Friday, 25 July 2008

Once in a Blue Moon.. An Angel is Born..

Do modern day guardian angels exist? I believe so.. They might not be heavenly creatures with white as snow wings but they could be human beings of flesh and blood.. They might not be able to protect us and divert us from harms way but they can make us smile with a single word or act. Such selfless acts are hard to find in our consuming lives where one is only concerned with ones life and worries.. A single act of generosity is the equivalent of a hundred meaningless acts by self-absorbed people. A moment spent to make a stranger smile is worth a thousand moments spent with acquaintances. A single second spent in attempting to make a stranger feel at ease is unmeasurable by words.. No words could do a guardian angel justice..

To you my guardian angel.. May you be protected and guided to a blissful life..


Glitter said...

Thank you thank you, a7rajteeni, you really shouldn't have!

May you too be protected and guided to a bilssful life.

Big Pearls said...

aaaah that was beautiful:)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

i live guardian angels!

shay la6eeef

Anonymous said...

saaa7 lsanich like ;p


FourMe said...

heheh obviously who else has angelic traits other than om lam3a..

law sma7tay ako post "Humour Me" ya rait etsayreen 3alaih w t76een 6oolich cham..

inspired by a beautiful angel..

I quite agre..

badleyaat ba3aad!

sa7 ebdnich :)