Monday, 7 July 2008

Mid-Night Rubbish

  • I really want to read The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. Its a MUST read by all political science and international relations students (guess I'm couple of years late for that)! Its about the art of war and how leaders especially those born into power should interact with their enemies and regain power etc. Has anyone read it? Would love to know their opinions of it..
  • I'm a twist and turn kinda gal, I get into bed from one side and couple of hours later I'm at the other end of the bed and the cycle continues till I wake up, rolling from one side to the other. Now the annoying thing is that my hair gets caught in the process and gets twisted around my neck or get caught in between pillows or under my shoulders. Basically its a constant struggle and I have to wake up every so often to pull it all back togather and throw it at the top end of the pillow. A question to the ladies (and boys if applicable!) does this happen to you ? If so how do you cope with it? I'm contemplating cutting my hair just to get rid of the daily bed rumble..
  • I want to own an elephant. I am an anti-pets/animals person. I am afraid/terrified from cats, flies, dogs, ants, bees, any animal you can name I am afraid of it. I actually HATE yes I'm sorry you animal lovers I actually hate hate animals and terrified to death from them. BUT I am madly in love with elephants (Go FIGURE) and really really want to own one, oh not a little one I want a full grown big aSs Feeeeela..
  • No matter how crappy my mood is if I listen to this song I automatically relax. Don't know whether its the song or his voice or the warmth that one feels while listening to it..

No Women No Cry - Bob Marley

Marley dear it should of been No MEN No CRY!!

p.s. there is this song for 3abdi eljohar its called 'Galatly Malait' . Etha ana mo ghal6ana eho bs ghanaha eb jalsa. I tried to look for it on-line and I couldn't find it :(
I would be eternally grateful to whoever finds me that song.

Q to Sourire: When did you do your blog private??


Delicately Realistic said...

You deleted the last post ;) i dont blame u....but hope its going ok for u now....

Havent read the book.

I dont move in bed, sometimes i do.

You should try tying ur hair like when we were little. The other day i was talking to my friend about this. When i was little, sometimes i would fall asleep with gum in my mouths (kids eh?) anyways and i would always wake up with the gum stuck in my hair o 6ab3an my mom would rant and rave about it etc etc.....and she said the same thing happened to her...why did that happen?

Verbal diarrhea...hmmm

Oh that song doesnt actually mean what u think it does. Google it, its quite interesting.

Big Pearls said...

you want an elephant? I want a baby tiger, how about we start a zoo together or something?

N. said...

Elephents are quite huge, I'm sure once you face one and stand in front of it you will change your mind =p

FourMe said...

delicately realistic:
I can't tie my hair, if I do I'll get a really bad migraine and even when I'm awake I can only tie it with the really small clips , can't use heavy ones.

Most of the oldie songs have other meanings unlike the uncreative morons these days. who sing about the crappiest of crappy stuff. I was referring to the title.

Only if you let me bring in penguins and pandas. those 2 are my faves but nothing compared to my adorable elephants.

n. :
no worries I'll stand really far away and just poke it with a stick..

Âme said...

Chop your hair.

Easy to maintain and no extra wastage of time + No rolling-in-the-bed-tangling-hair-trouble.

I don't know why women keep it long, seriously, i don't see any good USE why they should keep it long.

Yeah, unless they know how to fight with them in chinese movies.

~ Soul

A Journal Entry said...

try tying ur hair in a very loose and high ponytail.. it helps!

Shoush said...

I want an ant farm.

Ms. D said...

my hair hasnt grown to the extent that it would b caught (correct me if am misteking) ta7t aba6y!!!! ana yadob y7ook chatfy!!

but when i used to have it long.. and by long i mean too long ell covers my whole back.. kint aketa fog elmakhada o ana aser ta7ta.. eser chena zu3nuf deech

Anonymous said...

a7eb elephants!


i have a friend whois a huge fan of 3abade .. i'll check the song for you :D

i wish i can live in this comment forever!

greyshorts said...

greyshorts said...

and yeah i downloaded it on mazikana

eshda3wa said...

i just tie my hair in a bun

i hate animals too!

oo i love elephants

i never owned one
bs in sirilank we get to ride these big ass elephants and at the end of the day we take them oo the lake oo ensabe7hum!
they lay down oo e7na imfarekhum with this coconut shell!

how cool is that!

sourire said...


