Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Non- Existent Equality!

Latest counts suggest there are 6.6 billion human beings on planet earth. Human beings are all created exactly the same way, head, body, brain, heart etc. What differentiates us from each other is our skin colour and certain features that suggest we belong to a specific part of the world. We are ALL created the exact same way.

One thing I cannot stand is racism of all its forms and faces. I believe God created us to be equals Arabs, Europeans, Asians, etc. No one race is superior to the other. Discriminating against a person because of their colour and origin is the biggest discrimination of all, it is Wrong. Discriminating against a person because of their social status, is Wrong. Discriminating against a person because of their religion is Wrong. There are endless lists of discriminations and I believe all are to be WRONG!

Degrading a person because they are less fortunate and happen to be a waiter while you're the fortunate customer, is wrong. Have you noticed how people treat the less fortunate all over the world? It is disgraceful! Shame on you. Tables could turn and you could easily end up in their place! Treating the hired help badly and insulting them is Wrong! Their job description is Maid/Driver etc. Key word here is JOB not Slave! They are less fortunate than you, they resulted to travelling thousands of miles away from their families and homes and come to Work for you. You do not own them, they are not your slaves. Even the Prophet Mohammed (a.s) used to sit and eat with his help. What makes you a better person than the Prophet (a.s) himself?? I am not being hypocritical, I've sat and ate with the hired help numerous times, more than I can count on my fingers. So spare me the 'practice what you preach' comments.

WHO gives you the right to look down at the less fortunate? Who gives you the right to discriminate against a person because of their colour? Who gives you the right to belittle a person because of their origins? Who gives you the right to believe that you are a better person than any other human being? Who gave you the right to be the superior race??

We are all Human Beings. We are ALL the SAME. We Live in the same ONE and only world. We should accept our diversities and treat each other with equality.



Soul said...

I love all ppl!!


Jawad al-3li!!! sorry I can't help it! I see him like an insect!

FourMe said...

a9ba7na w a9baa7 elmolk li'alaah yoozay ya bnaya lol

Âme said...
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N. said...

You can't treat all people equaly. You can't treat a king as you treat a friend and similar stuff. Anyway regardless of treatment there should be respect, modesty, and humbleness.. unless they are your enemy. But even then, there is a way to behave with an enemy and still shouldn't treat them like dirt.

Bebe & Noonie said...

Very very true

Âme said...

This is a repost as I forgot to suffix something important.

To really realize what this post says requires wisdom to understand the differences and see what really counts.

I don't think many people will understand, just because of a reason that they don't know themselves and their thoughts clearly enough.

~ Soul

A Journal Entry said...

i totally agree with thing that really gets on my nerves is trating maid like slaves.. i know alot of ppl that bs eyta2amaroon 3alaihum.. why can't they say please and thank u !??

Anonymous said...

no one gaved anyone the right .. ente shfech em3asba :P

Hasan.B said...

Kevartay eb 3aine wala. Keep in mind you were already big. Some or even most of them come to this country not knowing a single word of our language and they end up being super in it! They never went to schools or anything similar! They just learned by practice! O b3dain etyelech wa7da etgol: iff, hathe ma tefham 3arabe!? Lets put you in a room full of mexicans and ask you to talk spanish!? (they talk spanish in mexico right?)

One more thing that really annoys me! Why do maids work from 7am to 10pm?!? There should be more rules regulating the hours they work!? They are humens, they are not machines!?

Ruby Woo said...

The thing I hate the most in life is discrimination of all sorts. I'm doing a documentary about the domestic workers and other foreign workers here in Kuwait. I've never felt more ashamed that i'm Kuwaiti while doing it. The workers come from their countries leaving their kids behind just to provide them with their meals. Kuwaiti's don't appreciate that.

I was in the jam3iya once and I saw this kid screaming at his nanny and cursing her. I stood there and almost smacked the hell out of him, I did yell at him though I couldn't help it.

Anyway, so reading your post makes me happy to see that there are good people in our country. My definition of good people is that if they treat the help in a good manner.

Eulalia said...

ya 7ilwich ya fourme! ya 3ili ma abcheech! oo 3ala 6ari il 5adam intay 9aja! i had a relative tell her maid "If you want to support your children you better not make this mistake again or i will pull your children from school" her mistake: forgetting to bring hot milk with the breakfast.

FourMe said...

Why not treat a beggar like you treat a king? With respect and modesty. One treats a king with respect because he/she fears his judgement. Correct me if I'm wrong isn't God of a higher status than a king? From a religious perspective he ordered us to treat each other with equality. Why do we fear humans but not fear God?

From an ethical point of view we are all the same, stripped from our social statuses. So why not treat each other with equality? To treat the less fortunate the same way you treat the fortunate sounds the right thing to do when not thinking of social standards. Why see the social standards first and not the human being??

Sounds true when read but in practice its non existent.

I don't believe it needs wisdom, its common sense. We can all see that we are created in the same form so what gives a person the right to discriminate against against another human being!

One must be quite what's the word 'dumb' to believe they are better than anyone else. Honestly I don't know how it will be perceived but its quite simple and straight forward..

Oh I can't stand that, it really makes me angry to see them treated badly. Actually it tells you alot about what kind of a person they are!

Exactly a simple thank you means the world sometimes. I still remember when I was a kid of 5 or so when I used to ask for a glass of water my mother would shout at me and tells me how can you ask an older woman to get you a glass of water when you're the baby! Till this day I remember these words before asking for something and instead I get up and do whatever I wanted to ask for and do it myself.

FourMe said...

Exactly no one gave anyone the right! So why act like they have the right to do so??

