Monday, 14 July 2008

Not Bloody Here!

My lecturer/supervisor is pissing the fuck out of ME!!! Even though he's amazing, understanding, and considered a friend. He's annoying!! Weld omaa mo fathyyy 24/7 mashghool and I'm getting screwed! bysafir for 2 weeks wana bashig ehdoomy! Youm alah hdany o ga3adt akrif/adriss 7athreta mo fathy wil meeting ma3a b6laa3 eroo7..

I am so SO screwed.. The technical crap of putting a thesis together is more stressful and complicated than writing the bitching thing! Ma3aaaarf aswii technical CRAP of tables, maps, content crap page, and ten million more insignificant crappy crap things AGHHHHHHHH!! I'm frustrated so pissing much! Why WHY can't I just write the damn thing and hand it in why all the binding crap and making it look like a damn book!!!

Guess fucking what! Some sort of magical ingenious mechanism kick started in my brain and instead of writing about 40-50 pages it seems like I will end up writing 80-100 pages!! I'm writing double the amount required but the prof said its ok and won't get screwed for it.

I know I should be away but I'm quite frustrated and angry at the moment, when I'm in such state I tend to sway off course easily..

Shame on you FourMe 6al3tay mo gad kilmtich..

FourMe still Over & Out..

p.s. gemt akamish sha3ry nafs takmeshat e9ora :/


Anonymous said...

allah y3eenich w ysahil 3alech ur thesis :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

7beeeeebty ;**

look at the bright side: it will all be over soon and all this will seem like insignificant garbage in retrospect :)

best of luck sis ;*

FourMe said...

anonymous m:
thank you stranger..

what bright side? there ain't no bright side any where in sight! thalmaa w pitch black ba3aaad.. thanx hun :*

fashionista said...

yalla shedy 7ilech o GOOD LUCK ;*

Big Pearls said...

oh dear..I wish you all the'll be fine inshalla:*

Fashionated said...

good luck 7abeebty! i hate margins, binding blaa bla bla why do we even have to type? :P

eshda3wa said...


nag9a sha3rech ytnataf ba3ad!

im not glad ur frustrated!

bs i got so hapy when i saw u posted!

Amethyst said...


Good luck!

Delicately Realistic said...

You remind of when my proff. dithced my research group (me) the weekend before the deadline to go to 3omra !

And he had the audacity to say this:

Officially, my job is over on wednesday, the deadline is on saturday, im not officially required to work with u during the weekend.

Allah was a dagger through my heart!

FourMe said...

thanx dear :*

alah yesma3 minich :*

shdaraani, I'm worrying about that crap more than the actual thesis! thnx babe..

kamaaasht kamaaaaaaaaaaaaasht ma boga 3indy ela sh3artain la w they're GREY!
hehhe bless your heart :*

thnx babe.. good luck to you too..

deal real:
Now that's plain rude!! Profs. should be there for their students!

The thing is my prof is a sweet heart 7ada nice guy and understanding bs shagny with his busyness! Fine I get it he's quite a significant figure in the political community here bs I NEED him more! And when we meet up yg3aad ysolif w just lightly brushes over the areas that I need help with!!

Eulalia said...

7ayaachi! tadreen shlon? 7i6ay 7aritch feeni!

now together:

breathe in, breathe out....
You are the thesis....
breath in breathe out....
you are grateful for the trees
breathe in breathe out...

does tht anger you enough? :P

FourMe said...

tabeen et7oshich shotaa??

screw the tress they make my allergies worse!

you're barking up the wrong tree babe with the relaxation/meditation talk lol..give me breaking/ screaming/ shouting and I AM IN!!!!

Delicately Realistic said...

Exactly what my proff used to do !

3ela bo ina everyone else was more important than me a lowly 6th yr student.....


Lo tadren bs shino my revenge teth7iken 3alay ;> akhaf agol tgolen maynona....

ishwaray...laish ma revenge was ini i study his speciality and work in his dept o b3dain a6ali3 7ariti fe b3dain lol lol lol o i will antagonise any of his proposals and always be against him lol i dream a lot

FourMe said...

when would he consider you important when you're a 20th years student! Some profs eyeboon elmaraath they see students all alike not taking into account that its actually your future that they're toying with!

ana ely 3indy 7aram ethleema shaina he's a good prof especially with me. bs I really need help from him NOW! and he's to0 busy for me!

hehehe how cute :* yala inshallaa alah ywafgich and one day you become a better dr than him and beat his ASS!

jesterat314 said...

I'm going a similar problem... allh ye3eench

jesterat314 said...

(Apparently its a problem with my english)

FourMe said...

w y3eenik inshalla.. hahaha you're not alone, I have lost the ability to converse in English too!