I love that song toooooooo..

likeairillrise said...

You are scared of a fly... but not an elephant? Hehe... please explain! :)

FourMe said...

Noooo me likey my hair.. lol you watch too many movies no woman has lethal hair, damn wish I did! the things that I would do with it..

seeing hair is so useless shall I shave mine all off? does that mean you've shaved yours off?

I can't tie it that's the thing I'll get a headache if I do.

ewww crawling things eww eww ewww

ms d:
that's what I do a7thifa waray bs ma3a el7osa yrid yanzil o eybalish elmda7ar :/

My lovely lovely Anony:
ya ba3aad galb galbi :* I want you to live here TOO! walaht 3ala commentatich

hiyaa you et7been feelat methli.. ebthmtich mo eyshawgoon!

7ayaaty thank you bs greyshorts found it :*

FourMe said...

Thank you Thank you Thaaaaaaaank you dear :)

I absolutely love that song.

praise the lord another hater YaaaY :D

Man that sounds amazing I would so SO love to do that, as well as the elephant massages but I'm sure the second he lays a foot on me I'll snap like a toothpick!

I WILL GET A HEADACHE IF I DO! and that will kick off a migraine.

its an amazing song the words are so bitchy :p

weird ay! I don't know really I will throw a fit if an insect/ animal comes near to me. But the second I see an elephant I go all googoo gagaa over it and start jumping up and down like a child in a chocolate factory.

Soul said...

galatli malait wedi ba7ad `3airek!

Of course I have it!! kel 3abadi 3endi ;p I'll send it to u online

FourMe said...

Wedi ba7ad gharik wedii ba7ad ghairik.. 3omry ma sema3t eghneya eb7aqaraat hal eghneya.. et7seen 7aqarat edenya kilaha feha, bs 9ej mo 6abe3ya ..

Delicately Realistic said...

Tye it in a very very very loose ooooooffff nisait ismha in english....oh whatever....3ichfa!

Sdgeeni ma ra7 t7sen feha...

Âme said...

No, I didn't, but I keep it short.

Saves a lot of time and convenience.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

del real:
hMmm good suggestion, probably could tie it loosely.
it can be called a braid or platt. I always forget its name :/

You lucky &*%^$#^^*&. I hate men you all are so lucky and don't have to fuss about your hair :(

anyway dudes look better with shorty short hair, longer hair makes them look feminine.

Oranjina fadidra said...

5osh mud bath :p

jesterat314 said...

Really.. why don't you cut it short...
Worked for Natalie Portman! =p
and yes... No women.. No cry..
No food neither..
ahh food..

Amethyst said...

No men, no cry. Hmm..

sourire said...

oh its private? I thought i closed it down O.o

I'm not in the mood to write anymore :/ going through alottt.

FourMe said...

dear I hope you feel better soon. Sometimes blogging helps even if not talking about your problems just talking about whatever. Any ways one of your fans sent me an email asking why your blog was private and wanted access.

I hope you feel better soon :*

FourMe said...

Oran Fad:
Woman what's this you come out once a month! ee 7ada 3aneef elmud bath..

ok you're on a different level there by yourself.. natalia khabla and probably got couple of mil to chop her hair off. hand over a mil and I'll shave it off :p


Ruby Woo said...

How can you not like animals?
Oh and about the hair thing. It used to happen to me kil every night that is until I woke up one night choking from my hair strands. EW! so my momma forces me to tie my hair in a bun while sleeping if not 24/7!

Silver said...

we have statues of elephants all over our house..;p

just tie ur hair in a bun or something, or itha t7ben itfelena 76ay head band to hold the hair back at least


Eulalia said...