Anony em3a9ba cuz kelna bashaar kilna nafs elkhalg mako a7ad a7sen min a7ad, akhratna kilna ta7t eltraab. O warnaa 3qaab bygaleena tglly youm edeen. ghair chethy enaas ma3idhom ra7ma bglobhom kilna bashar mako a7ad a7sen min a7ad aswad, abyath, akhthar a9faar wardi kelnaa nafs eshay !

Teslam :)Exactly the point they actually have a better 'fahameya' than us!! walaa lw ta7thefny eb germany 900 years ma ra7 at3alaam kelma let alone learn it in couple of months! (ee spanish :p)

9al 3anby sheno 10pm?! I know ppl that keep them up till the early hours of the morning and they get only 3 or so hours of sleep! That's the point they think they are their slaves and they have no rights that is why they treat them this way! We want to be taken seriously in the world as an Arab nation when we violate the simplest rules of humanity! Shame on us.

Its not only Kuwaitis that treat the less fortunate with cruelty its visible all around the region. Dear enas ma gamat ta7mid eni3ma while its staring them in their face that they are born with an advantage.

Oh my god those children are the rudest thing on earth but take a wild guess where they got it from! Shows you what a lovely generation is awaiting to develop.

ba3ad galbi teslmeen :*
Oh Ohhh that's such a BIG mistake how could she HOW dare she forget the milk! Shlon elm3azbaa tshrab echwaiht'ha bdoon el7aleeb!

Âme said...

Many people have common sense.
How many of them REALIZE ?

Discrimination (distinguish accurately) is a part of classification which humans make as intelligent beings.

In the process, the usually are victims of assumptions and pride.


The point here i said about wisdom is .... it takes a wisdom to understand what assumptions are made in classification process.

There is no equality.

However, there is harmony (only when there is an understanding of the true purpose of why humans classify)


As N put it, practically everyone needs to know who they are and do their jobs well with humility and modesty.

~ Soul

Amethyst said...


FourMe said...

True they tend to turn a blind eye to the obvious.

Pride of what? Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, how can they be proud of that? Its no achievement of theirs.

I understand N.'s point but why must we judge people on their social standards first? Why not respect them as human beings first than treat them appropriately to their social status.

You are right there is no equality.

My pleasure :)

Âme said...

To be specific, the trait which you are talking about might be called as ARROGANCE (for those who are born with silver spoon and fail to understand the basics of human life).

It is not exactly JUDGMENT I was talking about, but I was referring to the understanding of ours as well as others social roles and how the authority is distributed in the classification.

As you said, the basic understanding that we should respect each other as human beings is one of the foundations of any social dealing.

After that understanding is the occupation/social understanding.

~ Soul

Oranjina fadidra said...

rejudice, not being founded on reason, cannot be removed by argument.. lazim fi law's for bullies '3ari human rights elli apparently no1 listen to or even bother to teach their little brats...

and I support soul I HATE jawad-al 3ali too :\

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

as i always say:


eshda3wa said...

amen to that !

N. said...

LOL Dandooon! She gets the AWARD if there is one :p khosh comment.

Treat them as a human first, before their social role.

But what do you mean by treat them as a human? If you first begin with respect.. and then treat them based on that, then you have already placed them above yourself no matter who they are.

True some people fear the authority and do not want to go against them, but you can treat a king as a king without being afraid. He is a king, and should be respected as such.

Why not treat a beggar like you treat a king? With respect and modesty.

But I already said "regardless of treatment there should be respect, modesty, and humbleness". So you can treat a king and a begar in the same humanity, but you have to give status the king, and a beggar is not a lower status, but just unfortunate circumstances.

One treats a king with respect because he/she fears his judgement. Correct me if I'm wrong isn't God of a higher status than a king? From a religious perspective he ordered us to treat each other with equality. Why do we fear humans but not fear God?

These people you speak of, some or most of them have a weakness infront of people with authority. Allah ehadeehom enshalla. Or do you mean even the people with authority don't fear God? Well, those have a disease, o Allah yahdeehom ba3d.

likeairillrise said...

Love this post...

I think the biggest problem is the lack of respect for anyone "different" than ourselves. Il 7amdilla, I was raised to treat everyone with upmost respect, but unfortunately, a lot of my friends and family members need to degrade anyone lesser that them, just to gain a little strength. that is true weakness.

ZaMaHReeR said...


Big Pearls said...

I love ppl..the good ones!

sourire said...

we ARE all equals!

and I miss you!!

oh yeah, and I'm BACK!

and I'm in New York, hehe.

Grey said...

I come from the most racist country in the world i,e India , dont be surprised , when i was a kid i used to see these 'koraga' people who used to wait outside the wedding party , when the guest finished eating the 'banana leafs' ( used as plates ) were thrown in the garbage and they used to pick up whatever the best "waste" left out ... disturbing isn't it? ... wait there is still more... When they used to come home to visit granny , Granny used to make them sit out side the door and then give some tea in the "coconut shell" because they were 'untouchables'.. we were ignorant/animals, i must admit , although i never personally treated anyone wrongly i was part of the system that was in use for 5000 years ,,,
... Recently i felt what it is to be treated like a outcast .. if you read my blog recently i was furious when someone called me 'Raju'... not that Raju is a bad word ... its a nice name... but knowing that it was said in a racist manner i was furious ...
We all are one ... i agree completley , God 'the Creator' didn't make any difference between us even if the skin tone is different because " color is only Skin deep" ... It is the heart what makes us humans ...

Thanks for this post

Âme said...

There will always be approximately 80% who will be racists and 20% who are otherwise in any randomly picked society.

The percentages might be tilted to 90 - 10.

You observe, there are always a majority who are racists.
They will always be. Period !

Its good to get to know each other in the minority :)

~ Soul