Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A Medical Query

A question to our local doctors and doctors to be..

Yesterday afternoon I was in such a rush and changing like a maniac and as I was moving too fast I managed to slam my left elbow into the corner of a wooden door. It was so painful that for over a minute I was literally jumping up and down like a kangaroo from the pain it was unbearable, it felt like someone pierced a nail through my skull and my whole arm went numb. I thought it would take an hour for the pain to disappear or so but its still painful. Now there is this pain and numbness on the whole left side of my arm from the elbow to my pinky and pain in the finger next to it. The numbness is really bothering me and it hurts when I move my fingers..

Update: Just saw that the left side of my hand is blue and a bit swollen..

Emm Help :(

Your expertise is very much appreciated,

FourMe the Helpless..


Anonymous said...

we 7raam laish helpless

wait let me read :P

Anonymous said...

wedyyyy akafkheeech sij sij wedee akafkhech !!

yaya taktebeen post leeeeeeeeesh :@

fe ekhteras3 esma hospital sa7 ??? ffe in london mo ?? wla ana yet'haya'ale ??


hal bent eli betmawetni al7een :\

Amethyst said...


FourMe said...

La t9arkheeeen 3alaay I'm in pain *breaks down in tears* entay laish mako eb galbich ra7ma?

ya3niii baroo7 d0c bs 3ashaan kafkha edy eb bab! 3aib 3alay a9lan adish 3ind eld0c 6ol eb 3arth bs 3ashan agola edy et3awirny! jad fashla o ba3daain eshfaydat hal kodat edkatra ely 3indna ehny?! elkham6a eb rob3 :p
Use and abuse baby! Let them fix me mani ray7a 7ag a7ad..

esalmich dear..

Anonymous said...

madre shloon fix you :@

3abr el atheer :@ wala their words will fix you :@@:@:@:

AND IF THEY DID ana bamawtech 6aag zain :@


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i think i have a vague idea of whats going on,

but id rather delicately realistic or hasan b. answer that. they would know more.

ps: considering its blue + swollen + in lots of pain, why didnt you go to the clinic yet?? watcha waiting for?

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Get to a neurologist and check for nerve damage. ASAP!

Eschew Obfuscation said...

I know it may not make complete sense, but im a "House" type of guy. You hit your elbow very hard and your two last fingers on that arm are blue, swollen, and numb. It doesn't take a full blown MD to figure out it has to do with nerve damage.

Eschew Obfuscation said...

p.s. dandoon I read your recent post. I want to comment, but im choosing my words in a more delicate manner :)

FourMe said...

lol ee kashf 3myany 3abr elaqmar el9na3eya..

:/ makaansh el3asham ya set dana.. eMmm have you not read previous posts?!? I do not do doctors:P

I only go after 2 to 7 years of pain hehe yes I'm retarded..

Jesus man what's your problem! why do you like scaring me! 6agaat bab etsawy nerve damage laish laaaaaaaish! I'm a fan of House but I'd rather my elbow didn't turn into paralysis or God knows what.. No side of my hand is ble not arm.. which is quite weird seeing I slammed my elbow not arm :/

g6ee3a dkatra etyebon elmaraath.. wait hold on you're not a doc you're a petri dish boy.. hush and sit in the corner :p

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤ said...

a77 ;\ salamat
eshfech mo metrag3a, throsech o now ur hand
inshalla tro7en el 6abeb o tr7meen 7alech ;\

Ruby Woo said...

I'm no doctor bas igooloonlich "Is'al imjarib wala tes'al 6abeeb"

Out of experience it sounds like a ra'6a.. It'll fade away in 2-3 days.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i thought it was just dentists like me...i dont mind doctors, only dentists

mmmm....whats that suppsed to mean??
plus, where have you been these past few days??

A Journal Entry said...

salamat =/

Âme said...

Google says you must visit a doctor immediately.

It also says that it must be a hard hit on the elbow damaging nerves and blood vessels.

Please visit a doctor ASAP.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

eysalmich dear.. mako dkatraa gotta toughen up and handle the pain :p after 13 madri 14 years of migraines every pain becomes tolerable..

Ruby (Miss You) WOOO:
ra7mallah waldaich.. radich eybarid elgalb.. shortich w hdayt allaah :)

walahna 3alaich woo yala come back..

Anything related to medicine I do not like..

eysalmich hun..

Google doesn't know anything..
FourMe says wait it out..

Delicately Realistic said...


Im not an expert when it comes to orthopedics.....but what i know is that the ulnar nerve which u find at ur elbow is the largest unprotected nerve in the body, sometimes the smallest bump causes intense pain, and in ur case it was a very hard blow so thats why ur feeling all the pain on the distribution of the nerve.

I would put some warm compresses and wait on it a couple of days, the pain should subside. If u feel the pain is getting worse or not going away at all, or u notice any tingling in ur fingers u should go to ur nearby casualty for it to be checked out.

But i wouldnt worry if i were u ;)

FourMe said...

Eysalmich dear.. and thank you thank you thaaaank you ..

There you go people a certified doctor told me I can wait couple more days :D

Ruby Woo said...

awwww I MISS YOU TOO!!! Ma7ib asafer cuz it messes my program o I miss out on a lot of things. I missed your previous posts o 3andi comments bas ra7at 3alay lil asaf! Bas ashwa we did our connection thingy here so i'll be commenting but not posting as much.

Shlon eedich now?

FourMe said...

Its still numb :/
Comment, mako a7ad ra7 3ala a7ad.. Good you're back :)

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Sorry people that was a family members gmail account!! stupid me!!!

FourMe, Please erase my last comment for privacy issues.

The previous comment stated:
HAAAH!!!! Told you it had to do with nerves!!! Its possible its nerve damage! Even a certified MD somehow agreed that nerves were involved. So you hush FourMe and get to a damn doctor. Dont talk about my petri dishes like that, they're my babies! I have grown literally millions of them and im not afraid to direct them your way :P

Dandoon: I have family over. Its a killer!!!! I honestly cant find time to run to lab to get stuff done :r .... but I promise I promise I promise ill try to keep up and get in touch more :)

Eschew Obfuscation said...

I believe this proved my point about family cramping my style ;p

FourMe said...

No worries I deleted it..
Well the DOCTOR aka del real said that I should wait it out and its not serious UNLIKE you who made it sound like I will have my arm amputated because its so serious!

Ewwww you and your fungus's stay away..

Grey said...

in cases like this you should use PDT ( pain diverting technology) e.g: if your elbow goes numb, hammer the fingers ,this way you will not remembber the elbow thing..

Salamat !