Thursday, 3 July 2008


I am Bored!

I don't want to go out because the city has been invaded by ugly Arabs. Now if they were pretty Arabs I would bother going out but they are so damn ugly. Yes I tend to get superficial sometimes when I'm bored. I'm bored. I don't want to go to the park either, people there sit and tan in their bikinis and I fear if I stay there long enough I would strip down and tan with them in the nude :P

Bloody hell I AM BORED! I don't wanna shop because there is no more space, I keep telling my mother that I want to convert the garden into a walkin closet but she won't let me, mean mummie :(

All my friends are at work. I am bored. hMmmm what shall I dooo.. I want to chop my hair off to shoulder length but mummie says its just the mood swings. My grey hair is fucking fabulous I look like a 50 year old in a 20 yr old body Oh wait I do think like a 50 year old! Fuck it I'm fabulous anyway..

Damn I've totally forgot about the fun side of me hehehe I feel like getting up to no good just like the old days :D No NO FourMe BeHaVeeeeeeeeeeeeeee girl! Shall I ? Shall I!! hMmm

Thinking is the killer of spontaneity ..

What else what else.. I feel like beating someone up not because I'm angry or anything No just for fun I wana beat them up.. Any volunteers?

FourMe is a Nutter!
Unfortunately she cannot show that side of her here or maybe she shall when she's a happier person..

Q: Who came first the Chicken or the Egg?

I am bitching BORED!!

p.s. What do you think of the header? I feel its too bulky :/
how can I make it slimmer?


likeairillrise said...

Are you on vacation or unemployed?

FourMe said...

I'm a never-ending old aged student :)

sourire said...

Hahahaha, you made me laugh soo much..

I say go strip and tan with all the others, what've you got to lose :P

ummm, egg??

Big Pearls said...

girl you need a hobby!

FourMe said...

hahah seeing I'm Pmdding and the gals are the size of footballs, I fear I will be featured in The Sun (tabloid) in page 3 ;)

Egg 1-0 Chicken

Reading, watching football, online games, and tv addict. I think those are enough hobbies, even people with hobbies get bored sometimes..

Glitter said...


suspic said...

A madman never admits to his insanity.

enchanteurs said...

i think the egg!! and i volunteer for the beatin! how about those uglies in the park!!

Grey said...

i say u r nuttier the better ...

FourMe said...

Chicken 1-1 Egg

But a madwoman does..

Egg 2-1Chicken
naaah the urge to beat someone has gone.. not in my park, I haven't set a foot in the park where those uglies go in over 4 or 5 years.

hehehe if only you knew ;)

Ruby Woo said...

Your banner looks good if only you could remove the "it can be four you..."
Btw, what do you mean by four me? Four as in the number four?

Ruby Woo said...

Oh and the chicken came first just like adam..

FourMe said...

It means 'For me' as most of what is written here is for me to let out. I have a obsession with number Four and I like things to be in sets of four etc.. so FourMe was born as a result of an obsession with the number..

Its too fat I wanna make it smaller but I'm so crap in technology I don't know how to do jack shit with it :/

Egg 2-2 Chicken

Soul said...

3endi lech sowallllllleffff!!!!

o bazefech b3aaaaad!! bas not now bacher cuz 7adii abi anaaaaaam :***

OF COURSE deyayaaaaaaaa came first


Delicately Realistic said...

Your new motto(s) should be:

"Embrace Your Insanity"


"6aaaaaanish ta3iiiiiisssh"

FourMe said...

el3etwy maat ?? :p inshala khair .. ee you better have a damn good excuse..

Egg 2-3 Chicken

Del Real:
hahaha love the 1st one..but wait been there done that.. my insanity has become Me :D

Squirreliya said...

ur header is nice, a little space is needed between the "it's fourme ...etc" and your bold sentence ;p

deyaya w deech came 1st :p

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...


Watch till ur eyes turn into squares

eshda3wa said...

u really are bored!

Ms. D said...

a7eb elmemale7 bisufar

FourMe said...

el layout kila 3ala ba3tha mo 3ajibny, but I was never bother to change it :/
Egg 2-4 Chicken

I don't like the quality of it.


ms d:
yakhtich etha elwa7id mashafla cham mazyoon yeft7on elnafs ma teswa e6al3a

Yara said...

Waaaay siktay ana in london too o lay3a chabdi :( I dont want to leave the room... elaw3on el chabd 7adhom .. Thank God im leaving soon.. golili is there a nice cosy place here like a nail bar or something that only does nails, hands and feet?

Âme said...

The topic picture caught my attention !

~ Soul

jesterat314 said...

i read this post many many times
and yup.. i've decided.. the strip and tan part is my favourite :P
Egg !!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

the rooster! :D

FourMe said...

I can't stand it when its like this. Ako wa7id nesait esma sheftay wain Burberry eli in knightsbridge ey9eer eshari3 2 ways one way eywadi knights o other way eywady Kensington ekhthay ely ywadi kensin wain ely ga3id yabnoon el3mara elydeeda thak e9oob . bs edeshen bil shari3 etshofeen resto Mr. Chow eho 9ayir egbala yam el Wellington hotel. its small place for nails o hal sowalif , its quite nice, ako other place in fuham road ham nesait esma :/ ana aroo7 bdoon asami I just walk in.

profanities can be disguised as well and made up all pretty.

hehehhehee 7adi mani rada 3alaik..
Egg 3-4Chicken

the rooster is becoming quite famous :p

Âme said...


That implies, the beauty is the usage :)

~ Soul

Yara said...

Yup yup i know exactly where it is ur talking about thanks 7abeeebti :***

FourMe said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ame :)

tamreen amer 7abooba :*