"I want a full grown big aSs Feeeeela.." LOOOOOL! Ana nafsch bs mo elephants..i love me they are so beautiful.

I studied the book when i was in highschool...didnt interest me much.

FourMe said...

they smell and crawl! and some are mean and bite while others are simply ugly. I get headaches can't keep it tied for long. and very eww I hate that when it happens and the worse is when I eat and my hair decides to join me in eating :/

wanasaa abii abii feelatkom.. handband 7araam 3alaich you want me to die of a headache!

7ilween bs eykhawnoon at least my feelas are gentle :p

hMmm so guessing you won't recommend reading it for pleasure :/

N. said...

It really all depends.. how long is your stick? :p

Adorra said...

The prince is phenomenal. I read it back in high school and fell in love with it. I'm currently double majoring and one of my majors is International Relations and so every time they refer to it my heart flutters. I guess you have to be selfish and believe that the end really does justify the means to be able to enjoy it (and I personally do!)

AlleyCat said...

Why dont you tie your hair in a very loose braid?

About the elephant.. I believe its cruel to keep wild animals as pets secondly where will you keep the animal in kuwait? :P but if you're still interested... it costs about 1000kd and you should start worryin about how much you have to feed it daily.

Anonymous said...

chaaak chaak chaak

ma 3endi shay ;p .. bs i felt like tesefeg ;p

sourire 7abakat tamshe now .. o ba3deen write anything ;p .. ya3ni eb themetech shafya ana kateb shay 3al anasa3 ;p .. kila kharbu6a lol

i like ur blog :(

Âme said...


sourire said...

I was going to blog-ramble about the whole shit I'm going through but I was afraid I'll ruin the story for you guys :(

Thank you love:*

Shoush said...

Laaaa! I have crawling things phobia bs ants are harmless and cute and just soo.. sweet. When they're in the ant farm chithi u get to watch them build their little rooms, and collect their sugar grains, and just organize their whole colony. They're so organized, yshawgoon. I just wanna sit and observe them.

Oranjina fadidra said...

what can I say; Im a hard to get kinda gal

ZaMaHReeR said...

u can find the song in here if u want to listen to it or download it...
i have an elephant, they are so friendly, we just had two baby elephants do u want one of them?

ZaMaHReeR said...

oopss i forgot to write the link :P
its name is (malait)

and yes indeed NO WOMAN NO CRY.

Anonymous said...

zamahreer walla 3endel feel !!!! walla sij????? ambeeh abi!

fourme ana agool gar3aay .. walla once in a life time :P

FourMe said...

hahaha am I expected to answer that..

thank you dear finally someone that remembers it. Great will give it a read soon.

cuz it just opens again if I don't tire it with a hairband.

I feel its cruel to keep all animals as pets wild and friendly ones. Its only a dream of mine :/ doubt I will ever own one so no need to worry about the feeding process from now.

LoL chakchekay 3ala kaifich ekthay ra7ich baba saway ely tabeena..

FourMe said...

ruining the story is better than not knowing what happened at all.. anyways dear we want you to do what makes you feel better.. hope it'll get better soon.

woman what are you on about! they are just namlaat walking from one place to the other..

oran fad:
I can see that ;)

thanx dear..
lol no I want both :p

Âme said...

~ Soul

FourMe said...

And you tell me to chop it off :)

Âme said...

Yeah! I still do.

And you still tell that the beauty is in the beholder's eye ?

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Yes I do. Each defines beauty in a different way. You see Barrymore as a 'beauty' wheras I don't.

Beauty has been set a certain standards by society especially by arabs. Certain features define a woman's beauty, quite superficial seeing real beauty is within.

Âme said...

Then why not chop the hair?

~ Soul

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

so as i was saying before blogger decided to delete my comment:

i love elephants...o i thought i was the only weirdo that did :(
soooo moving to india ;)

FourMe said...

Because the hair suits the FourMe..

no worries there are more weirdos around than you can imagine..Soo moving with you..