why not the politics between the british government, and consequently its parliament, and the arabian peninsula?

Squirreliya said...

haha yaazli el tahdeeed :p

elsa3a 4 am w mukhy mgaffel, i'll answer u later :p

FourMe said...

Ame your response is insufficient please comment again..

You cracked me up with the mascara thingy lol! not rambling its just what I'm looking for, thank you dear :)

Will wait for the response or you could trade the vegas incident info and we'll call it even ;)

Supposedly should wrap this chapter up by sunday night :/ sounds good but honestly don't go out of your way, just wanted an analysis off the top of your head..

Because I needed something more concise, for example I'm focusing on their relations from the 1930's up to 9/11 while concentrating on how it has effected the economy/politics of both nations. As for the topic you suggested I could probably write a doctoral thesis on it because there are many variables to be taken into account plus its covering the whole area not one country.

My thesis should be around 50 pages and I'm struggling to fit in all the info while staying in the margin let alone write about a broad subject.

United States is the worlds dominating superpower while Saudi Arabia dominates the oil economy. Both are superpowers in their own fields so why not compare the strongest 2 nations in the world? US with its arms strength and SA with its natural resource strength. The perfect combination one needs to make the world go around.. don't you think!

heheh cuz adri bdoon tahdeed ma7ad feekom by3abir om elpost..Waiting for your answer..

lost within said...

just passing by then I read the mandatory comments part and the dot thingy so I thought I shud say : ummmm Hi ! =D

Big Pearls said...

oooh..ambeeh tara ana i5re6i in politics..I will have to research that:/

:::ShoSho::: said...

Hi dear!

How are you? I know I haven't been around in ages.. I am busy at the moment but I thought I'd come an say hi before you drop me oout of your invitees, just in case loool!!

Bas sorry I am being honest now, I DON'T what what happened walla.. I mean about the relations between the 2 countries lol.. I am soo NOT into politics! I don't read papers nor watch the news..


Amethyst said...

Hmm.. I think they used that event as an excuse to distort political relations. It's all a conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

OMG appeared :|

lo gayla men zeman u're gona make it private :P

all i can say now saba7 ilkhair, it's almost 3 pm bs tawni ga3da ;p khal akil o esa7se7 mokhe o i as hear and there o i answer you enshallah :D

eseer enghsesh o we ask Saudi ppl?? :P

shahad said...

even the quite ones that just sit there reading and never comment.

hehe ok;p

so for the long run nothing is effected and the goverments are going along well

but for the short run some of monathamathom in the states annoyed the Ambassador of sudia bandar bin 9il6an and his wife accusing her of helping the Terrorists when in fact all she did gave is some Charity donation not more

so the replast him with another ambassador from the royal family and him to quiet his position after a while i have no idea why

as for the people i think there not that annoyed walking around the cities but they goverment has set a lot of resterctions on there stying in the states

this is my simple opinion hope it helped

shahad said...

abaih ga3da asolif wana aktib il comment fa now lama gryta wayed badleyat sowwy bss i think u get the point;p

Shoush said...

I believe in the theory that 9/11, the Gulf wars, kil 3ila ib taree5 il3alam.. feeha eed amrikiya. US conspiracy. It's ALL a dirty game, a play, and we're the audience. So how has it affected the Saudi/US relationship, well.. am not one to be asked about politics bs i feel it was a plan by the US to put Saudi in a somewat 'vulnerable' position in order to have some control for their one good. How it's working out? How has the relationship been altered? And more details? Don't ask. My answer is vague bs don't u dare not invite me sima3tay?!

jesterat314 said...

First of all Fourme.. you don't get to give us ultimatums here.. :P
If you want to compare the relations between Saudi Arabia and the US.. You can divide that answer into three parts.
1- The relationship pre 9/11
2- The relationship immediately post 9/11
3- The relationship today + future.

Before what happened on 9/11.. Both countries were strong allies. Just as you said.. one was/and still is the most powerful country in the world and the other was/and still is the biggest provider of oil in the world.. So becoming strong allies can only benefit both countries. Economically.. politically.. even educationally. I would say.. out of all the middle-east countries.. Saudi were among the countries with the strongest relations with the United States.. and I'm not fully sure about this.. but I think that most arabic students in the US at the time were actually from SA. I'm pretty sure you've got numbers when researching.. so i'd be surprised if that was an incorrect fact.
The relationship immediately post what happened on 9/11 took a hit. I'm not going to talk about how politics or economics was effected because.. well.. you've probably got enough info on that.. and because i don't :) But we all heard about how students were affected in the States. You can probably do a whole separate thesis on how security changed just after 9/11. Today.. the relations are getting better.. but still its not as good as it has been pre-9/11.
Now.. personally i think that the future is getting better.. because both countries are politically intelligent countries.. and they know how beneficial it is.. but that still depends on many factors.. example.. wether a democrat or a republican is in the white house by next January..

Now we get to the Media. You can't even start to imagine how the media changed pre->post 9/11. And thats not only the American/Saudi media.. its a worldwide thing. People nowadays are getting spoon fed on what their opinions should be by the media. You are what you watch. Your opinions depends on what news broadcaster you watch for the night. Never had the media been so influential..
You only need to sit in front of the TV for a couple of minutes.. to get some kind of news that is caused or related somehow to what happened on 9/11. Simply 9/11 has changed the world.. or at least our time on this planet.. Not just the Saudi-American relationship.. but the Country-to any other Country relationship.

Please correct me if there is anything wrong that i've mentioned here.. because.. i don't really understand politics..
And If you have any more political posts.. I'm not going to visit your blog any more.. and thats an ultimatum ! =p

Oranjina fadidra said...

shfech 7ama8tay faj2a..
well cant talk bout something I dont knw shit about..
not a big fan of politics. yet, I think etha aku shi em3aker ilajwa2, osama binladin is the reason coz hes s3oody o ashya2.. on another note, judging Saudi Arabia as a whole for something they ddt do is wrong..!
relations relations relations.. head douleur

purelyorchid said...

. ----> that's my dot;p

Ruby Woo said...

Forgive me for just commenting but check my new post and you'll see why ;(
Hmm.. I just wrote an essay about streotyping Arabs and how it started to boom after the 9/11 attack. I can give you my opinion in general..
Since the 9/11 incident, the americans are still clutching on to a grudge that they have towards the Saudis and Arabs in general. They see that since this attack is an action of a Saudi terrorist and nothing is being done about it, they see it as an act of support to Osama Bin Laden. They see that they are also a part of him so the hurt and anger they feel towards Bin Laden cannot be expressed because he's no where to be found, so they take their second best. Saudi's and they let all their frustration out towards them.

That's the peoples perspective on this relationship. But when it comes to the higher power of both countries, it differs.
America still needs the assistance from Saudi Arabia and still leaches on to it for personal gain. Although the 9/11 thing is huge, they chose to let it slide and not affect their relationship that much because they're benefiting their economy while remaining intact with SA.
The same goes to SA. If you have America by your side, they see it as the safe side!

I know I rambled and it might not make sense but thats all I have. Hope that's enough sweets ;*

Delicately Realistic said...

Ive been meaning to reply bs things have been hectic....will get back to u 2mrw inshAllah ... !

eshda3wa said...

weh fourme omi 3ndyyy i didnt have tome to blog

so my opinion ... after sept 11 america felt vulnerable.. oo it spent years alienating saudi oo yntaqdoonhum on their high and mighty horse.. after the kaboom amreecha galat weh ya 7afeth we need all the help we can get.. and they need cooperation
more allies in the mideast the better an eye america get to keep on us
more ways for them to screw with us

and tadaaa

i dont even know if im making sence cz i need to sleeeep

Eulalia said...

im just commenting...cuz you're scaring me :/

Soul said...

wallah 3azeezti Fourme!

ana ashoof enna affected hollywood akthar men ma affected el share3 el amreeki.

politically.. since most of the attackers were saudies.. there was a big black cloud in the air.. also the KSA alliance with USA was naw3an ma affected cuz KSA refused to use her land to hit Baghdad.. they were totally against the war in Iraq, although she let 500.000 American soldiers pass through her lands heading to Iraq in the second gulf war.

zwena said...

hmmm walahi i dont think it affected their relationship :P i think its all a game .. bs atwaqaaa3 al a7daath bareraat 7g amreka kel ely etsawe so al 3alam now matlomha .. as it saving it self againt so called al erhaab

Ms. D said...

yuma la tsarkheeeeen!!!!!!! I WAS AWAY MAKINT ADESH BLOGS WAYED HFFFFF!!!!!

lets see...

mmmm... i think america is drowing ksa with american products... y3ny bikhtesar shaded ksa 3ndehom cheese cake factory and we dont :@

bs jad theyr policy is weirdo man! saudi companies are providin cement and tarmac and building blocks to american companies and the american army in iraq.. what does that mean?

fa as u see mn na7yat elprivate sector is saudia lel7en ok with america.. ow still huge numbers of saudi migrate to usa to live or study every year

mmmm... tara wayed 3ndy ma3lomat wait... b3ad shnooo....

i dont know what america is tryin to do with this president on rule now cuz hes dumb really hes got no clue on whats the next step.. whethear to e7a9ron s3odya o ysawonha iran #2? bs hne theyr gona lose their number 1 source of oil in the region.... ma yegderon sa7? fa 3ashan chethy ga3 esa7lonhom ib ma7alat ow ma6a3im..! and from my feild of work i do know for fact that american products (food,clothes, medications.... etc) are not (i repeat NOT) made with the same raw materials or with the same safety and quality assurance regulations as with the ones made for america even if country of origin was china, korea, bangladish or samoa!

theyr weird... they think by makin saudis latch on to their goodies tit (sorry) weirdo crack and opium high rats wont attack them! LOOL! 7aadaa tafker yahaaaal bil fur9a!

ZaMaHReeR said...

ana mo dash 3al blogat waid bil fatra il akhera.. bs il7en dakhalt oo shift il tahdeed and u scared me.
I don't like politics and i don't understand it but this is my view about this topic.. first i don't this 9/11 affected the relationship btwn these 2 countries cuz the stuff that happened wasn't responded by a country i came from individuals so if their were some one who got the responsibility on these events they were the muslims and the arabs.. there are some ppl think that all muslims even the american ones are terrorists.. i think u got the idea here..
and in regard to countries not only the states but all the other countries they put more restrictions and rules for the arabs and muslims.. cuz they are the first suspected ppl.. they deal with them in a careful way.
sorry if what i said was not relevant to ur question :P

Vixen said...

madri madri wallah madri bas please dont turn it private :S

..::Amu::.. said...

Ollla you threatened us :D

Well my comments are similar to Shoush...I totally agree with her!

Âme said...

Some Links

~ Soul

A Journal Entry said...

i hate plitics oo ma a3ariflah!

but i the relationship is affected.. (don't ask me y coz i don't know! i just wanted to be invited to ur private blog ;P)

Grey said...

ooops , i dont mix politics with blogs ...

The way i see it after 9/11 US has made more inroads 'to promote democracy' in the region ;) .. depends which side of the coin you are looking at .